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Nathan M. Farrugia ⚡
@EmergingWriters I mean come on, food writing gets its own tickabox
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If @EmergingWriters thinks genre fiction and fan fiction are interchangeable, that's, well, embarrassing for them.…
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It seems I have ignited a healthy 'Lit festivals shouldn't ignore genre writers' debate today.
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“I’m short, so I have to bend more” - @amanda_pillar #GCoz
Research, Reading and Authenticity panel with @amanda_pillar @stevepvincent, Cheryse Durrant @proctor_russell #GCoz
First panel of the day at #GCOz - talking empathy with @Bridgeman_Books, Graham Potts and @KylieScottbooks.
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these glasses are growing on me
For Halloween at GenreCon, I give you “Post-Apocalyptic Boy Band” 🎃
Happy Halloween from GenreCon! Here we are as the Last Band on Tour after the apocalypse w/ @woolleysworld @bridgeman_books @amandapillar and Steve Vincent
For Halloween at GenreCon, I give you “Post-Apocalyptic Boy Band” 🎃q
'My chief objection to polyamory is that it mixes Latin and Greek' Classic Kim Wilkins! #GCoz
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Had a brilliant (& hilarious) GenreCon panel w @Woollz @hexebart @CharlotteNash79 on not screwing up your book #GCoz
anyway, Steve sat in chewing gum so I guess we’re even
“this is why I carry pink luggage” - @stevepvincent
apparently old m8 is pissed off he has to come back and swap his bag with mine. I hope he has to pay for parking again 👍🏻
in other news, some dickhead took my luggage thinking it was his.
In case of emergency, pull lever to release a free Sega Game Gear.
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still laughing at that kid in the background
Aussie genre writers - if you go to one festival or con this year, it should be GenreCon:
“Dymocks survey found 97.3% of 1072 Australians u/20 preferred paper books to ebooks” prob ‘cos you’re surveying people at a bookstore 💁🏼
“this is why no one can write good horror until they are a parent” - @hildebrandburke
wondering how many Spider-Man dick bulges we’ll see today at #AMCExpo 🍆@stevepvincentt@WoollzzJ
. @nathanmfarrugia with a brilliant autocorrect moment during our planning for AMC Expo tomorrow.
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just getting some groceries and I overheard this woman refer to 2 min noodles as “noodle snaps”. she eats them raw. #grocerylyfe
warrantless mass surveillance of the Australian population begins tomorrow 🎉
and here’s the only known copy of Vogue’s interview w/ Al-Assad’s First Lady, before we were taught to hate them…
today we wrote a new letter at thanking Putin for cleaning up our embarrassing mess in Syria
also talking about how to ruin a Stephen King adaptation (looking at you IT and THE STAND, also DARK TOWER)
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new episode of The Night Shift is up, talking about REVIVAL and why it's a disappointing Frankenstein story:…
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Do your headshots come in spoken voice? - @hildebrandburke
the thumbnail on that trailer is even better
SPECTRE final trailer… looks pretty good (for a movie set in a universe with mostly one gender)
looks like someone got sick of the fake war on terror and started a real one.
you can almost feel Pentagon’s butthurt now that Russia are targeting all terrorists. “can you just target the ones we aren’t funding pls?”
also just started Mr. Robot (recommended by @hildebrandburke) and it is pretty damn good…
“Artists Create 1000-Year-Long GIF”… lol it’s called “video”
why are people still poking me
oh and you don’t need to tweet directly to @momentumbooks, just use the #pitchmentum hashtag. those characters are preciousssss
this is awesome - today you can pitch your book in a tweet @momentumbooks using #pitchmentum - full details here:
I love how the article points out when Pheidippides ran 246km he promptly dropped dead. that’s encouraging

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