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Chris Hardwick
Comedians...deadly...but they CAN be trained. #JurassicMidnight @jonahray @thegynomite @kumailn
EVEN MUTANTS HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY. It's not all capes and leather!! Getting all spiffy to moderate the 20th Century Fox panel at SDCC, Sat 7/11 at 5:45p in Hall H! Will there be more surprises than you can possibly handle? Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers...
ANT-MAN IS SO MUCH FUN YOU HAVE TO SEE IT. Truly! Rudd was perfect and Evangeline and Michaels Douglas and Peña were fantastic!!
"Shut up about Sarah Connor already!!! If you hadn't tried to murder her unborn child she MIGHT have said yes to you! Seriously...act like you're my date or take me home." #AwkwardTerminatorProm
Artist Hal Hefner made a brilliant series called "Consume" which mashed up pop culture with "They Live", one of the raddest movies of the 80s. I am honored to have been included! Bonus points for the Nerdist logo on my hand. See the whole series at!
I love meeting friends for coffee at the Fox lot. The Simpsons mural always makes me smile like a dork. If I were a tour guide here I'd tell people "This is the sound stage where they shoot the Simpsons!!!" A percentage of people would believe it.
PETER CAPALDI will be our other guest for the 7:30 Nerdist Podcast Live! at SDCC along with Sir Ben Kingsley!!! Holy crap!!! Get the ticket link at See you there!!! Sidenote: yes, this pic is a regram of the one I posted last year at the Doctor Who World Tour BUT IT'S ONE OF
It's Father's Day, and I miss this guy. He'd be the first to tell you that he made lousy faces in pictures, but every once in a while you could catch him in a natural moment like this one and the warmth he'd generate was worth more than a thousand "cheese!" smiles. He was an excellent man—honest, se
Late Late Show Souvenir photobooth pic!
The one I took where I'm making a "camera ready" face was blurry so you get "guy fidgeting with phone too seriously". At least James Corden & @carlagugino look fantastic! We're on Late Late Show tonight.
This is from the Jurassic World premiere last week. I'm a raptor! SIDENOTE: No @lydiahearst was harmed in the making of this picture.
Polaroid in a hot black tent by the amazing @dannybones64 yesterday at Bonnaroo. I went right after Mumford & Sons. Did THEY jump up and do an air punch?? You know they didn't.
My early show @Bonnaroo had the surprise drop-in of Zach Galifianakis being fed gummibears like a circus seal by Jon Hamm
Aw yiss this shit is HAPPENING. #CrackerBrrrl #Bonnaroo
Saturday at Bonnaroo! My dear friend @aprilrich is opening for me at the Comedy Theatre at 5:30p & 7:15p. Come on by! Escape the heat and/or chubby rain with wiener jokes, why don't you
I was jealous of all the cutouts of @NickiMinaj doing twerk squats in front of Helsinki Cathedral (google it) so naturally I felt compelled to duplicate this act in a more appropriate environment. This disturbing image of me twerking in a thong is isolated over on the @atmidnightcc insta account if
My direction before snapping this pic w/ @fannex17: "Let's look like we're casting a spell or something". This proves that I am a bad actor AND a bad director. Also I look like I'm trying to fart. I'M SORRY, JANET. She was fantastic on the podcast, which will post soon! #SibleyTheBest #BetterThanAaa
Da da DAH dah. dah. Da da DAH dah. dah. Da da DAH dahdahdahDAHHHHHHHHH
The MST3k/Rifftrax guys work me like a puppet in their triumphant return to Comedy Central tonight on @atmidnightcc!
#PROOF for @nikkiglaser!
If you EVER get the chance to go to prom with Allison Janney, I SUGGEST YOU TAKE IT.
Internets for all tonight on @atmidnightcc w: @feliciaday @steveagee & Janet Varney (Korra!)!

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