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National Geographic
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Do you know where your aquarium fish come from?
Photo by @Amivitale for a @natgeo story on the Oil Boom in the Bakken. Pat Wilson calls his ranch land an "Industrial Park" because of the oil wells dotting the landscape. The fast, relentless pace of the Bakken oil boom has spread from North Dakota to the town of Bainville, Montana. That growth wi
A young cowboy stretches before his bull ride at a rodeo on the Teton County Fairgrounds in Jackson, Wyoming. iPhone photo by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder on assignment for @Natgeo @natgeoparks in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
How Israeli and Palestinian youth are affected by conflict: #EdenWalk
Fossil discovery suggests most dinosaurs were feathered:
Photo @coryrichards What is 'The Meaning of North'? Read all about the incredible ecosystem of Franz Josef Land in the August issue of @natgeo. The lonely archipelago lies 800 miles north of the arctic circle in Russia's Barents Sea and stands as a barometer for climate change and our impacts both a
Photos: Dramatic sinkholes around the world:
Trying to keep up with biologist Jean Richter as she navigates North Carolina's Broadneck Swamp to check water levels and swamp ecology. Photo by @shannon_sanders. On assignment covering women in science with @sj_and_minky and photographer Clare Fieseler for the #Outnumbered project.
Watch: The uncertain future of polar bears in Canada's high arctic
photo by @vincentjmusi A headless human, scorpions, vultures and other predators adorn this 11,000 year old pillar at Göbekli Tepe, near Şanlıurfa,Turkey. Created by hunter gatherers there are believed to be more than 200 of these pillars, thought to make up the world's first temple. Professor
Why are people malnourished in the richest country on Earth? #FutureofFood
Photo // @jimmy_chin #NYC This skyline never disappoints. Beautiful flight w @nyonair yesterday morning. Thanks for the lift! @vinfarrell @dave.krugman @thephotosociety
Photo of the Day: Family Time at Gombe #pod #photography
Photo by @TomasVH. The scene at the end of the day outside a café in Paris, France. #nonfiction
Photo by @DavidDoubilet. Caribbean reef #sharks patrol under a breaking wave at dusk at #tigerbeach #Bahamas. From my Retrospektive exhibition with @Natgeo Germany @NikonCamera @ThePhotosociety @natgeo creative #underwaterphotography #Seacam
@robertclarkphoto Brazil's cane production not only drawls the individuals who do the back breaking work but also the world, producing 36% of the planet's harvest. The cane cutters work from sunrise to sunset and are paid only around 4000 per year. @thephotosociety @institueartist
Photo @ladzinski / Sunrise illuminating the "Incense Tower" in #EnshiGrandCanyon National Park in China. One of many surreal looking karst formations in the park and a sacred formation to the locals. Shot on assignment last October - @carstenpeter @bradleyhenning @rocker_hq @mattsegal @emilyaharring
An inside look into the "Door to Hell:"
Scientists say U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts aren't prepared for sea-level rise:
Photo by @irablockphoto (Ira Block)TwoTawny nurse sharks dart around our ship, the National Geographic Orion in Talbot Bay on Australia's Kimberley Coast. Unfortunately, neither shark retrieved the polarizing filter I dropped into the sea while photographing them. @thephotosociety @natgeotravel @nat
Large passing lizard, or roots and buttresses in the rain forest? Photo by @TimLaman on assignment for @NatGeo in Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo. Trees and woody lianas take on a fascinating variety of forms here. #Indonesia, #Borneo, #savegporangutans, @TimLaman, @thephotosociety, #rainfores