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Neal Brennan
CNN: Ferguson PD to start wearing Suge-skin flack jackets.
SANTA MONICA. Standup tonight. Me. Friendos. Westside Comedy Theater. 9PM. Backbreaking $5
I used to shoot Suge Knight a few times a year, but eventually realized it was a waste of money. #unkillable
Let that last tweet be a message: If your band has a shitty name, I will call you out. It may take 15 years. But I will.
“We should name our band after the average human body temperature.” “Not a fever?” “No. Average.” Members of 98 Degrees.
My favorite part of the @TalibKweli interview w/ Don Lemon is when Kweli put himself in time-out.
It was so sad in studio after Patrice died. @attell is just the funniest guy on the planet.
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For too long, too many rappers accepted mediocre.
East coast. @ApprovalMatrix is on right now on Sundance. Sorry to keep plugging it but I never hosted nothin’ before.
Is there a NEW CHAMPS ep with @SeatonSmith from "Mulaney?" Yes there is. Contains the phrase, "Don't eat the headliners food."
Be honest, am I a Senior VP?
RT: @Jhoopertt @nealbrennan do u have any advice on coming up with jokes??//JUST GO UP THERE AND RIFF ABOUT CURRENT EVENTS. U GOT THIS.
RT: @Jhoopertt @nealbrennan I want to become a comedian but I'm having a hard time making jokes.advice ??///I THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.
I'm watching this new Katt Williams special. His stool game is still the greatest.
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Taylor Swift's wild new video for "Shake It Off": Is that you in the back?
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Frank Miller presents Ferguson.
Hey, if you have Sundance, do me a favor and turn on @ApprovalMatrix right now. Me, @JasonBiggs, @chrisrock, etc. It’s good.
Me and the great @chrisrock talking about porn, fame and morality. He's one of the funniest ppl ever.
I was on talking about meeting @KingJames ---
Here's some jokes about Fame from tonight's Approval Matrix. My fav episode. Sundance TV. 11 PM EST
'The Wire' creator: "America is a horror show" David Simon tells Bill that capitalism is tearing our country apart:
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Chris Rock explains how fame is just like being a hot woman
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Parking a car is terrifying and risky and I’m tired of pretending it’s not.
The people in #Ferguson aren’t lawless, they’re just in pain.
Platitude - An idea (a) that is admitted to be true by everyone, and (b) that is not true.
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Here's my new column about Ray Rice and the NFL.
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As horrible as this #Ferguson situation is, I'm encouraged by the protests. I assumed Americans were too complacent.
Malaria/Punch Yourself in the face Challenge. Either donate to malaria or punch yourself in the face or you're an asshole.
"I'm way behind on episodes," = My (technically honest) way of saying I've never watched and never will watch a show.
Thank-you @CNN for FINALLY making a documentary about the 60's!
I'm nervous whenever it's time for a TV commercial, fearful the Trivago guy will soon be in my living room.
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Despite the timing, @MrJakeJohnson + @wayansjr are both funny/decent dudes and deserve our support for #LetsBeCops - see it.
Black parents have to give their sons "the talk." Any chance cops could get a talk too, like, "Don't just shoot black dudes."
If you need a laugh tonight, maybe turn on @ApprovalMatrix on Sundance. I hosted and co-made it. On right now West coast.
What was it like working for 'All That'? Comedian @nealbrennan describes his ups and downs:
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"Hello, 911? I was just robbed. Can I describe them? Yes. They were American Ninja Warriors."
What people SAY is their commercial. What people DO is their product. #wisethursday
Watch @nealbrennan & co. tackle binge-watching and bad endings in our exclusive @ApprovalMatrix clips:
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I'm on the premiere of The Approval Matrix, Mon at 11 on Sundance. Tune in to enjoy my lumpy face, perfect breasts & indisputable opinions.
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Hey, here's the first few minutes of the Approval Matrix, which premieres this Monday at 11 -
@nealbrennan my mother and i saw you on @LateNightSeth and she is CONVINCED that your ears are fake
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