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With fears stokes about Ebola in U.S., shouldn't someone in charge tell us what’s going on? Like, a Surgeon General?
Autism Murder Mystery: Did a wealthy woman murder her disabled son?
Are markets driven by panic, greed and irrational psychology? The Federal Reserve chairwoman thinks so —
Kobane Diary: 4 days inside the city fighting an unprecedented resistance against ISIS —
Did a son's autism drive a mother to murder?
Ecstasy and acid in your medicine cabinet? Doctors explore 1 pill that makes you larger, and 1 that makes you small —
Breaking the Silence: Fleetwood Mac is Back Intact
Forget ISIS. What’s it like to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia? (WARNING: DO NOT READ WHILE EATING).
New UK jargon-busting website IDs disingenuous speeches. Advises party leaders to cut clichés & be more like Farage —
Photos: 'Living On A Dollar A Day' Features Stark Portraits of Humanity
Brutally violent NYC jails operating on enormous budgets with escalating costs, says report —
Iceland is a green, lean, film-making machine
Texas lab worker aboard Caribbean cruise tests negative for Ebola
Return of 'Republican Candidates Outsouring Jobs' trope comes just as Romney has reentered the political conversation
A pill could help alcoholics, and let them drink in moderation
We now have Ebola Czar, but no Surgeon General. GOP won’t confirm Obama's nom because thinks guns public health issue
Nigerians doubtful of girls' release after Boko Haram 'truce' breached
Trouble in the rubble: the town of Happiness has become really sad —
This disturbing video illustrates the fate of 40 million female ducklings a year during foie gras production —
Mass hysteria on planes, automobiles & cruise ships: Vomiting (also a result of panic) thought to indicate Ebola —
Current mood swings in market can be explained by a branch of economic thought followed by Fed Chair Janet Yellen —
Officer Darren Wilson's testimony on the Michael Brown shooting: report
You simply must watch this insane video of a soldier whose lucky helmet saved him from sniper fire —
'Torture in a Can': French foie gras farmers failing to improve appalling conditions for ducks
Less than 4% of total people killed by US drone strikes in Pakistan identified as members of al Qaeda —
Obama urges Americans not to give in to Ebola hysteria
A new jargon-busting website helps cut out the chaff from political speeches, and identify the worst offenders —
Bizarre video of senior UK politician gushing about 'misshapen dwarf' from Game of Thrones. Why was this even made?
Vices for Vice President: Biden's son booted from Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine —
Ukraine's North Luhansk has a fragile ceasefire, piles of rubble, no money and a medic named Hannibal Lector —
Watch this shocking video of live ducklings being tossed into a grinder during foie gras production —
Power out for thousands in Bermuda as hurricane moves away
Something's rotten in state of Denmark! Danes treat returning jihads like rebel teens rather than dangerous nutcases —
Nigeria agreed to truce with Boko Haram; deal may see release of 200 schoolgirls taken hostage by Islamist group —
Who is Anita Sarkeesian, one of the women at the center of #GamerGate?
New York jails are the best jails (at violating inmate rights and costing 2X more than other U.S. cities' jails) —
FBI's Comey Calls for Making Impenetrable Devices Unlawful
EBOLA HYSTERIA: Vomiting (also a manifestation of panic) is now thought to indicate that someone has Ebola —
Dear Politicians: A Travel Ban Won’t Stop Ebola—and May Make It Worse
Nigeria Aims to Have Abducted Girls Freed by Tuesday: Presidency Source
#GAMERGATE For crime of suggesting video games could benefit from feminism, culture critic was seriously threatened —
They may have found a cure for Leukemia, but there are some serious consequences —
As Dzhokhar Tsarnaev awaits trial for his alleged role in Boston Marathon bombing, his s...
The kidnapped #bringbackourgirls girls might be brought back soon!
Exciting study leads to lasting remission in leukemia patients! But are results worth the serious consequences?
Sunglasses ↔ Bono says he wears shades because he has glaucoma. Does he wear leather because he has mad cow disease?
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Jargon-busting web tool calculates UK Prime Minister's clichés. Most used phrase in his speech — 'everyone is proud'
Credit Cards ↓ Obama's credit card declined in NYC. Did someone call him & ask 'Have you been to Hawaii recently?'
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Watch this moving video of the first Ebola-infected Dallas nurse telling her doctors she loves them —
The U.S. has a test that can detect Ebola in seconds, but it’s stuck in a lab — @IBTimes