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Nat Geo Photography
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We are what we eat: travel to a place where heaven is a slice of steaming goat fat with a side of salty milk tea.
"My subjects are mainly older people because, they have more vivid experiences marked in their faces."
"It's almost as though he was a toy soldier that had been pushed over by some malevolent child."
Photo of the Day: Blowing in the Wind
Chernobyl: nuclear meltdown leaves a vast, empty land overtaken by vegetation.
Pen and ink to pixels: A photographic sketchpad brings science to life.
It's thanks to evolution that no two faces are alike, study finds. Stunning photos by Martin Schoeller
Swirling lines and a rainbow of colors: Thierry Bornier, in China, brings us a stunning series of rice paddies.
Jurassic Parking Lot: Spinosaurus Makes Its Debut
Photo of the Day: Spirits of Westminster
Photo of the Day: Red Fish, Blue Fish
The future of Britain is balanced on a knife's edge as Scotland weighs independence vote.
From high on atop a boom, Fritz Hoffmann pulls a reverse street view on Google.
“I would love for people to care about young talented photographers before they are killed” Jean Francois Leroy
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We remember: 26 indelible photographs from the 9/11 attacks.
In a place that spends a great deal of the year in darkness, Icelanders wholly embrace the summertime sunshine.
40 Movies about photography every photographer should watch @ResourceMag
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Photo of the Day: Big and Little Dipper
When a walk down the block turns into a work of art. Photos by @benlowy
Photo of the Day: Soldiering Through
Photo of the Day: Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument
A photographer reveals the underground world of Cuba's most sculpted bodies.
Wherever you live, you are what you eat. Story by @pc and photography by @paleyphoto
Dog mushing in the land of the midnight sun.
A portrait of a deadly beauty: The Portuguese Man-of-War. Photos by @ansarov
If music videos existed in 15th century Morocco, this is what it would look like.
How one photographer getting his grill on led to an assignment at Nat Geo. @brianfinke
This landscape photographer is more concerned with asking questions about energy than answering them.
The arctic ice is melting...what can you do to change it? Shot on assignment for natgeo in Franz Josef…
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Caregivers in Sierra Leone risk it all to fight Ebola. Photos by @Samuel_Aranda_
Ever heard of Ascension Island? It's a small and mysterious volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
These Instagram accounts that will expand your worldview
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