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Nate Cohn
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Results coming in from across state, but Fairbanks area seems further ahead. #aksen 1/2
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@Nate_Cohn but this time, he may have been just a little too far back...
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For the second time in two chances, Miller has a great shot to the double his share of the vote from preelection polls
In 1900, 95% of Southerners were born in the South. That isn't true today
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The "documentaries" on Discovery, History, TLC make such a good case for PBS
People interested in/knowledgable about education: what's your take on this?…
This Georgia Senate race is starting to feel like a time capsule. Nunn, Carter, Miller. Who knows what's next.
Maybe I should get deployed to Alaska for Election Day so that I can cover the lower-48 returns during day, Alaska at a reasonable hour
North Carolina is the most populous/expensive Senate toss-up, and it's close. Why shouldn't the DSCC put more money than anywhere else?
The world is a dark and scary place when you turn the non-partisan poll filter on @pollsterpolls
Pretty big spread on generic ballot polls over last month (R+5 to D+7), but the average/median remains stable: slight D edge among RVs
The California Exodus: Where Californians have gone, and where they've made the biggest change…
High fertility and immigration can certainly drive big pop/gdp growth, but lower domestic migration rates suggests it's no miracle
I'm not as well versed on the intersection of econ and demographics as I hope to be, but these migration data cut into the TX growth story
Population growth in Texas hasn't been driven as much by domestic migration as fertility and immigration
There are more Northeastern expats in Virginia and North Carolina than there are in more populous Texas.…
Blue state migrants are moving down the Atlantic Coast, but not so much to Texas…
Migration data shows why population growth moved North Carolina and Virginia left, but not Texas or Tennessee…
This will be on the @nytimes homepage tomorrow, but why wait til morning? Report bugs before your friends do!…
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I do think there's something real going on in Kansas. I just hope that talking about it isn't interpreted as saying D% chance >1% or w/e
RE: KS piece. For me, there's a big difference between saying that a race could be closer than it should and saying that the outcome is in ?
Liberals aren't going to bloc vote against Hillary (didn't in '08, even!), and she's not going to lose minorities/downscale whites
The reality is that the Dem primary electorate is a lot less liberal than you think, loves Hillary, and she won't lose 75% of black vt again
In case anyone forgot, Hillary Clinton fought a historic candidate to a tie in 2008, despite being far more vulnerable than she is today
1st Obama/Clinton poll of 2006 (for 2008) was CNN/ORC. Had Clinton 28, Obama 17 (rest scattered). Last month for 2016, Clinton 67, Warren 10
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