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National Geographic
A portrait of Belle a Lanner Falcon used for hunting and sport. I was able to photograph this extraordinarily elegant bird while working on a portrait of a desginer. But as usual I start getting interested in the history of the animals I photograph and the #Lannerfalcon has an amazing story to tell
Martin: “Are you living on the streets?” Carmell: “Yes I am. About fifteen years here in California.” M: “And before in Tennessee as well?” C: “Yea I’ve been homeless about thirty-five years now.” M: “How do you get by on the streets?” C: “With the soup lines. I know some soup lines and soup kitchen
photo by @joelsartore | A South China #tiger at the Suzhou Zoo in #China. This subspecies of tiger, which is critically endangered and possibly extinct in the wild, is part of the captive breeding program being run by the zoo. This photo is part of the WGBH/PBS Documentary series #RARE, targeted to
Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto: Rice Paddy Fashion, Dai Minority, #Xishuangbanna, #Yunnan, #China. The #Dai people are related to the Thai and Lao ethnic groups living south of here. They are typically farmers growing tropical crops in addition to the staple crop of #rice along the
Photo by @ciriljazbec / Egede demonstrates what a narwhal sounds like when surfacing for air. “You can hear them breathing,” he says. He takes a deep breath, holds it, and then exhales with an explosive whoosh. “Like that.” Young people are fleeing small hunting villages like Niaqornat. Some of the
Photo // @jimmy_chin Making the most out of a quick lap through SF... Sunset vibes on the Golden Gate. #Marin #Headlands #perspective #SanFrancisco @thephotosociety
See dazzling images of holiday lights around the globe, thanks to our #YourShot community:
@stevewinterphoto Shot for my Dec 2015 @natgeo Leopard story. One of my goals in capturing this mind blowing natural coexistence between leopards and humans was to show it on video. I set up a HD video trap with LED lights and infrared triggers to show the cats walking across the bridges of the par
Photo by @BrianSkerry A tiny combtooth blenny peeks out from his hiding place on Kingman Reef. This location, about 1200 miles south of Hawaii in the central pacific ocean, is a stunning coral reef ecosystem that has remained somewhat unspoiled due to its remoteness. Predators rule in habitats like
This group of galaxies is known as "Cheshire Cat." More recent space images: (Photo: @NASA)
photo by // @drewtrush // The only way to fly. The best way I’ve found to change my perspective is to get up in the air and fly my powered paraglider. Seeing the landscape open up before you from the seat of a paramotor opens a world of photographic possibilities and adventures in which you are on
Photo @ladzinski / Rays of orange light cutting through the barnacle crusted pillars of the #PismoBeachPier at sunset. Barnacles are an incredibly resilient type of arthropod, related to crabs and lobsters. Typically found clinging to permeant fixtures feeding on plankton and other micro foods. Thei
In the main public square of Jacmel, a beautiful small city on the southern coast of Haiti, young men gather each afternoon to play soccer for amusement after work or school. Photo by @fotokonbit student Douze, 20. As in so many Caribbean, South American and other nations, soccer is huge for Haitian
Photograph by @paulnicklen // After the blizzard had passed, the polar bear mother emerges from her long nap and stretches while her 9 month old cubs patiently wait for a drink of her rich milk. These cubs will stay with her for two to three years before they head off on their own. Please follow m
Photo by @daviddoubilet North Sound Grand Cayman Island is a perfect oceanic stage starting with sun dappled sand, southern stingrays and clouds. In the late 80s a handful of #stingrays gathered here under fisherman's boats waiting for scraps. Now hundreds of rays visit the sound each day to meet th
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photo by @joelsartore | A venomous Eastern #green mamba at Reptile Gardens near Rapid City, #SouthDakota. Check out my feed for more members of the #PhotoArk! #joelsartore #photooftheday #snake
Photo // @jimmy_chin Birds eye view of San Francisco, the second most densely populated city in the U.S. besides New York City. In the distance can be seen the new segments of the Bay Bridge, the most expensive public works project in California history, estimated cost at $6.4billion. @thephotosoci
Photo by @GerdLudwig, shot #onassignment for @natgeo. The Salton Sea is endangered by increased salinity. A victim of geography and hard-ball politics, The Salton Sea is California's largest, most troubled lake. It lies 227 feet below sea level with no outlet and very thirsty neighbors, including a
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Photo by @BrianSkerry A pod of Spinner Dolphins swim gently in the waters off Oahu, Hawaii. Spinners are some of the most social of dolphin species, rarely seen alone and typically found in larger pods. They forage at night offshore in deep water, then come into shallow bays in the morning to social
Photo @ladzinski / Winter in the #SanLuisValley can often be bitter cold but quite beautiful. The stillness and fresh air here compliments the wide and open landscape of the 8,000 square mile valley which extends from Colorado into northern New Mexico. This high desert is a migration point for sand
Photo by @davidalanharvey | Isabela, Puerto Rico. Waves crash against a reef in a late afternoon dream. These reefs can create shallow tidal pools irresistible for play. Photography on my BeachGames project takes me to Miami next week yet I'm soaking up every sweet moment in Puerto Rico with family
Photograph by @paulnicklen for @natgeo // Two Spirit Bear (Kermode Bear) cubs wait patiently while their mother gorges on crab apples in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. In this part of the world, approximately one in ten black bears turns pure white from a rare recessive gene. These

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