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Nathan M. Farrugia
Kim Kardashian's dead-eyed stare is a reminder to all viewers that The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Oct15. Check your local listings
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Here is an article from March 2013 about Turkey and the CIA shipping weapons to ISIS. Kind of awkward.
"With great power comes great mediocrity" - @hildebrandburke
“Vin Diesel nominated Putin for the ice bucket challenge” m8 he swims in freezing Siberian rivers
a must watch for understanding the Ukraine conflict - interview with Putin’s advisor
hey I have a cool way to encourage piracy in Australia: ramp up cinema tickets to $20 oh wait
Brilliant and hilarious: John Oliver on Ferguson via @tinyfleu
still can't put emoji into my twitter bio 🍆
So it looks like @Telstra records your browsing history and sells it to the police. The creeps.…
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A chrome fork with none of the creepy google elements. Get this.
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when will we find out most of ferguson’s police are just power tripping bouncers they gave weapons to two weeks ago
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how to make The November Man interesting… make Olga Kurylenko the ex-CIA agent and Pierce Brosnan the witness. done.
“It’s easy to put a truck bomb as we did … uh, as happened in London" loose lips sink ships, hey ex-Mossad agent
yesterday I introduced you all to Joel from my publisher @momentumbooks and today I introduce you to Patrick
m8 RT @theage: Melbourne named the world's friendliest city, Sydney fifth…
Sound over 130 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss Sonic weapon being used in #Ferguson goes to 149 decibels…
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If Ferguson PD tell livestream-recording journalist “get the fuck outta here or I will shoot you,” wonder what they say to regular citizens.
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this is my favourite RT @Eventmechanics: Terrrence's opening monologue from the season 2 finale of Utopia…
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woo 10 hours left to grab The Chimera Vector free and The Seraphim Sequence for $2.99 💃💉�
why can’t I retweet my own tweet this is an outragé
if you missed it over the weekend because you have a life or something, you can now follow Sophia’s journey (spoiler free)…
CDC just updated their Ebola page to include "being within 3 feet" or "in same room"… cool
“Microsoft likes to test its software extensively before releasing” as in they like the idea of testing and will maybe do this one day
“Our most exciting feature of Windows 9 will be the Start menu” LOL…
self-destruction RT @dannolan: Commercial TV must be destroyed the shows and the ads are horrific
just to be clear, this is a series of books, not a video game. (god I wish it was though)
(that’s a page I made for new and existing readers to follow Sophia’s journey through the series)
why am I awake it’s 3am
if that story is even real (which it probably isn’t) then that was a humanitarian convoy…
the idea that Russia sent a military detachment into Ukraine and allowed it to be destroyed is laughable.
yeah nah RT @abcnews: Kiev says its military has destroyed Russian armoured column that crossed into #Ukraine
"Call me dear again and I'll cut your face off" every little girl will want to be Jessica Hyde come the revolution
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Whoa. “@NathanMcGrathSF: NASA discover DNA Molecules that came from Space.
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Here's picture of what's going on in Ferguson Missouri that the mainstream media isn't showing you.
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“Express yourself with stickers!” no
All the cutting-edge nonlethal weaponry I saw tested at Quantico in '99 is in play in Ferguson, minus the training
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Q&A: The Women Who Write Dinosaur Erotica…
NSA was responsible for 2012 Syrian internet blackout, Snowden says…
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shut down the coal pants shut it all down
Beijing shuts down the first of four major coal pants with the rest to be closed by 2016
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What's Batman's favorite fruit? BA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA BA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA grapefruit
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there’s only one tv show called utopia that I care about and it’s very yellow
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