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Air strikes will never work, say the troops fighting ISIS
CDC reports first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States
This year more than $50 million in dark money has been spent on boosting Republicans & defeating Democrats -
Men-only conference on domestic violence will include women after all -
Big Blew: How Michigan football got so bad, so quickly
Can Catalonia secede from Spain? Gov suspends formal campaign on independence vote; protests expected
Median men's 2013 full-time earnings: $50,033; Women's: $39,157. Can the pay gap be explained?
India & U.S. expanding partnership that will become model for rest of the world, say Obama and Modi
Watch out! Ello's quick rise to prominence also puts it on the radar of hackers -
When it "Hail! Hail!s" in Ann Arbor of late, it pours.
Is Vladimir Putin is the most dangerous man in the world? Renowned chess master Garry Kasparov certainly thinks so
Why is this short seller targeting Macau gambling industry's "legalized fraud" & what does it mean for Wynn Resorts?
Are story festivals the new stand-up comedy?
The 20-year-old Ebola treatment that could save Kent Brantly
University of Georgia students organize "Smoking Prohibition Protest" -
Ebola shows the world is primed for the perfect microbial storm -
Ebola and Climate Change: are humans responsible for the severity of the current outbreak?
The U.S. is sitting on promising Ebola vaccines -
Taxis, planes and viruses: How deadly Ebola can spread -
Silk Road, Shmilk Road. The deep Web drug market is back and bigger than ever -
How has @nytimes been covering Lena Dunham's fabulous vegan dinner parties since 2003?
The elderly need activities & foster kids need support-enter multigenerational communities
Michael Phelps has issued an apology after he was arrested for drunk driving
Let's revisit the highly publicized vegan dinner party Lena Dunham held in 11th Grade
The world was just hit with Michael Phelps apology de ja vu -
BREAKING: CDC reports first case of Ebola virus diagnosed in the United States
Hong Kong protestors stay on despite heavy rain. Umbrellas keep coming in handy. Credit: Carlos Barria/Reuters
Does the pay gap really exist? Only some of it can be explained by women's choices in education, careers & lifestyles
BREAKING: CDC confirms first Ebola case diagnosed in the United States, Reuters reports.
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Hong Kong Solidarity Protests: Where can you find demonstration near you? @IBTimes
Muslim player Husain Abdullah shouldn't have gotten penalized for prayer, says NFL
Sister rally planned for 8 pm tomorrow (10/1) in NYC to support Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution #OccupyCentral
Ello? More like uh-oh! Anti-Facebook targeted by denial-of-service attack
Photos: Toxic gases stop rescue mission at Japanese volcano Mount Ontake
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'Your hour may be at hand': Winston Churchill's advice to Boris Johnson #CPC14
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Horror in the UK as Londoners agree to hand over offspring for Wi-FI access -
If you have older parents or are thinking about becoming a foster parent, you need to read this:
The message to American women is, "you've come a long way, baby." But there's still a long way to go -
Photos: Lebanon is surrounded by conflict, and trust is in short supply
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Chessmaster Kasparov: Putin is more dangerous than ISIS and 1,000 Al Qaedas
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What is FireChat? And why is it so important to protesters? Over 100K people in Hong Kong downloaded it in 24-hrs
Netanyahu: "Once Iran produces an atomic bomb, all the smiles, all the charms will vanish" #UN
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#OccupyCentral protests in Hong Kong already claimed 1 victim: annual official National Day firework display -
After police beat back protesters with pepper spray, tear gas and batons, rather than di...
You need to watch these videos from Hong Kong to appreciate the spirit of pro-democracy protests
"One in five considering leaving Hong Kong because of concerns about its political prospects"
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"We have a gift of longevity. What are we doing with it?"
Vladimir Putin is the most dangerous man in the world bc military can't defeat him, says chess-master Garry Kasparov
RT @NASA North America's landscape is getting autumnal!