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Don't apply hand sanitizer before you touch a receipt, unless you want to interfere with your hormones —
Breaking: Heath care worker tests positive for Ebola in New York City, reports say:
“I didn’t really want to be a scientist" -Jane Goodall, star of our cover story —
Even Florida is sick of Florida! The city of South Miami passed resolution calling for FL to split into 2 states —
New exhibit at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art traces the ritual of women’s mourning attire —
Thousands of Iranians Take to Streets in Protest at Wave of Acid Attacks
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A health care worker who might have contracted Ebola in West Africa has been taken to a hospital in NYC —
Smooth Jazz ↓ Kenny G hits sour note with China for seeming to back Hong Kong protests. Wait til they hear his music.
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This Week's Newsweek Europe Cover Story: The Crisis That Changed Pope Francis
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It may sound like Hallmark prose, but attend any of Jane Goodall’s lectures & you’ll be reaching for the Kool-Aid —
Archaeologists have found highest known Ice-Age settlement (@ nearly 15K ft, 12,800 yrs old)
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Every adjective The New York Times used to describe Taylor Swift’s new album, ranked —
The Islamic convert who police say killed soldier in Ottawa had drug-heavy arrest record & possible mentally illness
Islamic State militants seize Iraq village, press assault on Yazidis —
Christian Pakistani woman claims her death sentence stems from co-workers refusing to drink from bucket she touched.
A healthcare worker who just returned from West Africa & is possibly infected with Ebola was taken to an NYC hospital
In this extract from 'When Google Met WikiLeaks', Assange describes a meeting with Schmidt —
Highest Ice Age human settlements ever discovered in the Peruvian Andes —
The National Geographic heyday of 80-yr-old Goodall is long gone, but she's still important, albeit for new reasons —
#Ukraine Warns of Separatist Attacks, as Rebel Leader Threatens 'Heavy Military Action'
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Drug dealers trademark their bags of heroin with 'stamps' to promote brand loyalty. These bags were stamped 'Ebola' —
Big Tobacco company phasing out smoking in its offices to 'better accommodate both nonsmokers and smokers' —
Last week’s submarine discovery makes an ominous sequel to the infamous “whisky on the rocks” incident in 1981 —
These photos of @JaneGoodallInst will make you love science & drink the activism Kool Aid —
The buyer who purchased domain for $200,000 is launching a ‘Drudge Report For Ebola’ @IBTimes
A St. Louis County court flagged for controversial traffic cases might not be allowed to handle them.
Special K just got a little more special —
3 men fly a commercial drone in China. They now face up to 7 years in jail —
'I Believe That It Will Become Perfectly Normal for People to Have Sex With Robots'
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Ukraine warns of separatist attacks, as rebel leader threatens "heavy military action" —
These winning Wildlife Photographer photos will make you remember to hug the planet —
Christian woman Asia Bibi is appealing her 2010 death sentence for blasphemy in Pakistan —
The possibly Ebola-infected family of 6 West Africans in CT will be watched for 21 days —
Good news for economically-challenged accused felons in NY —
UK's most high-profile Islamist preacher denies influencing Ottawa gunman, but warns of similar attacks in England —
The guard credited with killing a gunman in Canada's parliament fought back tears as he received a standing ovation
How much does getting stuck in traffic actually cost?
St. Louis County's policing under more scrutiny — this time for rogue municipal court & dubious traffic-ticketing.
New #bringbackourgirls abductions after talks were announced to free more than 200 Boko Haram took hostage earlier.
We've ranked the adjectives & descriptors @nytimes uses to describe @taylorswift13's 1989 album from best to worst —
NJ drug dealer named Hammer arrested with 633 packets of "Ebola" branded heroin —
Scientists are developing artificial intelligence so sophisticated they think human relationships will soon be over —
Thousands of Iranians protest in streets after women targeted in wave of horrific acid attacks around the country —
The unorthodox Pope Francis was known as an autocratic hardliner for 50 years, until one crisis rocked his world —
Jane Goodall & @GloriaSteinem both turned 80 this year, but one of them never set out to be a feminist —
Ebola dominates the news, but 9 million developed TB last year, 500k more than previously thought… @Newsweek @WHO
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UKIP is on course to win its 2nd parliamentary seat in England, according to polls —
In this extract from 'When Google Met WikiLeaks', Julian Assange describes a meeting with Google's Eric Schmidt —