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NASA History Office
#Happybirthday to @MIT grad Pam Melroy, piloted STS-92 & -112, commanded STS-120; 1 of 2 women to command a Shuttle
#Happybirthday to astronaut Sam Durrance, veteran of STS-35 & -67
#Happybirthday to @NavalAcademy grad, @usairforce pilot Gen Tom Stafford, veteran of Gemini 6 & 10, Apollo 10 & ASTP
Information on this week's @NASA / @librarycongress astrobiology symposium is in today's blog post #PrepareToDiscover
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#OTD 17 Sep '65, 16th @iafastro Congress, Athens, Prof. L Sedov & cosmonaut Belyayev meet Gemini 5's Cooper & Conrad
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TDIH 1976: Enterprise, the 1st Space Shuttle orbiter, was rolled out of Rockwell Int'l assembly plant in Palmdale, CA.
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#OTD 1970 George Low named acting #NASA Administrator. Pic: Low being sworn in as deputy, Dec '69 by Admin Tom Paine
Just before 5 am EDT #OTD 1996 Shuttle Atlantis #OV104 launches on STS-79. Destination: Space Station Mir
#Happybirthday to astronaut Kevin Kregel, @AF_Academy grad & veteran of 4 Shuttle missions
#Today in 1965, Lost in Space premiered. View the TV trailer!
#Today in 1966, Gemini 11 lands safely in the Atlantic Ocean
Hispanic Heritage Month 2014 begins #today! For info on activities sponsored by LoC & other gov't agencies, visit
Deadline is #today for proposals on the 100th anniversary of the NACA
#OTD in 2006, Cassini photographed Earth from Saturn, a distance of nearly a billion miles
#Remembering pioneering NACA & NASA engineer Abe Silverstein on his #birthday
Deadline is Monday, Sept. 15 for proposals on the 100th anniversary of the NACA
#Today in 1974, American astronomer Charles Kowal discovered Jupiter’s moon Leda
#HappyBirthday to astronaut Gene Trinh, a veteran of Space Shuttle Columbia's STS-50 mission
#Remembering Gen. Bernard Schriever on his #birthday, presided over development of Atlas, Thor, & Titan missiles
#Today in 1978, Venera 12 launches to explore Venus’ ionosphere, atmosphere, & surface
#Today in 1961, uncrewed Mercury MA-4 becomes the 1st Mercury spacecraft to attain Earth orbit
Deadline is Monday, Sept. 15 for proposals on the 100th anniversary of the NACA
#Today in 1977, Shuttle Enterprise has her 2nd free flight to test steering and landing
#Remembering John Stack on his #birthday, His research led to X-1 breaking the sound barrier in 1947
#Today in 2012, Voyager 1 becomes 1st human-made object to enter interstellar space
.@JakeBotV2 NACA Centennial Symposium - definitely open to the public. We're also working on webcasting (fingers crossed)
Deadline is Monday, Sept. 15 for proposals on the 100th anniversary of the NACA
#Today in 1992, STS-47 launched with the 1st African-American woman & the 1st Japanese astronaut
#FBF President John F. Kennedy steps off of Air Force One to tour the Launch Complex 37 facilities
#Today in 1959, the Soviets launch Luna 2, the 1st craft to land on the Moon
#Now in 1966, Gemini 11 launches to practice docking with target vehicle
#Happybirthday to astronaut Roger Crouch, payload specialist on STS-83 & STS-94
#TBT In 1998 Hubble looked down a barrel of gas cast off by a dying star thousands of years ago
The ER-2's most significant contribution in the Ames fleet was its exploration of the Earth's ozone layer. #tbt
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There's no place like home #Exp40! Check out our e-book 'Coming Home: Reentry and Recovery from Space':
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#TBT Atlas-Agena 5 carrying the Mariner 1 spacecraft lifts off from Cape Kennedy Launch Complex 12
#Today in 1962, President Kennedy and Dr. von Braun tour the laboratories @NASA_Marshall
#TBT KSC's Vehicle Assembly Building under construction in 1965 w/the Launch Control Center & Service Towers.
#Happybirthday to Bob Crippen, who piloted Columbia's STS-1 mission into aerospace history
#Remembering cosmonaut German Titov on his #birthday. In this 1962 photo, Titiov (r) talks with John Glenn & JFK
#Today in 2011, GRAIL A & B launched to study the Moon’s gravitational field
#Happybirthday to astronaut Mike Mullane, a veteran of STS-41D, STS-76, STS-36
#NOW in 1994, Space Shuttle Discovery launches on the STS-64 mission
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