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Chris Hardwick
Universal Halloween Horror Nights was FANTASTIC. This vignette reminds us of that time in AvP when Alien busted into that Midwestern farm house and ate that girl up.
CRAIG! I GIVE YOU LIIIIIIIIFE! Recording Sanjay & Craig ->… #BestFriendsHallOfFame @NickelodeonTV
This Malkovich photoset recreating famous pictures w/ Sandro Miller will kick your dick into the dirt: via @reddit
Back to back goodness this evening
Gonna start posting random songs I'm listening to in #HeavyRotation. Always loved this one by @NekoCase
LIZZIE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Podcast time! @robertpatrickT2 is BEYOND cool. Really great gent with some terrific stories:… #Hawkman
Got some new art for the house! (clockwise from top left): a) antique Scottish marine biology plate, b) original 1939 World's Fair SF poster, c) "The Lower Deadhorse Fall Festival" by Julie Miller, d) oil painting of a rad ship from 1850
Hey look! It's the ep VII Millenium Falcon! With a "moons over my Gotham" easter egg:…
This activates my happy center. Thank you, Apple! (and twitter user @mycerebrallife for sending it to me)
This happened on midnight tonight. Chris @nerdist Hardwick will always be the Yoda to my Luke...
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Stepping outside in the LA heat right now is like being an ant under a magnifying glass. I run in panic circles, flailing for relief.
A triumphant @ThatKevinSmith return on the Nerdist podcast today!… #WalrusYes
Kevin Smith, Justin Long & Jen Kirkman CRUSH tonight on @atmidnightcc. I luff them.
TONIGHT! I face @justinlong and @JenKirkman for internet supremacy! It's two beauties vs. this blubbery beast only @midnight, with @nerdist!
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Btw, when typing in @KrisKuksi's name I accidentally started typing @karliekloss. You people & your alliterative names! Love, Kris Kardwick.
I am obsessed with @KrisKuksi's sculptures. I may have to get one. LOOK->…
Apparently my house theme is slowly becoming "Victorian Gentleman Serial Killer". Bought all of this amazing stuff at The Gold Bug in Pasadena. NOTE: taxidermy monkey is a century old, NOT A NEW ONE. Also his tail looks like a dong.
THANK YOU, IRVINE! My last @OddballFest show was beyond my wildest expectations!! Bed now. 1st day off tomorrow in a month.
THIS is how fancy I feel after performing at Oddball Fest last night at the Shoreline Amphitheater (22,000 humans!). Fanciness continues in Irvine tonight! #ScarfGuys
DAMMIT. I want to be in a bluegrass band so bad. @fadetobluegrass's excellent cover of Rocket Man ->
I believe I will consuming Epic Meals w/ @HarleyPlays on @FYI tonight! #EpicMealEmpire
Here's the uncensored extended cut of @midnight "Throbbing Brainiac" edition w/ @PFTompkins @hodgman @GregProops
You will absolutely adore @MiraSorvino on today's podcast! She's super-genius smart.…
Tonight @midnight has an EPIC panel w/ @PFTompkins @hodgman & @GregProops. And here is the BEST. OUTTAKE. EVER.
Stone'enge just got Stone'engier:…
.@michelledeidre I know @CHVRCHES is in LA next week...what would I have to do to talk Lauren into coming on the ol' podcast?
Dropping by @loveline in an hour or so. Haven't been on there in AGES. Preparing advice protocols....
Margaret Cho & The D! Tonight on @atmidnightcc
Thanks, @MensFitness, for including me in your fancy man-grouping:…
This is a neat pic but sadly you can't really see THE BEST part of it which is the bow tie. It was taken by MJ Kim for Getty Images at SDCC this year and used for this feature in Men's Fitness:
I've just now become obsessed with Gomphotheres. I LOVE YOUR DAMN SQUID-MOUTHS, YOU ANCIENT PROBOSCIDEAN BASTARDS
Woke up in Salt Lake, performed in Denver, will go to bed in LA. This day couldn't have been any cooler. See you @midnight tomorrow!
I get to play Red Rocks tonight!!! I went to HS in Denver, so huge dream come true. And it's Sunday! (hopefully not so) Bloody Sunday!
GEEZ I GET NATURE YOU'RE STUNNING. Showboat. This is SEA->SLC. Now off to DEN!
On stage at White River Amphitheater in Auburn, WA w/ Jeff Ross. It looks like I'm trying to bite you.
Got off stage at Oddball Fest in Salt Lake City and took this boring picture.
Goodbye, Seattle! See you soon Salt Lake City! #GumShot #OddballFest
BOWLING is always an option. Lighting is sometimes not. Demetri Martin & Whitney Cummings have nice outlines, though.