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Nat Geo Photography
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"I always try to go without preconceived ideas...and let my instincts take over."
Seal, Whale, and Arctic Cod—it's what's for dinner in Greenland. Matthieu Paley documents eating habits of the Inuit.
One photographer spent 100 days in photo blinds trying to capture the elusive swift fox and its prairie dog prey.
On the edge of conflict in Ukraine: "War is about normal people ... That is what scares me most."
On photography: "I like its ability to transform life into permanent memories."
Photographer @JohnStanmeyer continues to cover the refugee crisis in Turkey as tension between Turks and Kurds grows.
How one scary bear led to a fascination with taxidermy.
How to keep calm with a squirrel on your face: find out why these great images didn't quite make the cut.
What kind of photos were you shooting at 16 years old?
Did you know that a group of rhinos is called a crash? Celebrate World Rhino Day with these 14 memorable pictures.
Photographer @JohnStanmeyer on witnessing a deluge of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing to Turkey.
How did he do that? The magic behind a 240-degree view from above.
In 1977 a photographer followed a stubborn woman across the outback. Love, danger and adventure ensued.
We are what we eat: travel to a place where heaven is a slice of steaming goat fat with a side of salty milk tea.
"My subjects are mainly older people because, they have more vivid experiences marked in their faces."
"It's almost as though he was a toy soldier that had been pushed over by some malevolent child."
Photo of the Day: Blowing in the Wind
Chernobyl: nuclear meltdown leaves a vast, empty land overtaken by vegetation.
Pen and ink to pixels: A photographic sketchpad brings science to life.
It's thanks to evolution that no two faces are alike, study finds. Stunning photos by Martin Schoeller
Swirling lines and a rainbow of colors: Thierry Bornier, in China, brings us a stunning series of rice paddies.
Jurassic Parking Lot: Spinosaurus Makes Its Debut
Photo of the Day: Spirits of Westminster
Photo of the Day: Red Fish, Blue Fish
The future of Britain is balanced on a knife's edge as Scotland weighs independence vote.
From high on atop a boom, Fritz Hoffmann pulls a reverse street view on Google.