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Don't apply hand sanitizer before you touch a receipt, unless you want to interfere with your hormones —
Teens ↓ Trio of high school girls fake sick, ditch class and steal cash to try to join ISIS. Sheikh it off.
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Remember the Abu Ghraib torture pictures? There are more that Obama doesn’t want you to see —
Thanks to @taylorswift13, we’ve reached a new frontier in avant-garde and experimental music. Blame Canada —
Police release audio of the drunk Palin family brawl, which a witness describes as 'like The Jerry Springer Show' —
1976 Apple-1 computer sells for record $905,000 at NYC's inaugural “History of Science” sale —
Ketamine restores ability to experience pleasure in depressed patients within minutes —
Sex offender convicted for sending graphic images of himself to 'Sweetie,' a 10-yr-old computer-generated girl.
Autism, murder and a woman on the
Last week’s submarine discovery makes an ominous sequel to the infamous “whisky on the rocks” incident in 1981 —
Native Americans ↑ Navajo Nation kicks candidate off ballot. McConaughey: 'Gives election a little fire & some oomph'
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White men ↑ Matthew McConaughey on Redskins: 'I love the emblem. I dig it. It gives me a little fire and some oomph.'
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Leader of nation's biggest police union thinks anyone complaining about police brutality should be very afraid.
Car crash at Jerusalem rail stop kills baby & injures 8 other people. Cops are calling it a 'terrorist attack' —
Online Predators ↑ New survey says 40% of adults have suffered through Web harassment. So have 60% of spiders.
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Bentley, the dog of the Ebola-infected nurse, officially tests negative for the disease —
NATO, Swedish fighters scrambled to intercept Russian plane —
Official WHO Ebola Toll almost 5,000; true figure closer to 15,000. Liberia hit worst, followed by Sierra Leone —
People barricaded doors inside Canadian Parliament building while waiting for police —
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum displays photos allegedly smuggled from Syria, showing torture and systematic killing.
Newsweek writer Matthew Cooper was on C-Span discussing his October 3, 2014, cover story “The White Vote.”
Travelers entering the U.S. from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia to be monitored for 21 days starting Monday…
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Geoff Morrell, the BP flack who wrote the @politico piece, also thinks lab studies can’t prove the spill harmed fish.…
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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has obtained a copy of what it says is the official autopsy report for Michael Brown —
Good news for economically-challenged accused felons in NY —
Ketamine Restores Ability to Experience Pleasure in Depressed Patients Within Minutes
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BREAKING: All travelers returning to U.S. from Sierra Leone, Liberia & Guinea will be monitored for 21 days, says CDC
Kenny G widely popular in China, but China's position on #occupycentral in Hong Kong is 'very clear', says minister
Computer-Generated 10-Year-Old Girl Leads to Conviction of Online Predator
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Police release audio of the drunk Palin family brawl, which a witness describes as 'like The Jerry Springer Show' —
BP oil spill didn’t ruin Gulf of Mexico, says Politico piece written by BP communications guy
Cover for our 1963 JFK cover story "He Had that Special Grace" by friend & confidant Ben Bradlee, who died yesterday
An RN shows NYC health care workers how to remove PPE when dealing with Ebola… @Newsweek
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Michael Brown’s autopsy analysis shows struggle with Darren Wilson, THC in his blood & urine —
Mentally Ill Briton Extradited to U.S. Over Alleged Plan For Militant Camp
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Republicans ↓ Despite GOP boasts, tech company honchos skew left, donate accordingly. Silicon Valley of the Dems.
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A Kurdish journalist reports on 3 more days in the Syrian town of Kobane, currently under siege by ISIS —
New York is finally helping poor defendants and has agreed to address public defense problems in 5 counties.
Lord of the Rings ↔ Hobbit movies so far cost nearly $750 million to make. A veritable Smaug's fortune. Precious...
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Russian plot to attack Kiev: Ukrainian intelligence recovered weapons including grenade launchers —
Our 1963 JFK cover story "He Had that Special Grace" — by friend & confidant Ben Bradlee, who died yesterday
Latest Ebola figures from .@WHO: 9,911 cases, 4,868 deaths…
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New EU head tells European Parliament he'll present 300bn-euro investman plan for jobs by end of year —
BREAKING: Jury convicts ex-Blackwater guards in 2007 Baghdad killings —