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Nature News&Comment
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The news story on the acid bath turning cells 'embryonic' also includes ace podcast-how are we like er... carrots!…
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Synthetic-biology firms shift focus
So Wolverine's amazing healing powers may be down to super stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency ;)…
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Acid bath offers easy path to stem cells
Amazing discovery published in Nature today: bathing cells in weak acid reprograms them into an embryonic state…
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RT @AGoulburn: Huge problem w battle just beginning. Man vs MRSA… #vaccine #biotech
Obama promises action and seeks a science-funding boost
Obama sounds familiar themes in State of the Union address - incl. plea for more science $$$ #sotu @lmorello_dc
Vaccines for antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Here's one guy working on it.… #sotu
Use of ‘fish aggregating devices’ could be unsustainable
US struggles to offload telescopes
G whiz. The time has come to measure the big gravitational constant.… #physics by Terry Quinn @NatureNews
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H.M.'s brain sliced up for science, explaining why he couldn't learn after 1953 operation……
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Let's go halfsies on the Green Bank Telescope, says NSF. From @NatureNews
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Postmortem of famous brain explains why its owner couldn't learn
Ever seen a brain being sliced up for science? Postmortem explains why famous patient 'H.M' couldn't learn…
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Researcher who blew the whistle on Woo Suk Hwang+human cloning fraud speaks out after nearly a decade of silence…
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RT @sci2mrow: @bmahersciwriter untangles complex picture of 'threat assessment'… (8 Jan '14, still catch up on read)
Ukrainian scientists in forefront of protest
Banish the winter blues with our spring offer, get 50% off your subscription to Nature!
Ladies and Gentleman; today we introduce the @altmetric widget generator! Check it out & generate one for your blog…
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MT @DrStelling: The (science) Kids: They are *not* 'Alright'…