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Nathan Kress
My September cover of Bridget Marie is out! Check out the article at :)
My September cover of Bridget Marie is out! Check out the article at :)
Actor @NathanKress and @h3lio hanging with a T-Rex. You know, normal pre-race preparations. #IndyCar #MAVTV500
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Close encounters of the dinosaur kind. Madness here at the @indycar #MAVTV500
. @NathanKress after his two-seater ride with @MarcoAndretti. Looks like he had fun, if we do say so ourselves!
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Best. Day. Ever. Just did a lap with Mario Andretti in an @indycar #MAVTV500
Zero exaggeration, this would be me in the same situation. Big ol bag of NOPE right here.
Into the Storm hit the number one spot in box office in Korea today! #IntoTheStrom @RCArmitage @MaxD9 @NathanKress
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"@nxtellairwin: meet @NathanKress, tHE WORLD'S BIGGEST PLOT TWIST" hahahahahaha
.@AAAnews I swear on all I love, if your automated system tells me "thank you for continuing to hold" one more time, you will NOT be welcome
"@Cheezburger: @NathanKress Lol, it looks like dreams really do come true!" THE TORMENT!!! 😠
"@Cheezburger: No sports, only Star Wars." my actual dream. 😍😭
Sneak peek of my @AfterglowMag cover! Really cool experimentation with lighting/color.
Here's a sneak peek of my @afterglowmag cover! Really cool experimentation with lighting/color. Great shoot with @kalie_johnston @erikavanessa @josephadivari and @audreybrianne!
BRASIL! #NoOlhoDoTornado estreia amanha nos cinemas! Nao percam e nao esqueçam de me mandar fotos suas com os ingressos!! :)
"@TacoBell: @NathanKress 💍" GASP! Taco Bell, this is so sudden... But yes! Yes, of course yes! Yes a million times. I... I love you. *cries*
Woah!! IG jumped from under 400k to a bit over 500k since last week. Welcome, new friends!!! 🙋
"I'm eating healthy this week!", Nathan proclaimed, moments before stuffing the box of Toaster Strudel into his cart. Lawd help me 😥
Gettin really sick of not being able to see my Insta DMs on Windows Phone. Come on, @instagram, get that thing out of Beta!! PLEASE!
"The most important thing is not what you achieve. It is who you become." -Dallas Willard
"@TacoBell: @NathanKress Get over here." Does this mean we're going steady? Because I'm totally cool with that.
Also Brits and Germans check out #IntoTheStorm this weekend, it's like the #IceBucketChallenge but set to music...and with wind
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So it seems like y'all's favorite recent shoot was for Felix Magazine (my profile pic). But they got WAY more shots. I'll start posting em!
"@girlposts: @NathanKress you got kik?" Hah!! Heard that a couple times today actually. Should I be embarrassed that I dunno what kik is??
I feel really stupid for only just now getting the Melody Pond/River Song thing. I knew she was the daughter, never tied the names together
If you haven't already, check out my ALS ice bucket challenge and donate with me!
RED CARPET KIDS 5-15 yrs are stars at 168 KIDS, Sat. Sept 13. Meet Nathan Kress (iCarly). Youth groups welcome! -TO
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If you haven't already, check out my ALS ice bucket challenge and donate with me!
Welp... @TacoBell has a new dollar cravings menu. Any guesses where I'm getting in my car to drive to right now?
I love when your arm is hanging over the couch and you feel a cold doggie nose nudge you. All like "Hey, gimme some lovin', silly human."
Huge thanks to Dre Swain and Isaac Alvarez for nominating me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! In turn, I...
I dunno how I can be expected to get any work done with this Doctor Who marathon happening all week
My mom kicks butt in the advice department.
"@Maxgschneider: Hype fades. Authenticity lasts." Amen.
I see your ALS ice bucket nomination @iaunplug! I'm prolly gonna miss the deadline, but I am working on logistics right now!
So, just heard a blood-curdling shriek by my house. Turns out, just a girl doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. This is getting outta hand 😱
Actual thought from today: "Well, got nothing going on. Guess I can scrub my toilets." Kids, homeownership is not all it's cracked up to be!
We hope you've all done your back to school shopping...VGHS is back October 13, 2014!!!!
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Just saw Into The Storm! @NathanKress I'm so proud of you! Awesome job! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time😳
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"Taps" is and always will be one of the greatest movies of all time.
Here we go, 2nd weekend of Into the Storm has begun! Make sure you keep tweeting me those movie stub selfies so I can favorite you! :)
Craziest #tbt I've ever had. Freddie and Valerie (@carlybondar), 7 years later. She went off to Chicago to some kind of neuroscience/genius thing that makes me super jealous and proud.