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Newly expanded station crew tackles @ISS_Research, spacewalk preps & more. Details:
New Image! Saturn's clouds, swept by high-speed winds topping 1,100 mph (1,800 kph)
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#SpaceVine of @astro_reid delivering coffee to @Astro_Alex on Sept 15. Happy National Coffee Day! #NationalCoffeeDay
Administrator Bolden inspires the next generation of explorers from around the world at the #iac2014.
Drinking coffee in space is tricky, so a zero-g coffee cup was invented: #NationalCoffeeDay
Greens & blues of swirling phytoplankton show climate dance:  #EarthRightNow @NASA_Landsat
What is that? @CassiniSaturn sees mysterious feature evolve in sea of Saturn's moon Titan:
Sun emitted a mid-level solar flare, a powerful burst of radiation, Saturday: @NASASunEarth
Gorgeous #sunrise I just snuck a peak at on a crazy busy day onboard #ISS
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Big on social media? Apply for an Oct 19/20 #NASASocial to cover a night launch in VA:
Gaze upon the beauty of our home planet. Watch live HD views from the space station: #ISS
How we watch CMEs, giant eruptions that surge off the sun & take 1-3 days to reach Earth:
Space station question? Ask w/ #spacetoground & maybe see it answered on our weekly series!…
Jets & explosions in spiral galaxy ~13 million light-years away from Earth: @NASA_Hubble
Our Cold Atom Laboratory creates atomic dance for future @ISS_Research. More:   @NASAJPL
Oversize load: @NASA_Orion's fueled, heading to get its launch abort system. Another step toward Dec #Orion flt test!
The rings of #Moscow at night - been trying to get this shot for a long time. #success
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Students: Got #3DPrinting designs? We're looking for tools to print in space. Details:
A twisted blob of plasma can be seen erupting off the side of the sun on Sep 26 @NASASunEarth
Our big year of Earth observing continues, now on #ISS. More to come! #EarthRightNow
What is the saying… a bad day of fishing beats a good day of work? Not here.
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Capture the beauty of a nighttime #ISScargo launch! Apply for the #NASASocial Oct 19/20 in VA:
.@astro_reid demonstrates "spinning a balanced object in zero g is nothing... wild." #science #SpaceVine
Watch & find out what happened This Week @NASA? New #ISScrew & #ISScargo arrivals, @MAVEN2Mars images & more! [video]
Five spacecraft are parked at #ISS, including cargo & crew ships that docked this week:
Looking for a cool #STEM experience? We have 20+ opportunities for you! See this week's #Education Express:
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Booster integration another step toward 1st @NASA_Orion flight in December: #JourneyToMars
Instruments block out sun's bright light so coronal mass ejection (CME) blasts can be seen:
Capture the beauty of a night launch! Apply for Oct 19/20 #NASASocial in Virginia #ISScargo
#ISScrew now six -- hatches opened at 1:06a ET. See more on #Exp41:
Mission control & #ISScrew report the balky Soyuz solar array has deployed and is now in good condition.
NASA TV coverage of the #ISScrew opening hatches between the Soyuz spacecraft and #ISS resumes now:
More on how the #ISScrew began their journey to station today: Crew to open hatches ~11:55p ET
A view of the Soyuz during its approach to #ISS w/ its port solar array not deployed. Crew now docked to station.
Capture confirmed: #ISScrew docks to space station at 10:11p ET.
The crew has #ISS in sight. Preps continue for a 10:15p ET docking.
Ready to see the #ISScrew expand to 6? Butch, Alex & Elena dock @ 10:15p ET Watch live @ 9:45p
Our @MarsCuriosity rover's drill pulls first taste from Mars mountain:   #JourneyToMars
New #ISScrew docks to space station at 10:15pm ET. Watch live coverage starting at 9:45pm:
Want to know more about Butch Wilmore who is on the way to #ISS?
Capture the beauty of a night launch! Apply for Oct 19/20 #NASASocial in Virginia #ISScargo
Full update on the #Soyuz solar array: Crew reports they are well. Watch docking @ 9:45p:
One solar array did not deploy properly once #Soyuz reached orbit. Crew still headed to #ISS. Docking set for tonight at 10:15p ET
Missed the #Exp41 launch to the #ISS on NASA TV? Watch it on YouTube...
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