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Neil deGrasse Tyson
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In any case, I want to live in a world where a chicken can cross the road without anybody questioning its motives.
Knee-slapping humor to a topologist: Question: Why did the chicken cross the Möbius Strip? Answer: To get to the same side.
Damn. One mystery solved & another rears its head: Which came first, the chicken salad sandwich or the egg salad sandwich?
Just to settle it once and for all: Which came first the Chicken or the Egg? The Egg -- laid by a bird that was not a Chicken
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Always wondered how different The Wizard of Oz would have been had Dorothy gone left at the fork in the yellow brick road.
Happy 75th anniversary to The Wizard of Oz. Good to know (for future reference) that witches are water-soluble.
Happy 75th anniv. to The Wizard of Oz. Gotta love it even though Lions & Tigers & Bears hail from three different continents.
@neiltyson Give him a break he had no brain. I have a brain and I don't understand the Pythagorean Theorem completely.
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"And Toto too?" Happy 75th anniv. to The Wizard of Oz. Gotta love it even though Scarecrow got the Pythagorean theorem wrong.
The Perseids they're called -- a meteor shower these nights. But ruined, this year, by the Full Moon's light.
Mork from Ork: Rare evidence that aliens can be smart, clever, articulate & funny. Robin Williams, RIP
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I offer a cosmic shout-out to everyone on the graveyard shift. Most Monday people will miss these tweets.
Genuine “Super”s in the Universe: Super Giant, Supernova, Super Collider, Super Volcano, Superman, Super Mario.
July’s full moon is to August's "Super Moon” what a 16.0 inch pizza is to a 16.1 inch pizza. I’m just saying.
Seems to me, as long as we don't program emotions into Robots, there's no reason to fear them taking over the world.
Snaring @billmaher at the after-party after his “Real Time” show on @HBO:
So much of life is wasted waiting in line: stores, traffic, security, etc. One hour per day sums to 5 yrs of your waking life
When other mammals get bored, I wonder if they use this free time to contemplate their place in the universe, as humans do.
Dracula & other undead people who sleep in coffins must have good abs. They always rise up flat-backed when the casket opens.
The @UPS tracking uses 17 digits & one letter. Enough for 2.6 quintillion packages. That's 370 million per person on Earth.
When a coincidence seems amazing, that's because the human mind isn’t wired to naturally comprehend probability & statistics.
If @Comic_Con people ruled the world, the future would be invented daily & warfare would be bar-fights with toy light-sabers.
Space Aliens better not land in SanDiego this week. Nobody would take notice. They'd blend right in with @Comic_Con attendees
In cartoons, Lobsters & other Crustaceans that talk are typically drawn Red. But they’re that color only after you boil them
JUST POSTED: StarTalk Live!: “Big Brains at BAM" [Part 1] w/ @missmayim @heather_berlin. On iTunes & (link corrected)
JUST POSTED: StarTalk Live!: “Big Brains at BAM" [Part 1] w/ @missmayim @heather_berlin. On @iTunes &
The more oddly shaped your City's buildings are, the more likely they will be featured In photos for Travel Brochures.
What I was doing & thinking, forty-five years ago today. [Video. 3 min]
CosmicMystery: Why dogs can smell aromas from far away, yet are compelled to sniff each other’s butt at a fraction of an inch
Argue all you want about the physical world, but Nature is the ultimate arbiter: serving as judge, jury, & executioner.
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(FYI: Chemical symbol for Silver is Ag. Typo in my earlier tweet gave Ar. Thanks to many eagle-eyed followers for the catch.)
Argentina gets the second place medal. FYI: Argentum (Ag) on the Periodic Table of Elements is more commonly known as Silver.
Argentina gets the second place medal. FYI: Argentum (Ar) on the Periodic Table of Elements is more commonly known as Silver.
Good thing Spanish fútbol sportscasters don’t announce basketball, they’d spend 1/3 of playing time saying “Goooooooooooool”
Learned from Sportscasters on @Univision network that the word “Goal” in Spanish requires a full ten seconds to say.
Maybe @TheTweetOfGod can invent for international sports a Swear Language - one he forgot to give us in the Tower of Babel.
Dear @TheTweetOfGod, after World Cup controversial calls, in what language do players&referees argue? Any lessons from Babel?
Laws of physics describing gravity & energy conspire to make spheres (like the soccer ball) a common shape in the Universe.
64 games, 32 countries, 1 month of distraction from the workday. I wonder how much the world’s GDP drops during the World Cup
I wonder what Rugby players think every time they see a Soccer player crying in pain from being grazed by another player.
.@Bob_at_BH: How about “faction’"? // I like the literary symmetry it offers: “Some write fiction. Others write faction."
Never liked the term “nonfiction". The truth should have its own word, and not be shackled to its antonym.
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