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National Geographic
Photo by @jimmy_chin It's changing seasons in the Canadian Rockies. Snow up high (Mount Temple in the background) but perfect climbing temps in the valleys. Great to spend a few days running around these mountains with the incredible @sonnietrotter. @thephotosociety
Photo by @dguttenfelder. The mane of a horse blows in the wind on a mountain aside overlooking the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park. For more photographs of Montana's mountain horseman, and the beauty of the horses they ride in the backcountry of the Gallatin National Forest, please fo
Photo by @BrianSkerry Portrait of a harp seal pup in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence. These pups put on weight by nursing from their moms and at two weeks old are known as ‘fat white coats.' Thinning ice due to climate change over the last decade however, has caused problems for this species for witho
Photograph by @thomaspeschak Humpback whales bubble-net feed on a school of herring. The whales release a circular curtain of bubble beneath the fish which traps and pushes them upwards. The whales follow the fish and breach the surface with open mouths. The humpback whale population in the the seas
Photo@lucalocatelliphoto A view from the top of a nuclear reactor room that was operating on the Greifswald nuclear power station in Germany. The plant was the biggest in East Germany before shortly closure after German reunification. Most of nuclear plants were designed for a life of about 30–40 y
Photograph by @paulnicklen for @natgeo. Last night, I was out with a team of Alaskan scientists looking for sea otters when we were approached by a small pod of orcas. I have seen a lot of orcas in the wild however these ones were incredibly interactive. They loved to swim under the boat, bow ride
Photo by @chien_chi_chang / @magnumphotos Isolation or reform, dark or light, there is no dull moment in Chaungtha, Myanmar (Burma.) One can be stirred even by the softest breeze or wave. #Chaungtha #Myanmar #Burma #beach #cccontheroad #cccJetLag #magnumphotos To watch the video Burma Land of Shadow
Photo by @mattiasklumofficial Feed me? Cuddle me? Whatever this five-week-old meerkat pup wants, there’s likely to be a grown-up meerkat nearby ready to meet the need. Group members take turns providing day care—even though baby-sitting means going without food all day. Go to @mattiasklumofficial to
photo by @joelsartore | An orphaned koala baby is nursed back to health at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital (@australiazoo), which saves thousands of Australian-native species a year. In fact, an average of 70 koalas visit the hospital each month! #Follow me, @joelsartore, to see more adorable #P
The Oriental Frill is originally a Turkish pigeon breed specially bred for the Ottoman Sultans in the Manisa Palace which is an old Ottoman city in western Turkey. This breed like other breeds of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding. It is called Hünkari: The bird of the Sul
Photog Bob Carey has created an amazing project called @thetutuproject #dare2tutu to raise money and resources for breast cancer research. Wonderfully my photo class for #ngexpeditions @natgeotravel intersected w him in #nyc.
Photograph by @paulnicklen. A Sea Otter in Homer, Alaska grooms herself while resting in sheltered waters. It was a relief to spend time with a healthy otter after a full week of heartbreak in #Alaska. Please #follow me on @paulnicklen to learn a lot more about a story we are doing about the warm
Photo by David Guttenfelder. My horse Rex stops to drink from a creek in the Gallatin National Forest. We're on day 19 of a backcountry horseback trip along Montana's boundary with Yellowstone National Park. For more pictures from our ongoing trip and of beautiful #horses, please follow @dguttenfeld
Photo @ladzinski / The #trailofthecedars in #glaciernationalpark is hike through a spectacular old growth forest. It's located on the eastern edge of the maritime climate of the Pacific Northwest and marks the extreme eastern limits for western hemlocks and red cedars. Yesterday evening I explored t
Photo by @GerdLudwig, shot #onassignment for @natgeo. People walk along the former Iron Curtain, the border between East and West Germany, following reunification in 1990. Today is the 25th anniversary of reunification, celebrated as German Unity Day, which marked the end of the process, including t
Photograph by @thomaspeschak A whale sharks spot pattern is unique to each individual, akin to a human fingerprint. Unpublished photo from my @natgeo story Feeding Frenzy shot in the Maldives. @saveourseasfoundation @thephotosociety @mantatrust @natgeocreative - For more photographs of the worlds la
Photo by @BrianSkerry A Shortfin Mako Shark in New Zealand swims through plankton-rich waters in late in afternoon light. Makos are one of the fastest fish in the sea, capable of bursts up to 60mph and of all shark species they have one of the largest brains, relative to body size. The numbers of ma
Glimpse of an alien world? Anyone guess what this is? See the whole creature @TimLaman. Hint: it’s underwater and lives in Coiba National Park, Panama. Together with my colleague @ChristianZiegler, I am working on a photo essay to celebrate Coiba National Park and its amazing biodiversity. #Coib
Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto: brilliant maple at Naruko Gorge, one of Japan's best places to see fall colors. Japan's beloved poet, Matsuo Basho passed through here, composing poetry on the beauty of nature, in his back country journal, Narrow Road to a Far Province. #tohoku #momi
Photo by @markosian -- In the distant peak of Georgia, near the border with Turkey and Armenia, I met Uncle Kolya, who belongs to a remote pacifist sect, known as the Doukhobors. They’re a Christian sect that believes God resides within every person, rendering the need for the church—icons, building
iPhone photo by @tbfrost / It is almost 7am here in Frankfurt, Germany. I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Ethiopia, where I will meet my friend and colleague @jtkerby to begin photographing Gelada monkeys on assignment for National Geographic Magazine. It is my first assignment as a photo
photo by @joelsartore | This is Augustine, a mother koala with her joey, which is what we call koala babies. When a joey is first born, it is as small as a jellybean! The mother then carries her baby in her pouch for half a year, giving it time to grow fur and develop eyesight. Please follow me, @jo
Photo by @ciriljazbec / I entered the temporary transit camp Opatovac at the Croatian-Serbian border. There was a group of people waiting for the bus to take to them to the train station, from where the train would take them to Croatian-Hungarian border. One could feel tension and uneasiness in the
Photograph by @thomaspeschak South Africa's Wild Coast is threaded by countless rivers that flow into the Indian Ocean. The estuaries where fresh and saltwater collide are important spawning and nursery grounds for many species of marine fish. #southafrica #wildcoast Unpublished image from my @natge
Photo by @BrianSkerry A pod of Narwhals, rest on the surface in the waters of the high arctic off Canada’s Navy Board Inlet. Narwhals are called the ‘unicorn whale’ due to their tusk, which is actually a canine tooth that protrudes from the animal’s lip. Male narwhal tusks can grow to lengths of nea

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