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Chris Hardwick
When your cat licks his butthole, you simply have no choice but to snap Mario squashing him. This was an extra fun one! Just Mario was drawn in snapchat but a split second after I posted it, @lydiahearst said, "Hey why don't you put in a warp pipe?" There are no do-overs on Snapchat so I drew the pi
Don't you wanna see the goods? #SouthOfHell TONIGHT on @WEtv 6pm-1am + available on iTunes
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Oh ok so I'm the ONLY one representing Hogwarts Athletics at the gym today?? Pfft. LAME. #Ravenclaw [PS Daniel Radcliffe is on the @Nerdist Podcast today. Harry is a Gryffindor but I'm pretty sure Dan is also Ravenclaw]
Photo taken of meself & @lydiahearst in the main dining hall @thehearstcastle over the summer by @thetylershields. He calls this pic "Pass The Salt." She has MUCH better posture than I do. A lifetime being hunched over of computers and video games have given me "the Nerd Slouch".
HAPPY THANKSGIVING from me, @lydiahearst & Anubis! #Snapcat [update: yes, on this lovely day of thanks I chose not to paint the cat into a deviant sexual situation on snapchat. Today, turkey Anubis will only be stuffed with joy and not dicks! TOMORROW however...]
I have been having entirely too much fun drawing on @lydiahearst's cat on Snapchat (username: chrishardwick). The lines are only one thickness so it's not the easiest thing for drawing in the world and I could use more colors, but I'm getting by ok. Anubis loves it, as you can tell.
@amctalkingdead: keeping it Gimple while staying Glennformed
Well it's my birthday today and apparently this is what I looked like minutes after getting an eviction notice from @nerdistmom's womb. It was nice not being in that cramped space anymore because it allowed me more room to do things like have a weird shaped head and swallow the nurse's soul with my
Some gems from my Walking Dead prop collection (esp useful for you folks from the cosplay community): Daryl's actual ear necklace (bday present a couple years back from @gnicotero) and one of Rick's original badges (gift from John Sanders). I LOVE OUR WALKING DEAD SUNDAYS TOGETHER YOU GUYS (fun side
"YEEEEEEEEEEEEUGH" Rooker makes me laugh. I have a dumb laugh face, I know. Just a reminder that Talking Dead is on an hour later tonight after Into the Badlands!!!
The good folks whom I employ @nerdist DO make a Doctor Who aftershow, since many of you are asking!…
Epic @atmidnightcc tonight w/ @sethrogen @kellyoxford & #MichaelShannon. I think it's safe to say that I'm making THE SEXIEST face in the world. #SexFace
Hanging out with @mattmira and my cousin Dan for some sweet podcast times that will post Wednesday. EDIT: ok, Daniel Craig and I are not related, but I always thought I kind of looked like his dorkier cousin. #Spectre
"WHAAAAA? Talking Dead is on an hour later for the next three weeks??" I'm sure that's what this walker was confused about last week when he walked out of the darkness to have a simple question answered and was instead stabbed in the brain. It's true! For 3 weeks, it will go WALKING DEAD->INTO TH
Sweet wall, Kansas City! Kansas City being in Missouri is interesting. It's almost as if Kansas said to Missouri, "Hey, MO, I'm just gonna put the tip in a little bit." Also it's a really great town!
So this was a rad morning! Honored to help present a star on the walk of fame to Dan Radcliffe who is genuinely the nicest dude you could hope to meet. BONUS: hung out with Chris Columbus too!!! I am the luckiest (and probably most spoiled) nerd kid in the world.
Well it seems that lately I've been addicted to drawing on @lydiahearst's cat Anubis on Snapchat (username: chrishardwick). Usually I paint him into inappropriate sexual situations but tonight we came home and his floor sprawl mixed with the vacant stare convinced me that he should be a weatherman.
#CopShow starring @hardwick as Captain Assphart! Justin Theroux as Detective Sexowitz! and introducing @mattmira as McGookie! This fall, you have the right to remain silent...but deadly...#CopShow
Please watch this full pilot of #DangerAndEggs on Amazon Prime right now! I'll add the link in my profile. Earlier this year I bought half of a rad interactive/animation company called Puny Entertainment with my dear friend @shadipants I've always wanted to make cartoons & games. This is our first o
Just a little off the sternum please, Jessie
Talking Dead is on regular time tonight w/ @alexandrabreck @zacharylevi! #WalkerSmores #Zmores
New Orleans Square at Disneyland is haunted by a @itswilwheaton ghost, who died from a Mickey-shaped beignet overdose
I made a Zoidberg flag for my Animal Crossing town because why not Zoidberg?

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