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National Geographic
Photo by @nickcobbing from an expedition on Svalbard this summer. This male bearded seal was relaxing on a piece of glacial ice in a fjord. As with all the ice dependent Arctic seals, bearded seals are facing new challenges. Sea ice has been declining in the fjords around the Arctic archipelago, whe
Photograph by @thomaspeschak Sitting isolated in the middle of the Mozambique Channel Europa Atoll regularly receives cyclone swells. The islands coral reefs jut up abruptly from deep water and produce clean and hollow waves. The isolated atoll is managed as a strict nature reserve by the French aut
Photo by @jimrichardsonng Calm morning on String Lake in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. Behind me in the mountains the elk were bugling. @natgeocreative #iphoneonly #nature
Photo by @irablockphoto (Ira Block) Sunrise on the Kherlen River in Gün-Galuut, Mongolia. Genghis Khan, the great unifier of the Mongolian people was born nearby and lived along this river. #Follow me @irablockphoto. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #mongolia #kherlenriver #genghiskhan
photo by @joelsartore | Check out this bashful Andean porcupine from the @stlzoo. Porcupines are good climbers and they like to eat bark (look at those teeth!), so they spend a lot of time in trees. And contrary to popular belief, they cannot shoot their quills at predators. The quills just stand up
When girls are educated everyone benefits. #HeNamedMeMalala
Photo- @andy_bardon /// Sea of Dreams /// As the sun went down at our 20,000 ft camp high in the Himalayas of Nepal, we were treated to this magical view. Stoves melted snow for our drinking water, we triple checked all our climbing gear for the following day, and then we dove into our tents to esca
Photo by @BrianSkerry The soulful eye of a Southern Right Whale photographed in the Auckland Islands of New Zealand (sub-Antarctic). Barnacles and cyamids (little crustaceans) live in rough patches of skin around the whale’s eye, giving shape and color. Photographed on assignment for @natgeo. This w
@stevewinterphoto @natgeo This was shot for my upcoming @natgeo Leopard story in the Dec 2015 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Here is a leopard couple leaving breakfast, the sun is getting hot and they are looking for some shade. The male climbed a tree and slept for hours. The female went
Photo by Tyrone Turner (@tyronefoto ) | Ribbons of oil curl to the white sands of Orange Beach, Alabama during the height of the BP oil disaster in the summer of 2010. My family and many other New Orleanians vacationed near here- it is truly beautiful. But during the long weeks of the spill, the fut
Photo by @edkashi Being a #visualstoryteller is full of riches. Today I had the privilege to film the birth of this baby girl in the rural village of Datano, Ghana. #onassignment @earthinstitute #millenniumvillages #endingpoverty #Ghana #Bonsaaso @bluechipfoundation #Africa @viiphoto
Photo by @dguttenfelder. My horse and I walk down a mountain slope as a fellow rider waits at the top so he won't roll rocks on to us during a backcountry horseback trip for along the boundary with Yellowstone National Park. For more photos from our 24 day journey for @NatGeo, or of the beautiful #h
Photo taken by @stevemccurryofficial // For two thousand years, the route of the Grand Trunk Road (GT) has connected a ribbon of humanity stretching Northwest from Kolkata, India, the city of culture and joy, to Kabul, the city of conflict and danger. It was the route of merchants, buyers, conquer
Thanks for the nod, @petesouza! Check out our photographers @PaulNicklen and @dguttenfelder on Instagram.
photo by @chien_chi_chang/@magnumphotos Aung San Suu Kyi (The Lady), leader of the opposition party, the National League of Democracy, and a revered figure in Myanmar. I was given about ten minutes and I shot nine frames. The whole contact sheet is here @chien_chi_chang #TheLady #AungSanSuuKyi #NL
Photograph by @thomaspeschak A seamount of coral rises from depths of hundreds of feet to just below the surface. The crystal clear waters of the northern Red Sea testify to their low levels of productivity, but what they lack in nutrients they make up for in biodiversity and species endemism. Unpu
Photograph by Michael Yamashita. Birch trees and fall foliage in #Nikko National Park. For more photos of autumn colors visit @yamashitaphoto. #Japan #Hanshu #fallfoliage @natgeocreative @thephotosociety
For #throwbackthursday Kenyan marathon runners train at dawn on the edge of the Rift Valley. Shot for @natgeo for story on the limits of the human body. The Great Rift Valley is amazingly beautiful and the runners are equivalently so-fluid and mesmerizing to watch. #marathon #running @joemcnallyphot
A picture of a trogonopetra brookiana or the Golden Birdwing was named by #AlfredRusselWallace who upon discovering the species wrote this quote in his field journal, later to be transcribed into his book The Malay Archipelago, 1857 "The beauty and brilliancy of this insect are indescribable, and no
iphone photo by @drewtrush // Did you know?? A stand of Aspen is called a “clone”, and is produced by shoots and suckers growing off a single large root system underground to produce genetically identical trees. Aspen is the most widely distributed native tree species in North America. I couldn't
Photo @lucalocatelliphoto Cinecittà, Rome. Once upon a time Cinecittà was one of the most brilliant cinema establishment in the world. The Rome choreography was used for historical colossal, including Ben- Hur. After two decades of decadence, big productions company recently announced to come back o
Photo by @daviddoubilet. Today my morning began with coffee and monkey business in #SriLanka with #NGExpeditions #OceanWondersIslsndCultures Expedition. I need to hire these guys. #explore with @natgeo. #Monkey #SriLanka @thephotosociety
Photo @ladzinski / Last June I had the fortunate experience to spend the day flying and shooting aerials over the interior Iceland highlands with my good friend @chrisburkard during commercial shoot. The colors and formations of the landscape are other worldly and ever changing. The Iceland Highland
photo by @joelsartore | My what big ears you have! These baby fennec foxes at the @stlzoo are sweet as can be at just 10-weeks old. Their huge ears evolved to hear predators and prey in the Sahara desert, and also to dissipate heat and keep them cool. Follow me, @joelsartore, to see more members of
Kiteboarding Race, San Francisco Bay, CA. Kiteboarding in the waters of the Bay takes some special skills, but the sport is growing. Water sports is a big draw to living in San Francisco next to this large estuary. The smoke to to bottom left is the starter's gun. Photo by @peteressick on assignment

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