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Neil deGrasse Tyson
After filming the #CosmosFinale, @SethMacFarlane & I knocked back a cold one on the crescent Moon.
Much of #Cosmos filmed at Santa Fe Studios. Puffy bags ‘o chips were reminders of the high elevation.
Receiving Green Screen Instructions from Bill Pope, the Director of Photography for the #CosmosFinale.
While filming #Cosmos, parting the sedimentary layers of the Grand Canyon was harder than it looked.
Between scenes on #Cosmos. Hadrian’sVilla. Surely the cover art for my nonexistent album of love songs
An actual photo of the actual Fritz Zwicky portrayed in the #CosmosFinale
Yeah, I’m self-aware that the ShipOfTheImagination on the #CosmosFinale & the entire series is Badass.
When we needed a live-action Galileo for the #CosmosFinale, Central Casting supplied one.
When we needed a live-action Isaac Newton for the #CosmosFinale, Central Casting supplied one.
Last night @jimmyfallon “accused" me of being a nerd. But on his Twitter page he's an astrophysicist
Episodes of #Cosmos appear in 46 languages and in 181 countries via @NatGeoChannel, En México tambien
Taking a break between shots, on location at the White Cliffs of Dover, UK. For #Cosmos.
At Santa Fe Studios, in New Mexico, while filming #Cosmos, I never grew tired of looking at the Chairs
At #AMillionWays party in Santa Fe, NM #Cosmos was invited, along with some friends of @SethMacFarlane
For the @COSMOSonTV Relativity segment, an Italian stunt model rode the Ducat.i On location in Italy.
I don't ride, but I imitated how bikers pose on our Relativity bike. On location in Italy. @COSMOSonTV
I drove an electric Tesla roadster once for @novapbs. Neck-snapping acceleration of 0-60mph in 3.9sec.
Chillin' w/ @BrannonBraga after long day at Caltech recreating Clair Patterson’s lab. #WatchingCosmos.
Gypsum Mine near SantaFe, New Mexico, doubling as several locations in this episode. #WatchingCosmos
Down time in Kew Gardens, UK, @BrannonBraga sat in shadow for reviewing video shots. #WatchingCosmos