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Neal Brennan
Just found out Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is based on a comic book.
You know how @chrisrock never made a movie as good as his stand-up? Well, he finally did. Trailer :
Pure dog comedy excellence...
It's pretty cool how some of the people with Ebola are WRITIN' THEIR OWN DAMN RULES!
Where were you when you found out FRIENDS was coming to Netflix? I was on the toilet + cops busted into my house to tell me.
I picked Ebola in my Viral Fantasy League, so I'm having a pret-ty great week.
Just talked to @chrisdelia on the phone. It was the dorkiest thing either of us had done in like a year and a half.
So doing yoga is your whole personality?
I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.
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Did you change or did you figure out fresh ways to do the same shit?
Let it be known that @CheThinks and Hakeem Olajuwon have very similar upper heads --
My girlfriend in the 80’s and my friend forever, Janners. God, were you talented. Too soon and too sad. #JanHooks
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If you're offended by ANYTHING, share it with the world! We all need to know. All of your feelings are important and should be validated!
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New Champs up with @AFFIONCROCKETT. Get some.
My seven favorite words to read online are "his twitter rant (since deleted) (AVAILABLE HERE)."
My friend @flyinglotus has a new record out -- top 10 on iTunes -- for good reason -- it's great.
Am I on an NCIS show? Be honest.
Like food porn, but instead of food, it's people having sex.
An excellent conversation via @vulture between John @mulaney and Martin Short
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Stop what I’m doing and read your article? Okay. I’m giving someone CPR. But okay.
We love your singing, now tell us about your butt.
It always makes me laugh when I go to bed and my dog stays in the TV room, like he has paperwork to catch up on.
Here we go...Champs gets some goddamn shine from LA Weekly...
Alright everyone, September is ending which means we all have one job.
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NYT: Armed Intruder at White House interned for 6 weeks before Secret Service realized it.
The faint sad piano in all of HBO's promos make me feel like John Oliver and Bryant Gumbel are dying.
Walmart: Tracy Morgan Was Not Wearing a Seat Belt. No damages. Aaaaaaand...boycott @Walmart
Don't bother opening your Mexican restaurant (for white people) unless you got your Gypsy Kings ready to go.
If loving you is wrong, then I’m gonna assume there’s a reason for that and ease my way out of this relationship.
The Charlie Kaufman speech on episode #1 is incredible.…
SANTA MONICA. TONIGHT. standup. Me and friends. Westside Comedy Theater. 9PM. $5. Will be good.
What part of Jamaica are No Doubt from?
#TBT At the grand opening of the White Dudes Who Hang out With Black Dudes Museum.
Sweet article by SNL headwriter/Chappelle contributor @BTuckertime about the great Kenan Thompson
Bill Cosby was accused of sexual assault by 13 different women between the 1970's and 2004.
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New Champs out with Golden State Warrior @hbarnes - good dude, funny ep.
Is the new JLo/Iggy Azalea video actually a music video or part of that iCloud leak?
James Spader has been 50 since he was 20.
Holy shit, this is funny.
Just saw that "Mister & Pete" is on NETFLIX. Please check it out if you haven't seen it, and even if you have!…
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Did you know that @mulaney has a wife named @amtendler and she has a book out today?
“Marriage: All it takes is 2 stupid people.”
Right now on Sundance, the season finale of @ApprovalMatrix w/ @donnellrawlings and @hannibalburess - TURN ON SUNDANCE
GO SEE CHRIS. RT @chrisdelia: #UNDERNOINFLUENCETOUR is all new material never done on TV before.
Here's my monologue for tonight's Approval Matrix - T-rex hands and Miami Vice outfit -