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MONDAY WE #CRASH ATL...!! @Myfabolouslife #GOLDROOM
Mon ATL continues ... #GOLDROOM....!!!
Just because a #Scorpio loves you does not mean they will do everything you ask.
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#Scorpio are sure to let you think you're playing them, but what you don't know is they ALWAYS playing you.
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A #Scorpio works a million times better under pressure.
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Dammmm u was this close....!!! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
@nellelove has always been protective ova @t_trizzle1..!! My babies ...!!! #tbt
Look like my son on the wall behind me..!!lololπŸ‘€πŸ‘€
S/O to the #BSU at #Lindenwoodcollege we gave out to more full ride scholarships yesterday courtesy of DERRTYENT & black&whiteball... !!! All I do is send kids to school..!
Interested in a Workout Bootcamp in the St. Louis area!! DM me to #TrainWithMikeWayne
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Tonight it goes down...!!
If u only could have 1 sneaker for the rest of ya life what would it be..? This is mine hands down!!! JORDAN #3
Caption this...???
Talk about determination ... !!! We was 5000 miles away but she was talking to the fish like she come here everyday ..! Lolo
#tbt me and one of The state of Georgia's finest champ Evander the real deal Holyfield..!!!
Young man you have change STLOUIS forever..! #RIPMIKEBROWN..,!!
U guys are making history..!!! I can not Express how proud I am of you guys ..!! Ive loved The game of baseball all my life..!! And even though I have achieved a lot of my dreams playing in the Little League World Series was one I did not accomplish.. Today is the day I play in my first Little Leagu
S/O to da homie @cedtheentertainer and a special S/O to our troops .. Show was dope and thank each and every one of you for your service..
"RGV TEXAS! Catch me LIVE with Paul Wall next Saturday August 30 at the Pharr Events Center! TICKETS
Did u go to school today lilbro...? Uno u have a lot of folks that's waiting for you to say the word & if u wanna go to college u can..!! I gotcha because we gone need ya ...!!! Youngin said (for real ..??)
Dammmm ...!!! In this game of life don't you wish u had just 1 TIMEOUT...!! I think I'm very close to using mine..!!!! #MIKEBROWN
At times like this it makes me appreciate the ones that mean the most.... Love you @love_mylife ..!! Happy bday STINK
One thing is getting on board with getting the prosecutor out he definitely has a conflict of interest ..!!!
Im betting if a white kid shoplifted & later got shot 6 times by police who didnt know that, not many would reflexively defend the police
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Happy BDAY to my STINK @love_mylife to say no one would have guessed how beautiful of a person u have become inside & out in 18 years would be a lie because she knew...!! Your mother would be proud..!!!
Congrats to my family @kevinhart4real & @neekibaby ..!! Trust if it's 2 NUTZ that deserves one another it's these two...!! Love y'all see ya soon..!!
β€œ@CagedBirdd_: @Nelly_Mo but protesting isn't our only card ! That shows we are fed up ! That's not even the strongest card!” WE BEEN FED UP
all for protest and rally's were solution are strategically place for future Not for looting.That's what they want to justify there moves.
β€œ@bOaRsEdO: @Nelly_Mo I can't wait to see u I'm tha streets, u gonna catch dis fade” I leaving la now on my way there..!!
β€œ@CagedBirdd_: @Nelly_Mo well why don't you tell me what it is ? That's what I asked” as soon as u tell me what your doing?
β€œ@CagedBirdd_: @Nelly_Mo what's your strategy ?? πŸ˜’ cause I don't see nothing from you”--then u not lookin
STLOUIS @chrisbrownofficial @quincy @wale @whenarichniggawantyou @princejdc @shadmoss @treysongs @1omarion @terrellowens @kinggoldchains @iamlilmama @theofficialchuckliddell and buch more said there hands up for US..!!! #WENEEDTHATVERDICT
WOW...!! Stay focus the goal is change #mikebrownscholarship
To many of us are playing CHECKERS this is a CHESS match..! Only way to beat "STRATEGY" is wit "STRATEGY" #WENEEDTHATVERDIC
β€œ@XSTROLOGY: The #Scorpio are careful with emotions; never too much and never forceful. ItΒ’s either there or it isnΒ’t.”
β€œ@juggalon9ne: @Nelly_Mo I apologize then. I don't listen to the radio.” Keep ya apology .. Next time do ya home work before u accuse..!!
β€œ@juggalon9ne: @FINALLEVEL the most famous person from St Louis, @Nelly_Mo hasn't said SHIT.” on STL radio for 3 hours yesterday..!!
LA...!!! TONIGHT it GOES down..!!!
The goal...!!!
You ever noticed the main 1's who do the most scrutinizing criticizing demoralizing of others are the same1's wit their pages locked.!!!Commenting on someones page trying to break them down...stressing the right to voice there opinion.. But wanna choose who gets to voice their opinion on there page
Bottom line ....!!! #MIKEBROWNSCHOLARSHIP ..!!!