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Neil Diamond
Thanks for all the great questions. I'm going to watch the World Series now. Good night all, tweet ya later!…
.@strestan Sleep-in, have breakfast, New York Times, see my grandkids.
.@OnlyTheAwesome All the time. I just figure if I want a good one, I write it myself.
.@Archiecrat I like biographies / autobiographies.
.@calindy59 I sure did. Hope you're feeling better.
.@judecloversaid Thank you. My wife tells me that all the time.
.@rustykup Is she talking about twerking? Try #mileycyrus
.@emP332 Not weird. Sounds right to me.
.@ThatDamJonGuy In-ears were recommended to me by Sir Tom Jones and Cliff Richard. I think they saved my voice bc I no longer have to shout.
.@NeilGnR Tried it at my last show at the Greek Theater in 2012.
@NeilDiamond #askneildiamond How about a RT for my 75 yo dad Don Lightner who LOVES "Sweet Caroline"! He finds it to be spiritual happy song
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.@MasterCylinder0 It's a calling, not a job. He'll know when to put it away or keep going.
.@shauna9800 The glass beaded stage shirts are a thing of the past but I've saved them all.
.@Ramen8uout I remind myself, "It's rock & roll, it's not brain surgery. No one will die if I mess up." That keeps things in perspective.
.@Ohpompeo I Am, I Said. At least that one took the longest.
.@jbaldini The legal pad is a necessity for me, I can write, crossout and change faster than a computer and doesn't require electricity.
.@saramctweets Is that a thing? I think I love it! I hope I get invited.
.@zoegillespie My designer Margi Kent makes them.
.@watchnut33 Will definitely try! That's one of my favorites to sing.
.@CouchPotatoCop The parachute jump on the boardwalk at Coney Island (even though it's not operating)
.@LadyZales Depends on who's serving it up.
.@CssCbs Not gonna lie... I get some weird stuff.
.@NeilGnR What's brown and sticky? A stick!!
.@kenminersr Jimmy and Seongah are my brother and sister-in-law. Jimmy is my wife (Katie's) brother and their story is true.
.@PhillyCatMom02 Jacknife Lee, co-producer on the new album gave me a neon sign that says it and it hung the studio during the recording.
.@wrigley6 Good question. Not doing anything different.
.@Johnmarc I don't know exactly why, I think it's all about the songs.
.@PapaBear7652 Nobody can restrain Jack Black. The man is a force of nature.
.@rwmckenna It was about 35 years ago, I don't exactly remember how but I'm glad it happened.
.@JS_Foundation They were rescue pups from the shelter. My wife and I adopted two of them and the rest have all been adopted!
.@londonjustin I thought it was hilarious. I love Will Ferrell.
.@kade6767 It's been a long time but I'm going to try it this Friday in NYC at Barnes and Noble on 5th Ave. Is this a question a plant?
.@Clife2014 My favorite song on the new album is "Seongah and Jimmy".
.@odapup She loves them all (at least that's what she tells me.)
.@sgejim No I haven't, but I'm dying to try it.
.@brenskin2 Thank you so much, it's already one of my favorites.
.@annaOkayy Duh! I'm forever in bluejeans!
.@felcraw Sadly, Clampy the scallop is gone. *burp* My dogs love to celebrate Halloween.
.@Archiecrat My mother thought I would be a comedian because I could always make her laugh, but music won out. Thank goodness.
.@thirty3anda3rd Hi Brittany. I'm most nostalgic for the 50's when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn.
.@cmcc09 The tour will have both classics and new songs from Melody Road. Any suggestions?
.@toddinwichita My team didn't make it in so I'm just cheering for a good, competitive series.
.@anditrocks UB40s "Red, Red Wine" and Sinatra's "Sweet Caroline" are two of my favorites