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Neal Brennan
If you keep a music box in your house, you're pretty much asking to get haunted.
The Clippers should let random fans shoot free throws for DeAndre Jordan.
And Jesus faintly moved his fingers, "must...get...out...cave...freak...people...out."
90% of scenes on network dramas start with somebody saying, "Hey, can I talk to you for a second?"
ALERT. A group is in front of the Whole Foods in Venice looking for signatures. Use alternate entrance if possible. ALERT.
Before 1999, older brothers basically were our google. #info
There a new Champs up with Freddie Gibbs. He's a rapper from Gary, Indiana. It's interesting. Hit that.
When I think of "Boston Strong," I think of the toughest, smartest, most resilient people in America calling each other retards and queers.
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Yo @Nas was damn near magnificent at Coachella --
Actually, IMO the first 25 minutes were good. Maybe they just ran out of gas.…
Rep: "Coachella called, the offer's 800k to close, 1.2 mil if you make eye contact w/ each other." Outkast: "800k is cool."
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was possessing that girl in The Exorcist.
Tinder is leading to tons of weddings. People go on it, get incredibly sad and immediately ask their ex to marry them.
I can't do things on your schedule. I can't even do things on my schedule. #procrastination
Los Angeles, me and the great Bill Burr. APRIL 29th. Tickets here for only $15.…
My buddy @jonlovett hits the nail on the head here about the online culture of outrage and apology.
NEW CHAMPS w/ Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) - funny, interesting dude. Craziest final words on an episode ever.
This is the happy smile I think of when I think of John. And my pal Greg gone too. It's unbelievable.
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I didn't do well on the SATs for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I didn't know a lot of the answers.
The great @errolmorris has made another gem - about sociopath Donald Rumsfeld, "The Unknown Known." on itunes/amazon,etc.
If you escaped what I escaped, you'd be in Venice eating hummus too.