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NASA History Office
#NOW (6:32 p.m. EDT) in 1967, Lunar Orbiter 5 launched; last of the Lunar Orbiter series
#Today in 1954, Convair XFY-1 Pogo made its first vertical takeoff and landing
#OTD in 1911, Harriet Quimby became 1st American woman to receive an Aero Club of America pilot’s license
#Today in 1971, Apollo 15 Commander Dave Scott salutes the American flag during a moonwalk
Spacewalks take lots of preparation. A researcher used @NASA_Langley technology to simulate a moonwalk #OTD in 1968
Polar plumes on Saturn's moon Enceladus spray water vapor & organic compounds-Image by @CassiniSaturn #SaturnSaturday
#Today in 1786, Caroline Herschel became 1st woman to discover a comet, named Comet 1786 II #WomenInSTEM
#Today in 1964, Ranger 7 took the 1st close-up photo of the Moon, shown below
#OTD in 1969, Mariner 6 made closest approach to Mars, taking 26 close-up pics of the surface
#OneYearAgoToday, NASA announced plans for the multinational Mars 2020 Rover #JourneyToMars
#Today in 2008, the Mars Phoenix Lander confirmed existence of water-ice in Mars’ subsurface
#NOW (10:48 am EDT) in 2009, STS-127 lands after installing 2 @JAXA_en modules to the #ISS
#NOW (9:56 a.m. EDT) in 1992, Atlantis launched on STS-46, released @esa EURECA satellite
#OTD in 1960, John Victory, 1st NACA employee, retires from NASA after 52 yrs in govt. service
#NOW (6:16 pm EDT) in 1971, Apollo 15 lands on the Moon; 1st to drive a lunar rover on Moon
#OTD in 1610, Galileo Galilei first observed Saturn’s rings; 1st thought to be 2 planets
This 1950s pic shows the D-558-2 & F-86 Sabre chase aircraft--Check out those early swept wings! #TBT #NACA100
#Remembering Walt Williams on his #birthday; Operations Director for early spaceflights
#OTD in 2008, @CassiniSaturn confirmed surface liquid on Titan--lakes of methane & ethane
#NOW (8:58 am EDT) in 1965 Pegasus 3 launched; study micrometeoroid impacts in low-Earth orbit
Today in 1971: Apollo 15 lunar module "Falcon" landed on the Moon:
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#NOW (5:00 p.m. EDT) in 1985, Challenger’s STS-51F mission launched, carrying Spacelab 2

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