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Chris Hardwick
I LOVE THIS. Fry as 10 and Zoidberg as Ood Sigma entitled "Vale Frycem" by artist Angel Saquero. He has a bunch of other rad work at and a ton of great shirt designs at Also Support great artists!! (via Reddit user Lol
I BOUGHT A 5.25" FLOPPY SIGNED BY STEVE WOZNIAK. Kids, we used to store 160 glorious kilobytes of data on diskettes like these, though later versions kicked it all the way to 1.2MB! That's enough to store a whole third of your favorite Bright Eyes song or whatever the fuck you kids are listening to
Pffft VMAs 2015 are for CHUMPS. I worked the VMAs WHEN THEY WERE RAD--IN 1995! Taylor Swift was "shaking off" paste-eating! And Miley Cyrus was also naked a lot, but mainly because she was an infant. Look at mah sweet hair drapes! Look at that barely post pubescent cheek sheen! And I rocked a bow ti
Mood today: SHIFTY. I wouldn't trust me. I MEAN WHAT AM I UP TO HERE ANYWAY
Sir Patrick Stewart is on the podcast tomorrow and he was unbelievably cool so naturally I drew him as an octopus on top of an ancient Norse map. Now what to call it...Krakenrick Stewart? Captain Picthulhu? Something Japanese?? This is apparently what I do with free time. #Cephalopodcast
FB to SDCC 2013 when Booker DeWitt met Loki in extremely low lighting
The amazing poster art by @vansaro for our first sci-fi/horror film! Nerdist Presents: THE HIVE, directed by @yarvoyarvo. We're doing a special engagement for ONE NIGHT in theaters hopefully near you w/ @fathomevents on SEPT 14th. JOIN US! Ticket and info link in my profile, where links work! Or jus
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams...there's a wocket in my pocket." -Dr. Seuss (ok he didn't say those two things EXACTLY at the same time, but I stand firmly by my quote mash-up with regard to this picture w/ @lydiahearst)
Rad stop motion woodworking video! From 2 fun subs r/BeAmazed & r/ArtisanVideos. GOODBYE TODAY'S WORKFLOW!
ICYMI on r/videos today, WATCH "How To Age Gracefully" by @nortonphoto RIGHT NOW
We're on hiatus for two weeks on @atmidnightcc but when we return September 8th we'll be on at 11pm also for two weeks with some extra amazing shows! At midnight at 11! Totally reasonable!!! Art by Jesse Griffith whose other work is over at If you have fan art I'm happy to post
Flashback to 2013 when we did a little line-up photo shoot w/ @colchrishadfield after he came on the podcast. I have no idea why I suggested this, but Col Hadfield so is cool that he went along with it without even questioning it (unlike @mattmira). HE SANG BOWIE IN SPACE YOU GUYS.
Got home from work last night and starting doodling in the back of my notebook. It's hardly a masterpiece but I'm excited about a fun week of podcast goodness ahead! Owen is today, Christian/Rami Wednesday, and Oscar Friday!
Thanks to the comedy team of Garcia & Gimple for making Talking Dead a blast! Can't wait to be back on the couch every Sunday! #MorgansCheese
We're back on Talking Dead tonight for our Season 6 preview special at 8/7c! Then Fear the Walking Dead premieres! (Dale's camper with lookout Dale by @mcfarlane_toys_official) #DriftwoodBabyArms
Connie Britton makes the best of THE RADDEST PROM DATE EVER. #PromShorts #PartyShades #NerdistPodcast (of course I used the Nashville filter)
This is pretty damn brilliant. Real Life First Person Shooter Chatroulette: (via frontpage of @reddit)
This is our album cover for "Hard Day's Wheat". Also @itswilwheaton & @feliciaday are going to crush @midnight tonight along w/ @aprilrich!
Robert @Rodriguez is on the podcast today, so naturally we did a hand puppet show. I'm trying to get mine to eat a mint candy but he's SO. FUCKING. PICKY. #ManosGloriosas
Adventures in philosophical I wearing a sexy googly hat on my head? Or rather am I the accessory because a hat shaped creature with with generously sized teeth is regurgitating a human douche? Look at it both ways several times until you begin to question the fabric of reality. #Sundays
This is me at the California state capitol building mid-reaction, as this rad police horse LEANED IN FOR THE SELFIE and his nose mashed into my face. I love him so much. Also, SWEET BOY BAND HAIR, HORSE. #HairyStyles
Just my typical pre-show ritual in Sacramento last night: candy cigarette, pop rocks and an ST:TNG poster. Yeah I look PRETTY cool. I mean, the sugary cigarette ALONE should get me in a Guy Ritchie movie as a Welsh gangster called "Candylips". Also THANK YOU to everyone who came out to The Crest!! T
Not only am I lucky to get to chat with so many talented/innovative/interesting people whom I respect, but also because they have all been really cool to me. Oscar Isaac is a BRILLIANT actor/musician who is really funny, very thoughtful and incredibly down to earth. Podcast will post soon! #Bluebook

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