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NASA History Office
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#Now in 2009, STS-127 launched to #ISS to deliver & complete installation of the Japanese Experiment Module
#Now in 1975, astronauts Stafford, Brand, & Slayton launch to join Soviet counterparts on Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
The Boeing 367-80, prototype for the 707, flew for the 1st time #today in 1954
Aura satellite launched #OTD in 2004 to monitor the ozone layer, air quality, & climate
#OTD in 1975, Alexey Leonov & Valery Kubasov launched to begin the Apollo Soyuz Test Project
#OTD in 1978, ESA-GEOS 2 satellite was launched to study the Earth's magnetosphere
#Today in 1983, NAVSTAR 8 was launched by @DeptofDefense to prove feasibility of GPS
Mariner 4 began its flyby of Mars #OTD in 1965, taking 1st images of planet's surface
Neil A. Armstrong reviews flight plans two days before the #Apollo11 launch, July 14, 1969 #OTD
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STS-70 launched #today in 1995, carrying Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-G
#OTD in 1969, Soviet probe Luna 15 was launched, eventually crashes on Moon while #Apollo11 crew on surface
It's Harrison Ford's birthday! #ILoveYou #IKnow
#Happybirthday to astronaut George "Pinky" Nelson, veteran of 3 Shuttle missions
#Happybirthday to @SirPatStew after all his adventures in the final frontier #BoldlyGoCelebrate
Soviet probe Phobos 2 launched #now in 1988 to study Martian system,
Did you that #today marks 5,000 continuous days on human habitation on the #ISS?
#OTD in 2000, the Zvezda Service Module was launched to #ISS to provide living quarters & life support
#Today in 1960, NASA's 1st astronauts begin survival training. Each was left for 4 days w/a Mercury mockup, parachute & survival scenario
#Remembering astronaut Rick Husband on his #birthday, who perished with his crewmates on Columbia's STS-107 mission
NASA & @airandspace are looking for paper abstracts on history of the NACA for our symposium in March!
#OTD in '69: MSS moves down pad 39A ramp, leaving the #SaturnV alone during a countdown demonstration test #Apollo45
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#FBF astronaut Owen Garriott perfoms an EVA on Skylab in 1973 to collect interplanetary dust particles