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Nate Cohn
journalism 19,058 followers
For a guy who runs a magazine, Vidra has quite a way with words, huh?
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I thought about pitching this piece on the end of the Southern Dems to the obits section.…
I think @juliaioffe is completely right about this:
I am so proud to call every one of these people my friend.
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Incredibly large statement by Remnick, given how many times Leon has kicked him in the teeth…
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I've heard this story so many times by now, but it's still amazing to read it…
Reason #39485 to learn your CMS: so you know how to break it if you really want to:…
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The demise of the Southern Democrats is nearly complete…
The founding creed of the New Republic
obviously the @maryfulandrieu account would emphasize "crushing nuts"
Mary Landrieu lost because of something she had no control over: the steady shift of southern white voters to the GOP
A lot of things went wrong for Mary Landrieu, but black turnout wasn't one of them
.@Nate_Cohn Gallup PID v all live ivw. Gallup has been closer w/more Ind. This chart w/o leaners. Lean more volatile.
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I feel like I've seen these numbers somewhere before...
Obama approval jumps among Hispanic voters to 68% in last week of Gallup polling h/t @AlanIAbramowitz
Holy WOW stop whatever you’re doing and WATCH THIS VIDEO. Because holy jumping wow.…
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Unlike snicker salad, smoked salmon dip is a real thing @UpshotNYT @DLeonhardt @KevinQ
I hadn't noticed this CNN question on sympathy towards undocumented immigrants before. Interesting
Violence in Ferguson on a different, far smaller scale from past protests
The GOP's secret House polls were modestly more accurate than public polls, but hardly perfect…
It's almost like Obama's immigration move, like ISIS, Ebola, or whatever else, won't change anyone's mind
What combines pasta, fruit, eggs, whipped cream and marshmallows? Frog-eye salad.…
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