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Nate Cohn
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.@JRPrice94 here's Obama v. Gore in counties where whites > 87% cvap (iirc)
Obama's speech on immigration was broadcast during the Latin Grammy Awards:
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Reminds me of a favorite exit oddity: How many nonwhite Jews were in the FL '12 exit poll, and how so Republican?
Theory that Hispanics/demographics doom GOP hinges on FL. If they dodge bullet, they're free…
The GOP's Hispanic problem in 2016 really hinges on one state: Florida…
When you're analyzing turnout, don't forget that Dems can suffer from low turnout beyond demographics. See, IA '10
In Nevada, 17.7% of K-12 students have at least 1 undocumented immigrant parent. In CA, 13%
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Landrieu's problem isn't that she can't pass Keystone, it's that there isn't a path to 50…
What happened to the Fox exit poll in Louisiana?
Time is a flat circle. Obama's approval rating is just a flat line.
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So how well did the Democrats' voter turnout effort do. @Nate_Cohn has some answers.
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What cities would look like if lit only by the stars - Amazing work by Thierry Cohen:
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GOOG & MSFT give a LOT of $ to politicians,but cable companies give way more…
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Went to the US Ambassador's residence in Bern, Switzerland and found a 12th Man @Seahawks flag
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How risk aversion contributes to the incumbency advantage - new study in Political Behavior…
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The Obama coalition will probably return in 16, even if you "feel" like it was just Obama.…
The most detailed maps you'll see from the midterm elections
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Goodnight, my friends -- I'm going under the tarp. Someone be sure to wake me up in time for Iowa.
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