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National Geographic
Nepal's tigers survive civil turmoil:
Global greenhouse gas emissions rose by 2.3 percent in 2013 over 2012:
Watch: Are mites having sex on your face?
How do you protect oceans, owned by "everyone and no one"?
What to watch for at this week's UN Climate Summit:
From referendum to reconciliation, can Scotland heal its wounds?
Video @ladzinski / A time lapse of storm clouds rapidly building up over the Russian research facility #Novolazarevskaya in Antarctica. Life at the bottom of the planet isn't easy, even in the summer time, but the wind and sub temps have sculpted the landscape into a surreal an unique environment. S
Photo by @pedromcbride / The dappled #colors of fall have started to explode across hillsides in the Rocky Mountains of #Colorado. #aspentrees #foliage #wilderness @thephotosociety #gunnisoncounty #nofilter @natgeocreative
Photo @coryrichards Olivia Hsu @olicow on the trail to #everest Basecamp during an assignment for @natgeo in 2012. Because of the traffic that Everest receives, the #Khumbu valley is one of the most affluent regions in Nepal. That said, a western Everest guide is paid 10-20 times as much as a Sherpa
This week: Spot a celestial pair, the moon near Saturn, and more
@stevewinterphoto on #assignment for @natgeo in the Sabi Sands. This image forms part of my worldwide #leopard story, showcasing the world’s most adaptable, but persecuted, big cat. From the wilds of #SouthAfrica to the heart of #Mumbai! Here, a four-month-old cub stares at a freshly killed duiker.
More than 100,000 refugees have crossed into Turkey in the past 72 hours:
Facts about the first day of fall:
Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). A Kyrgyz woman strains milk with her hand, removing yak hair and other debris. Could eating like our ancestors make us healthier? Check out the "Evolution of Diet" story this month in National Geographic! Great text by Ann Gibbons. For the FULL IMAGE SERIES, go
Plan to protect 770,000 miles of ocean:
photo by: @drewtrush The Elk rut is on and in full swing in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This bull was so worked up chasing his harem of cows that the steam was just rolling off his body. If I have a favorite time of year and favorite thing to photograph, this is it. #elk #greateryellowstone
Botanic gardens: Agents of change?
#WorldRhinoDay In honor of the beautiful, wonderful, amazing, & endangered five remaining Species of Rhino's on the Earth. This is Emy, a Sumatran Rhino. I photographed her a few years before her death #CincinnatiZoo. Emy was the first #SumatranRhino to give birth in captivity in 112 years. The R
Photo by @haarbergphoto (Erlend Haarberg) Lush mountain pastures, good genes and low hunting pressure help #moose (Alces alces) growing - on a Scandinavian scale - large antlers in the #Sarek National Park in #Sweden. Last week I met this male that was feeding peacefully in the willow bushes. All th
In case you missed it: Photographer captures Syria's refugee flood
@paulnicklen on assignment for @natgeo and @sea_legacy with @cristinamittermeier. @aprilbencze locks into a blue water ballet of movement, light and color with a huge Mola mola sunfish, 80 miles off the West coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Here, warm water currents allow a plethora of
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) from a story about #Svaneti (Georgian Republic) in this month's issue of the magazine. In this image: A teacher walks home from her school in the village of #Ushguli. In front of her you can see just a few of the village's many defensive towers that were built
Climate marches circle the globe:
Four of nine vertical photos used to create an aerial panoramic image of Shasta Dam for the Oct. NG Magazine story "When The Snows Fail." In today's NG PROOF there is a blog explaining how the aerial panoramic images were made. Photos by @peteressick.
"Most of the wonders we identify with contemporary life came about in the past 200 years."
Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto. Mountain ash trees erupt in autumn crimson amid thickets of creeping pine at the foot of Asahi Dake volcano in Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Japan. #Daisetsuzan #Hokkaido #Japan #asahidake #volcano #landscape #fall #autumn @thephotosociety
Photo // @jimmy_chin Sometimes you lose the trail. Sometimes the trail loses you. Sometimes it doesn't matter. @dirkcollins off the beaten path. #idahotowyoming #thehardway #tetons @jacksonhole @thephotosociety
Photograph by @JohnStanmeyer on assignment for @NatGeo First wave of Syrian Kurds crossing into Turkey Friday night in Dikmetas when an opening was cut into a wire fence by the military along the Turkish/Syrian border, the first influx of over tens of thousand who entered into Turkey fleeing ISIS t
Photograph by @JohnStanmeyer on assignment for @NatGeo Ahmed, age 5, (right) cries out of fear after crossing into Turkey from Syria with his family Saturday night into the small village of Dikmetas. Ahmed, along with tens of thousands of other Syrian Kurds, fled their homes in the countryside of K
How will Indonesia create an effective manta ray sanctuary?
Artificial sweeteners might unexpectedly increase blood sugar levels in some people: #FutureofFood
Humans' stunning diversity of facial features evolved to make recognition easier:
Victoria Falls in yesterday's morning light. Photo by @salvarezphoto This morning we try to work our way up river to the base of the falls. Even with September's low water heading upstream will be a challenge. #windowsphone #africa
Debate over world's largest marine monument:
"Portugal is made for wanderers."
An unbreakable furry bond: Don't miss #SecretLifeofCats tonight!
Photo by: @drewtrush Sunrise at Beartooth Lake. Beautiful morning looking for Grizzly Bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Fall has a firm grasp here in the high country. #iphonephotos #gye #greateryellowstone #lake #highcountry #bigwonderfulwyoming
Soil bacteria may help farmers grow more crops to feed the world:
Photo @coryrichards Monk on a pilgrimage from the Tibetan plateau to India passing through the Khumbu, #Nepal. Taken on assignment for @natgeo in 2012, #everest. @thephotosociety @thenorthface @natgeocreative #neverstopexploring @3stringsproductions
Photo @ladzinski / The blue collar work on any expedition is half the fun; @livsansoz and @ethan_pringle on a silty water run near our base camp in the remote #TianShan Mountains on the China/Kyrgyzstan border. @3stringsproductions @mountainhardwear #Earth365
The nation's farmers are 17 years older than the average American worker: #FutureofFood
Beautiful sunrise at Portree was soon followed by the fog rolling in over the harbor. But still a sight to see. Port Righ (as it is known in Gaelic) is also known to be home to the Pride of Portree, one of the professional Quidditch teams in the Harry Potter universe. Shot on assignment on the Scotl
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) from the current issue of @natgeo magazine. A young boy in the village of #Ushguli (#Svanetia, Georgian Republic) the highest inhabited village in Europe at 2200 meters. You can see the whole photo essay online at and a short film about t
New analysis of the skull of Richard III revealed that he was stabbed repeatedly in the head before death:
Astronomers have counted every star visible from the night skies of Earth:
Fallow Farm Field, near Avenal, CA. Panoramic photo by @peteressick from the National Geographic story "When The Snows Fail" in the October print edition and on now. About a third of the farm fields in the Central Valley were not planted this year because of the drought.