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Neil deGrasse Tyson
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As best as I can figure, if the evening news ever needs to show a fuzzy snapshot of you, you are probably missing or dead.
RT @SethMacFarlane: The tardigrade thanks you for watching Cosmos.
Decisions,.Decisions. #Cosmos vs #GameOfThrones. Hmm. I think I'll watch the Universe and DVR those "Middle-Earth Sopranos”.
Be there: #Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey continues. Episode 6: “Deeper Deeper Deeper Still” Tonight @FOXTV 9pm / 8pm Central.
Apr13: On this date in 2029 stadium-sized asteroid Apophis buzz-cuts Earth at 45,000 km/hr below our communication satellites
Hmmm. I understand that some people want to call this eclipse the "Blood Moon”. If it’s red, I’ll be thinking of rose petals.
Lunar Eclipses are visible from the entire Earth hemisphere facing the Moon. That’s billions & billions of people : - )
Those who don't know a Lunar Eclipse is in progress will likely mistake Earth's shadow for the Moon going through phases.
At 3.5 hrs, Total Lunar Eclipses are long & boring. Wait for the Moon to enter the deepest part of Earth's shadow: 1:58am ET.
Total Eclipses occur every couple of years or so. If anyone calls them "rare", ask if they feel that way about the Olympics.
Dust in Earth's atmosphere can tint sunlight, casting eclipsed Moons in a deep red light. But often the Moon just gets dark.
After midnight Monday ET, the Full Moon ambles deep into Earth's projected shadow in space: Behold a Total Lunar Eclipse.
Attention StarGazers: Watch for the "Income Tax" Lunar Eclipse, beginning Mon night 12:53am ET (Tue Morning). Lasting 3.5 hrs
FYI: Tonight's Moon, a waxing gibbous, is the same phase as that of Earth in this Apollo 8 @NASA photo
Just Posted: @StarTalkRadio’s Cosmic Queries: "Venus” w/ guest host @DrFunkySpoon. On iTunes &
Curious that only in the world of politics is your importance measured by the number of people who want to kill you.
Yes, #Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey continues. Episode 5: “Hiding in the Light” Tonight. Be there. @FOXTV 9pm / 8pm Central.
USA to Russia: “We’re imposing sanctions on you!! But please still allow us on your Soyuz so we can reach our Space Station"
In Twilight: A thin crescent Moon graces the skies -- aloft in the west -- a feast for the eyes.
Again, for those who may suffer FOXophobia, Ep 4 of :Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey" repeats tonight, at 10pm, @NatGeo Channel.
Yup. #Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey continues. Episode 4: “A Sky Full of Ghosts” Tonight. Be there. @FOXTV 9pm / 8pm Central.
If your sentence contains the word "Hope" then you've confessed no control over the outcome you're hoping for.
ThereY’go: RT @wlk92 How about this: a redneck turtle burger...
I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a fat turtle.
Just an FYI: The Indian Ocean covers half as much area as all the continents of Earth.