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One in six French citizens sympathises with the Islamist militant group ISIS
22,322 people have vanished in Mexico's drug war
The world's oldest, and possibly largest, wombat turns 29
The Emmys were accused of sexism after putting Sofia Vergara on a pedestal
1 in 7 people experience 'sleep drunkenness,' study says
Oklahoma just passed California as the most earthquake-prone state in the country
How a YouTube clip led to the discovery of an insane psych rock band in a remote Thai village…
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PHOTOS: Palestinians celebrate the #Gaza ceasefire
Quarantines to fight #Ebola are a necessary evil that are having serious repercussions on small, at-risk villages
This year's #Emmys "tasted like a sheet cake purchased earlier that day from Albertson's out of desperation"
Carbon dioxide pulled from the air could satisfy a $1 trillion unmet market demand
Police failed to heed the pleas of a man dying of an asthma attack: 'You can talk, so you can breathe'
Ebola Frontline: Life inside a quarantined village
Important news: the world's oldest (& maybe largest) wombat just turned 29 me @Newsweek
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Not all news is bad: @emmajcoburn & @trackjenny r setting U.S. track records while being cool peeps, close friends…
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Tel Aviv Diary: A storm of missiles heralds a new ceasefire
We've been counting carbon dioxide emissions all wrong
Police ↓ #Ferguson, population 21,135, issued 32,975 nonviolent arrest warrants in 2013…
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Scotland's pro-independence leader wins final TV debate three weeks before a historic breakaway referendum
Vice News ↔ David Carr, who famous sparred with the founder, gives the brand its due for its recent hard news reports…
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How a YouTube clip led to the discovery of an insane psych rock band in a remote Thai village:
Ukrainian peace talks open as Russian paratroops captured
Why women might be better grillers than men:
Did Bill de Blasio keep his promise to reform stop-and-frisk?
Data breach mystery leads from Arizona counterterrorism site to China via @CIRonline