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Neil deGrasse Tyson
Kudos to @NASANewHorizons for taking us from a fuzzy blip to a face-on closeup of Pluto’s Moon Charon
The backdrop on @larrywilmore's #NightlyShow reveals an accurate plot of the trig function y(x)=sin(x)
The latest Hi-Res image. I told everybody it wasn’t a planet, but nobody listened. (via @DavidBerthod)
Maybe I just have an active imagination, but I’m still a bit spooked by the wall outlets in Australia:
Blue Marble - 2015 Edition. "Sun-lit, teeming with life, framed in darkness…"
Dear Pluto, Lookin’ good. But you’re still a Dwarf Planet — get over it. Love, Neil deGrasse Tyson
Evidence for global warming comes in many forms.
I once showed Pluto to Pluto. He looked delighted. Or maybe that’s his reaction to everything.
Just an FYI: Pluto and I buried the hatchet a long time ago. And we’ve been pals ever since.
And yup. Today, June 30, 2015, was also Asteroid Day:
The last Leap Second added was June 30, 2012. Here’s what it looked like from the Eastern Time Zone.
Given how chubby cherubs are, it's clear their itty bitty wings are aerodynamically useless to them.
What Manhattanhenge will look like TONIGHT, beginning 8:10pm, (Fri, May 29) at a cross street near you
If you’re a creepy-stalker-fan of my work, then this shirt was just posted too:
Yup. “The Good Thing About Science…” is now on a Tee-shirt:
As we did last year, Ozzie and I wish all Christians (and Bunny lovers) a Happy Easter.
If the Pledge of Allegiance told the truth:
Cool. The Moon, Sun, International Space Station, & Earth, all lined up. via @ObservingSpace
This morning's Moon is about the same phase & sky position captured by Van Gogh in "The Starry Night"
Happened in 2006. Time to "Get over it!” Yeah, I said it. Now it’s on a T-shirt

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