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NASA History Office
#FBF Techs install an Apollo command module model in the 9x6 Ft. Thermal Structures Tunnel for testing circa 1962
#Today in 1968, NASA's 2nd Administrator James Webb visits European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in the Netherlands.
#happybirthday to astronaut Charlie Walker, veteran of 3 Shuttle missions
In preparation for their Dec. 19, 2012, flight are Exp. 34/35 crew Chris Hadfield, Roman Romanenko & Tom Marshburn
#Happybirthday to astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield who shares his birthday with #ISS crewmate Tom Marshburn
#Now in 1965, Gemini V splashes down after setting space mission duration record -- a 1st for the U.S.
#Now in 2009, Shuttle Discovery launches on the STS-128 mission, her 37th flight
#OTD in 1974, Soyuz 15 crew lands, after making the 2nd mission to the Soviet Union's Salyut 3 space station
50 years ago #today, Nimbus 1 launched to gather global data on sea-ice coverage & atmospheric temperature/chemistry
#Today in 1993, Galileo spacecraft flies by asteroid 243 Ida & discovers a moon (Dactyl) orbiting Ida
#Happybirthday to spaceflight veteran Leroy Chiao, Mission Specialist on STS-65, -72 & -92; Exp. 10 #ISS commander
#OTD in 1999, Soyuz TM-29 lands - Afanasyev, Haignere, Avdeyev - for 1st time since Sept 1989 no humans in space - as Mir left uninhabited
2nd Franco-German communication satellite, Symphonie B launched from Cape Canaveral #OTD 1975
Today in 1973, NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center is renamed in honor of President Lyndon Johnson. @NASAhistory @NASA_Johnson @LBJLibrary
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STS-51I was commanded by astronaut Joe Engle. He'd celebrated his #birthday the day before. #nicepresent
3rd time's the charm. After 2 scrubs STS-51I makes pre-dawn launch #OTD 1985.
Planetary flyby ho-hum these days? 1st successful one launched #OTD 51 years ago. Mariner 2.
#HappyBirthday to the person who has spent the most time off the planet: Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev. Bio (in Russian):
#Remembering President Lyndon Johnson on his #birthday. Huge impact on space history. Pics:
Today in 1962: Mariner 2 launched to Venus. 1st spacecraft to study another planet. Test spacecraft on display:
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#HappyBirthday Astronaut Joe Engle. 3 X-15 flights into space + 2 Shuttle flights
Earth & Moon: looking pretty tiny from 6 million miles away. Pic taken by @NASAJuno #OTD 2011.
After 38 years, the iconic space shuttle Mate-Demate Device at @NASAArmstrong is being dismantled. Read more here:
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#OTD 1979 Pioneer 11 sends home this pic of Saturn on the way to the 1st Saturn flyby.
#HappyBirthday Astronaut John Blaha. Flew 4 Shuttle missions plus a stay on Mir. Here with Shannon Lucid.
#Remembering NACA/NASA luminary Max Faget on his birthday. Here in an Apollo mock up.
#HappyBirthday Astronaut Joe Engle. 3 X-15 flights into space; plus 2 Shuttle flights.
A New Moon tonight - hard to spot near the Sun. But, #WinkAtTheMoon before it goes down in memory of Neil Armstrong (he died 2 years ago)
11 years ago #today the last of the 4 orbital "Great Observatories" launched: Spitzer (an infrared telescope)
Can you guarantee innovation in aeronautics? @Launiusr sheds some historical light on the question in his blog:
5 hours after whizzing by Neptune Voyager 2 also made a close pass (40,000 km) at her largest moon - Triton.
An eyeful of blue: #OTD 25 years ago, Voyager 2 flies by Neptune. The 1st and (so far) only visit to Neptune.
After the 1967 crash of the M2-F2, it was rebuilt as the M2-F3. Retired in 1972 it now hangs @airandspace (interior:)
#OTD 1971 NASA Research Pilot Bill Dana takes the M2-F3 supersonic for the 1st time.
From now on we will be tweeting from @isro. Please note that @ISROOFFICIAL twitter handle will become inactive.
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Open House for the re-opening of our renovated "archive" - Sep 9, 2-4 pm C'mon down. Details:
Make some history - be a part of the NACA centennial symposium March 3-4, 2015 @airandspace Call for Paper here:
#Earthrise - original data cleaned up with new tech by @LunarOrbiter (LOIRP) - amazing, huh?
#Earthrise - the 1st one taken #OTD 1966 by Lunar Orbiter 1. 1966 version: