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Chris Hardwick
Whooooooooo are you! WHO. who. WHO. who. #IReallyWannaKnow (After Who special airs LIVE Sat the 23rd at 11p on BBCAmerica!)
CONGRATULATIONS to @harto for making the NY Times bestseller list w/ the Drunk Kitchen book!! You rule the school, Hannah.
THIS. This is how I felt when I found out I get to present an award at the Emmys on Monday!!! It is also my actual nightlight. #SpongeBobKnows
Matthew Weiner (creator of Mad Men) is an EXCELLENT guest on today's podcast:…
I like this picture because it looks like I have some kind of demonic Emmy horns.
Congratulations to @FallonTonight!!! He won the Emmy but DAMMIT we got to go in our 1st year!!! I could not be happier! Hugs, James!!
At the Creative Arts Emmys. Trying to find Tim Gunn for a picture. I WILL SUCCEED.
I wield my sonic screwdriver proudly! Piles of thanks to @thestewartofny who took this photo at the Doctor Who World Tour in NY on 8/14.
Someone REALLY needs to talk me out of buying a 10,000 year old 8 foot tall fully intact cave bear skeleton
THANK YOU (x a million) to everyone who got us to 1 MILLION subscribers on the Nerdist @YouTube Channel!! video->…
Gaiman!! Be verrrry still...Moffat is riiiiight behind you. AND HE HAS MURDER IN HIS EYES. Whoops I probably shouldn't have shouted that last part.
Ran into The Impossible Girl... #DoctorWhoWorldTour
I used the sonic to take this. #Twelve
FINALLY saw this!!! I'm a dick for not seeing its amazingness sooner.
Unfortunate marriage of sign & image in Soho...
So many points to everyone who's been watching! @ComedyCentral picked up @midnight for another full year!!… #butts
"The moon, like a testicle, hangs low in the sky..." 1st Robin Williams bit I ever saw. He changed the course of comedy & my life with it.
Oh Jesus I am crushed to hear about Robin Williams' passing. So fucking sad and surreal. Just awful.
Fallon Tonight w/ One Republic. No, I don't get to join the band.
THE DUDE IS BACK. This podcast convo w/ @TheJeffBridges about life/relationships is one of my all time favorites:…