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Chris Hardwick
As requested, here's a close up of the crest on the antique chairs. WHO THE WHAT THE
Podcast! @Krystenritter is rad! You will want her to be your friend:… #bowling
Got these early 1800s chairs for the heads of the dining table from a place called JF Chen. Would love to track down the crest to see if I can find anything out about them...
Nerdist Podcast today is Keanu Reeves! A little shorter than normal but fun nonetheless! And John Wick is rad.
Ah're pretty damn great at Fall...
You know the thing about a SpongeBob, he's got...lifeless eyes, blue eyes, like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'. Until he bites ya and those blue eyes roll over white. And then, ah then you hear that terrible high pitch screamin' and the ocean turns red and spite of all
Nerdist Podcast w/ @peeweeherman! So much fun. So many great stories:…
Delicious KaBobs w/ Tyreese & Badger
Tonight on @AMCTalkingDead we have Tyreese himself @ChadLColeman & Badger (@mattjonesisdead). See you right after @WalkingDead_AMC gang!
#FingerStache #Abraham
This pic from 2009 reminds of a sexual act known as "The Portland Sanchez" during which you stick your finger in a craftbasket, pull it out and smear yarn all over your face. Also the sign in the background makes it look like I just got a $10 idea. (Animal head postcard art by @theberkleys)
Dining room shaping up! Factory cabinet from Olde Good Things fits nicely. Other stuff pictured: -dining table is an old desk with a leather inlay from Obsolete in Venice, CA -head of the table club chairs from HD Buttercup -insects & candle stuff from @goldbugpasadena -vintage rug from Woven Accent
Party from a few years back. This chick was ALL OVER me.
A Haiku Do you like free shows? Come see our shows all weekend Did I mention FREE? cc: @nerdist @NerdistLA
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Hey gang! My pal @ScottAukerman's wonderful @ComedyBangBang show has its season premiere TONIGHT at 11p on @IFC!
Oh also this ep… has my favorite intro w/ @jonahray.
Ron Perlman is damn delightful. Listen to him be damn delightful on the podcast over at #CosmicBlowjobHug
Archer cast...ASSEMBLE! #NYCC14
Tonight I'll be on @midnight w/ @nerdist , @kurtbraunohler and @ThomasDale5 !!! Play along with the hashtag war online
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Hey gang! Nerdist is producing @Justin_Willman's pilot for @ComedyCentral. Come to the taping this Friday!! Info->…
Yes! @perlmutations is back on the podcast. And yes! He's pretty fucking fantastic. You're a good dude, Ron!…
Tonight's @midnight was a fantastic combo of @jonahray @Justin_Willman & @mametown! I recommend it.
Grandmaster Flash and the Slaugherhouse Five #HipHopBooks @midnight
Clear and Present Danger Mouse #HipHopBooks @midnight
If you're GONNA have a bromance with someone, I recommend Jason Schwartzman. He is the nicest! Podcast return soon!
Holy shits! THANK YOU to everyone who watched @AMCTalkingDead! We set a premiere record of 6.9 mil humans!…
Conan was gingerly delicious.
OUR SUNDAYS ARE BACK! @WalkingDead_AMC season premiere at 9p, @AMCTalkingDead at 10! w/ Nicotero, @ScottMGimple & @ConanOBrien. I missed you
ANTIQUE CHESS SET ACQUIRED. German, circa 1830 from this wonderful site:…
I have a special relationship with @RobertKirkman. RT @wwwbigbaldhead: Yes. New York comicon
Walking Dead! RT @Soularyem: @nerdist hey Chris: what panels are you hosting tomorrow (Saturday) at #NYCC14 ?
Really good Batman & Hulk cosplayers. #NYCC14 #BlueSteel
Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) celebrates 11 years sober by sharing photos of his former self
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This photo by Zack DeZon turned out WAY better than the selfie I took while moderating the Tomorrowland panel. INSANE lineup: Brad Bird, Damon Lindelof, Raffey Cassidy, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie & George Clooney. Gushed backstage at Hugh about Fry & Laurie, and Clooney is so damn charming and lov
I'll be at Largo w/ @nerdist on Monday for Tig Notaro's breast cancer fundraiser:… (also @boburnham & @thelittleidiot)
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"IT'S A TRAP AND I'M GODDAMN READY FOR IT." This vagina magnet pic was taken by Adam Savage in 2010 and is a damn pop culture treasure trove of his collectibles all over my body. Admiral Ackbar mask, Hellboy's ACTUAL coat, MIB Noisy Cricket in right hand, Deckard's gun from Blade Runner in left (Ada
Hey this is pretty neato. On my 11th sobriety anniversary this comes out in @WSJ. Thanks @brekkefletch!… cc: @WSJMag
11 years ago today I quit the booze. Best decision I've ever made. If you're struggling/questioning, YOU CAN DO IT. Seek counseling. HUGS!!!
Thanks for the podcast, @spikeferesten! Spike has written many things you've enjoyed and has a new show about cars:…
SUNDAY! @AMCTalkingDead is back for the @WalkingDead_AMC season premiere w/ guests Greg Nicotero @ScottMGimple & @ConanOBrien! #pudding
BIRDMAN is a stunning movie. SO GOOD. One of the best of the year for sure. WELL DONE @MichaelKeaton @EdwardNorton @galifianakisz