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Airbags ↓ Senators seek nationwide air-bag recall. Voters seek nationwide gasbag recall.
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Outer Space ↔ Space Agency posts full breakdown of what distant comet smells like — it stinks. Pew! Pew! Pee--eww!
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All medical workers traveling from West Africa & arriving in NYC area will face automatic quarantine for 21 days —
ISIS affiliate turns on Egypt: 26 shot dead, 26 injured
Gambling ↓ Investor says Trump Taj Mahal casino likely to close. If only he could say that about Donald Trump's mouth
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Big Lebowski ↓ Newt Gingrich tweets: "Bowling with ebola is a disastrous public health policy." The Newt abides.
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All medical workers traveling from West Africa & arriving in NYC area will face automatic quarantine for 21 days —
Darth Vader, leader of Galactic Empire, has thrown his hat in the ring of the Ukraine's complex powerplay with Russia
South Korea has capability to build nuclear warhead mounted on a ballistic missile, says US general.
PETA founder explains her 'unique' will— BBQ my body, make my skin into purses & send my eyeballs to the EPA:
UPDATE: Slain hatchet suspect in NYC police attack was Islam convert —
BREAKING: Travelers From Ebola countries to N.Y. and N.J. face automatic quarantine, say Cuomo and Christie
Is Hulu silently advocating for Colorado’s personhood Amendment?
'Sandpapered', 'flirty', 'neutered' — adjectives The New York Times uses to describe Taylor Swift's new album, ranked
NYC Ebola doctor's neighbors dependent on TV News for updates & don't know if common areas in building decontaminated
The National Geographic heyday of 80-yr-old Goodall is long gone, but she's still important, albeit for new reasons —
Are we just Internet cynics? Ello CEO explains how ad-free social media will make money —
Ebola typically spreads via contact with blood, vomit or diarrhea—not by touching bowling balls or subway poles.
Hot sauce has a new use: teaching health workers how to safely treat Ebola patients and avoid infection.
'People start crying when they get near her...They’re shaking. It really is a rock-star thing'
BREAKING: At least 3 people shot in Seattle school shooting. School on lockdown & shooter dead, say police —
Forget TV stars! These are the new faces of popular entertainment
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Fixing prev. tweet: These photos of Jane Goodall will get you excited about her activism —
At least 3 people shot in Seattle school shooting. School on lockdown & shooter dead, say police —
Extreme Ice Age mountain people built their homes at a record-breaking 14,700 feet above sea level —
55% of Brits age 16-25 said having more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube is the leading indicator of fame.
An employee at The Gutter in Williamsburg answered the phone Thursday afternoon with, “We don’t have Ebola!”
What do Dr.Craig Spencer's neighbors think about his Ebola diagnosis?
Are we all just a bunch of internet cynics? Ello CEO explains how his ad-free social media network will make money
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How much does getting stuck in traffic actually cost?
St. Louis County's policing under more scrutiny — this time for rogue municipal court & dubious traffic-ticketing.
We've ranked the adjectives & descriptors @nytimes uses to describe @taylorswift13's 1989 album from best to worst —
Thousands of Iranians protest in streets after women targeted in wave of horrific acid attacks around the country —
Frank Gehry lashes out before accepting award, says '98% of everything that is built & designed today is pure s--t':
CEO Paul Budnitz calls the assumption Ello will fail “heartbreaking” and “short sighted.”
New lawsuit challenges a much-criticized St Louis County municipal court amid intense criticism of traffic ticketing.
Dear Brooklyn, No, you won't get Ebola from touching a bowling ball. Love, Newsweek
In this extract from 'When Google Met WikiLeaks', Julian Assange describes a meeting with Google's Eric Schmidt —
She is arguably the most famous female scientist in history, revered for inspiring generations of girls & women
Highest Ice Age human settlements ever discovered in the Peruvian Andes —
K9 units ↑ Secret Service dogs injured in line of duty, working again next day. Someone over there is doing their job
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Prisons ↑ California agrees to end race-based "lockdowns" of prisoners. Orange is the new black and white.
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This year's winning Wildlife Photographer photos will make you remember to hug the planet —
You need to watch these videos of Darth Vader's political campaign in Ukraine. He's offering 'free wifi for all' —
Makeovers ↔ Renee Zellweger pooh-poohs facelift speculation. Just walk away, Renee.
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Canceling meetings with the press, Iowa GOPer Joni Ernst opens herself to Dem attacks —
This Libertarian pizza delivery guy likes his job, but he's angling for a better one: Senator.
Androids ↓ Robot doctors not dexterous enough to fight Ebola. Though cleared for brain surgery
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