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Breaking the silence: Fleetwood Mac is back intact —
ISIS has $2 billion in assets including oil revenue and profit from guns, heroin & black market trading, says report
James Risen's second book probes the dark tunnels of the so-called war on terror —
Americans shouldn't fear Ebola, but we should fear infectious disease —
The Upside of Ebola: It's been a kind of wake-up call about the importance of preventing infectious diseases —
Stevie Nicks may have invented the selfie —
Not Lovin’ It: Russia investigates more than 200 McDonald’s restaurants —
11 million Americans were denied access to 911 emergency services for 6 hours because of bad coding, reports FCC —
China's reaction to Umbrella Protests in Hong Kong raising fears in Taiwan.
FCC report details major 911 outage (11 million affected) as US tries to update its emergency services systems
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Putin offered to divide Ukraine with Poland in 2008, says Polish ex-minister —
Monica Lewinksy ↑ Former White House intern gets Twitter account. Tells Bill, “Stop following me!”
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Apple sells better-than-expected 39.3 million iPhones in September quarter —
TV network called Escape allows women to 'get away from daily life', says exec —
There's no gender pay gap here, says Microsoft exec —
Spiders ↑ Scientist finds puppy-sized spider in rainforest. Sit. Stay. FOREVER.
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U.N. questions Israel on abuses of Palestinians' rights —
Ebola Czar has not officially started his job and won't attend House hearing on disease, says White House
Is the Cold War back? Sweden's military mobilization underscores concerns about Russian intentions in Baltic Sea
Ebola: The US gov has never been prepared to deal with health threats arriving from overseas. Why be scared now?
Hustlers, con men & dupes cashing in on the War on Terror —
Ebola has left Nigeria, but the threat still lingers over the region's economy… @Newsweek @Eboladeeply
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#Turkey to Help #Kurdish Fighters Reach Besieged Syrian Town, Says Minister #PKK #YPG #Kobane
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Dozens of arrests after #PumpkinSpiceRiots erupt in sleepy New Hampshire town following pumpkin festival.
German Intelligence Agency Blames Pro-Russian Rebels for Downing of Flight #MH17
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Nigeria may have eradicated Ebola, but the virus still threatens the region’s economy —
Apple Pay was released today. What is it and will it be a success?
The condo pony. The corn stopper. In SkyMaul 2, SF comedy group Kasper Hauser hawks items you never knew you needed—
ISIS using drug trade to bankroll their jihad, says Spanish intelligence agency —
Sweden's massive search for Russian sub shows 'Cold War' fears are back —
TV executive behind broadcast newcomers Escape and Grit is capitalizing on cable's decline —
Beijing’s crushing of democracy in Hong Kong sends chills through Taiwan —
New FBI director's speech on device security punctuated with 'I don’t know' and 'I haven’t thought about it' —
Nepal snowstorm raises questions about trekking safety —
Michael Brown shooting: Wilson's testimony claims that officer and Brown struggled over gun before shooting —
German intelligence agency determines pro-Russian rebels responsible for downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 —
Nigel Farage backs UKIP calypso song featuring mock-Caribbean accent that complains about EU policy on bananas —
Ebola fears end for dozens: 120 others still being monitored for symptoms as US government ramps up response to virus
Container Store ↑ Home organization brand pays retail employees $50K a year. Job requirement: Think inside the box.
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Israelis quietly expand enclave in Palestinian district of Jerusalem —
Humanist masterpiece or anti-Semitic? NYC's Metropolitan Opera braces for protesters over 'The Death of Klinghoffer'
Travel restrictions would fail to protect Americans from Ebola & likely make the situation worse, say experts —
Ultraviolet light could be the cure for peanut allergies —
Ukraine’s Maidan: These protest pictures will strike and amaze you —
Quora Question: What do soldiers keep in all those pockets they have?
Twitter ↑ American tourist locked inside UK bookshop Tweets to get freed. If only Anne Boleyn had access to twitter.
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Hong Kong street clashes erupt despite imminent talks —