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NASA History Office
What are you waiting for? Apply #today for the Spring internship @NASAhistory. Deadline is Nov. 1.
TONIGHT! 8pm EDT Live webcast w/former NASA astronaut & USN test pilot Capt. Jim Lovell (Ret.):
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#Today in 2009, Operation IceBridge completed the 1st flight of the Antarctic campaign
#FBF in honor of the spacewalk on Wednesday and Jim Newman’s birthday yesterday, Newman in space!
What’s the future of our planet & our species? @NOAA’s Kathryn Sullivan weighs in: @NASAhistory #PewBluePlanet
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#FBF to this Orange moon shining down on “missile row” at Cape Canaveral’s launch facilities
.@kennethmjohnson thanks for the #FF (great pic this week!)
National Geographic Magazine turns 126 years old #today!
We have tested lots of things in our labs/tunnels, including a submarine! #tbt, #throwbackthursday to 1958
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#Today in 1975, GOES 1 launched on a mission to monitor cataclysmic weather events like hurricanes & typhoons
#OTD in 2005, China returned its second human mission safely to Earth when the Shenzou 6 landed in Mongolia
#OTD in 1987, Venera 16 entered orbit around Venus to map its surface
Don't miss Anthony Pitch at the Hewlett Lecture next week! Call for Entries for the Pendleton and Adams Book Awards
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#Happybirthday to astronaut & physicist Jim Newman, a veteran of 3 spaceflights
FRIDAY! Live webcast w/former NASA astronaut & USN test pilot Capt. Jim Lovell (Ret.):
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TDIH 1997: Cassini-Huygens spacecraft launched to Saturn. More about the mission and @CassiniSaturn:
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#Today in 1985, Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex 6 was declared operational for Shuttle launches
#Today in 2003, Shenzhou 5 launched-1st crewed Chinese mission- w/taikonaut Lt. Col. Yang Liwei
#OTD in 1962, 5 Ranger probes were added to the program to take close picture of the moon’s surface
#Today in 2009, NASA released 1st comprehensive map of the solar system with data from @IBEX_NASA
Artist’s concept showing @esa Huygens probe being released from @CassiniSaturn – on its way to study Saturn’s moons
#WildLifeWednesday Alligators and Rocket Ships: Do you know KSC is also a wildlife refuge
The X-15 research aircraft rolled out #OTD in 1958, capable of speeds reaching 4,520 mph or Mach 6.7
#OTD in 1965, Orbiting Geophysical Observatory (OGO) 2 was launched to study Earth’s magnetic field
For years, women played critical roles in spaceflight. #Tonight PBS tells their stories on "Makers: Women in Space"
#Remembering @WestPoint_USMA grad, Allied Supreme Commander & 34th Pres. Dwight Eisenhower (r) on his #birthday,
#OTD in 1947, Chuck Yeager, flying the XS-1, is 1st to fly faster than the speed of sound!
See Bell X-1 "Glamorous Glennis," 1st aircraft to break sound barrier this day in 1947, on display at Museum in DC.
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#OTD 14 Oct 1969 #Apollo11 crew Mike Collins, Neil Armstrong & @TheRealBuzz meet HM Queen Elizabeth 2 in London
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#OTDH 1984: Landing of Space Shuttle Challenger. The 7-mber crew includes Marc Garneau, 1st Canadian in Space
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#Today in 1959, Explorer 7 was launched to collect data on solar x-ray flux & heavy primary cosmic rays
#Now in 1984 – STS-41G the 1st flight to include two women – lands
#HappyBirthday to astronaut Michael Good, a veteran of STS-125 & 132, & 4 space walks
#Happybirthday to @BIS_spaceflight, founded in 1933 w/ the purpose of gathering those interested in space travel
#SolarSunday Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula--the Hubble Telescope took this amazing image in 1999
#Today in 1977, Space Shuttle Enterprise successfully completed its 4th free flight test
#Today in 2005 Shenzhou 6 launches, carrying taikonauts Fei Junlong & Nie Haisheng.
#Today in 1964, Voskhod 1 launched – 1st time more than one crew member was carried into orbit
#HappyBirthday to Jake Garn, a veteran of STS-51D & the 1st sitting member of Congress to fly in space
#Remembering Elmer Sperry -- co-inventor of the gyrocompass and winner of the Collier award in 1915 and 1916 -- on his #birthday
#SolarSunday Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Check out this beautiful image of planetary nebula NGC 6751)
#Now in 2008, Soyuz TMA-13 launches, carrying new crew members to #ISS
#Now in 2000, STS-92 launches on 100th Shuttle mission; also has100th EVA of US space program
Apollo 7 was the first mission where the A7-L pressure suit was worn in flight. Donn Eisele's A7-L suit:
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