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Newt Gingrich
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yes RT @Crossfire: Should Jose Antonio Vargas have been detained today? Reply NOW with Yes or No using #Crossfire
Is a prize model the way to revive #NASA? I discuss the advantages of this approach in my latest podcast.Listen here
Going to be a fun debate RT @Crossfire Remember last time @cbrangel & @MicheleBachmann were on?Get the popcorn ready
This is one policy that both parties should be able to work together on:
RT @Crossfire: If US had 1000 rockets fired at us-would we show restraint?We'd annihilate. -NG
If over 1,000 missiles were fired at the United States we would annihilate the attacking force. The pressure on Israel for truce is immoral.
yes RT @Crossfire Agree w/ Eric Holder there’s some ‘racial animus’ wd himself &Obama? Reply Yes or No w/ #Crossfire
Let's welcome back @PaulBegala tonight with @newtgingrich @neeratanden @TimPhillipsAFP on the current political war in Washington #Crossfire
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Congratulations to Redstate on its tenth anniversary of offering the conservative viewpoint newt
Discuss the need for a #breakout in healthcare to find cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s in this wk's #podcast…
My friend bill forstchen's 5 year old novel "one second after" outsold hillary on kindle. He was 510 she was 577. His book is readable
Having Sen Durbin of Illinois worry about Central American children's safety while 82 people are shot and 14 killed in Chicago is just wrong
Frmr IDF intel chief Amos Yadlin on Operation Protective Edge…
Left’s nuttiness on conscience protections for employers Moynihan and Daschle favored in ’94 shows how extreme dems have become.
“…but more importantly - so would the nation's health care system,” Hillary wrote Moynihan in 2000. (2/2)
Apparently not:"If I had listened to you [Moynihan] about health care in 1994, I [Hillary] would be far better off today..." (1/2)
But perhaps Hillary always recognized secretly how anti-women and “prone to extremism” Moynihan and Daschle were on health care in ‘94?
Yes, Moynihan, liberal champion,her Senate predecessor…and Daschle (whom Obama nominated for HHS!) favored protections a la hobby lobby
In 1994 liberals Moynihan and Daschle voted for conscience protections Hillary now likens to Taliban. (vote 19,p209)