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Graphic new video released by the ACLU shows excessive use of force by Michigan cops in shooting of homeless man —
Why do some die from Ebola and others survive?
St. Joseph's College freshman Cansu Usta scored 36 goals in just 16 games this season.
Midterms: Hillary Clinton is working hard for fellow Democrats—and her own future:
Quarantine ↓ Nurse who treated Ebola refuses to comply with self-quarantine, goes biking. Bicycle built for flu.
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Rich guys ↑ At rate of $1 million a day, richest man would run out of loot in 220 yrs. What if you figure in carfare?
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Pirate Bay co-founder found guilty of hacking crimes in "historic" case —
See these insane photos of San Francisco errupting in cheers and flames after World Series:
Muhammad Ali remembers the Rumble in the Jungle — by Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali remembers the Rumble in the Jungle — by Muhammad Ali.
Autism could be caused by genetic mutations in over 100 genes, says new research —
Street harassment video is praised by Internet as much as its barraged —
Governor LePage's office said negotiations with Hickox "have failed despite repeated efforts by state officials."
Taylor Swift's '1989' isn't perfect. But it is the Big Pop Album 2014 desperately needs —
The Pistorius trial is a parable about celebrity, not South Africa —
Israeli media couldn't use “chickens**t,” since no Hebrew equivalent, so they chose the phrase “scared coward” —
Pope Francis’s remarks on evolution may not have been that revolutionary for Roman Catholics —
66 months into the current bull market on Wall Street, stock market analysts have trumpeted the end of its long run.
"I’ve sort of made a career making spinach taste like cotton candy." Check out new @MorganSpurlock series on economy—
90% of Hong Kong protesters say they are ready to stay on the streets for more than a year to push for full democracy
Netanyahu↓ Israeli Prime Minister called "a chickens**t by White House official. Is that kosher?
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Syria is getting worse:"The numbers of people killed & injured in nearly 4 years of conflict are staggering," says UN
Africans urge ailing leaders to seek care at home, be transparent —
Pirate Bay co-founder guilty of hacking into Danish records database that included 10K policemen's emails & passwords
Joselyn Martinez found her father’s killer through online searches. But judge won't let cold case go to trial —
Former Swiss banking honcho had a binder he called his “CYA file." Code for “cover-your-ass” evidence he had compiled
You need to see these images from this NYC exhibit of scissor-and-paper cutouts by Matisse.
US historically precludes liberties if there's public health threat: consider the 1905 compulsory vaccinations ruling
Recently filed lawsuit alleges that traffic checkpoints in Queens violate the U.S. Constitution —
“Some of the rarest species on Earth are being traded on Facebook.”
The French are back in Africa — and it’s not just to keep Islamists at bay.
Watch @SarahKSilverman @MayaRudolph & @amypoehler as alpacas in @GhostPanther animation about economic inequality —
Mystery of Amelia Earhart solved? Fragment from missing plane identified on Nikumaroro Island—
After Zambian president Sata died, Internet lit up about another ailing African head of state being treated abroad —
Many Israelis agree with the "chickens**t" characterization of Prime Minister Netanyahu, if not the term.
Is Ganesh evidence that ancient India used cosmetic surgery? Indian prime minister Modi thinks so.
Rock Legacies ↓ Johnny Cash's son arrested in airport after stripping to underwear drunk. No doubt a brief encounter.
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Film Series Explaining Economy Makes Cotton Candy Out of Spinach… @WeTheEconomy
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UK minister accusing Conservatives of "suppressing" report that found tougher drug laws do not lower levels of use —
Necromancy has long been lambasted by skeptics. But what happens when a medium confounds all your preconceptions?
DWI ↓ Woman busted 2X for DWIs in 3 hrs, once in zombie makeup. Don't drive while undead.
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Swedish hacker Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, who co-founded torrent site the Pirate Bay, found guilty by Copenhagen court
European women are paid, on average, 36% less than men for doing similar jobs, according to report —
In the fight to ban toxic chemicals, policy is often highjacked by industry — even in places rife with disease.
Photos of students carrying mattresses at @Columbia's sexual assault protest yesterday.
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Games ↑ Jailed dictator Manuel Noriega's lawsuit over his inclusion in Call of Duty dismissed. Game-maker 1, Despot 0
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NATO tracked "unusual burst of activity": Russian strategic bombers and sorties of fighters —
Warning: Tweeting about guns can keep you out of public service —
Japanese officials voted to reopen nuclear plant, despite increased volcanic activity warnings
President says the Ebola virus “will be defeated” but called for vigilance —