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One of our Mars orbiters captured views of Sunday's rare #MarsComet flyby: @HiRISE
New #NASASocial! Come out to @NASAArmstrong in CA & learn how we're with you when you fly:
What did the rare #MarsComet look like from the Martian surface? @MarsRovers captured it!…
Partial solar eclipse at sunset! The moon will pass in front of the sun Thursday: [video]
Look out for the Black Widow Nebula! This "spider" lurks in the dust, but is revealed in the infrared: Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/E. Churchwell (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and the GLIMPSE Team #nofilter
Solar flare surges off the sun Oct 19. Details on the X-class flare: @NASASunEarth
That’s not the Sun, it’s the #Moon setting on a gorgeous night. #SpaceVine #Timelapse
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The San Joaquin Valley in #California – completely obvious from up here.
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All 3 Mars orbiters confirmed healthy after taking shelter behind Mars for #MarsComet:…
Mars Odyssey, the longest-lived orbiter at Mars, also reports back in good health after today's #MarsComet flyby.…
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Data from @MAVEN2Mars show it to be in good health after #MarsComet flyby. Waiting on data from Mars Odyssey next.…
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MRO w/ @HiRISE phones home. All is well after #MarsComet flyby. Waiting for next two.…
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#MarsComet flyby not over yet. Mars passes thru dust tail at 12:57pm PT while orbiters #duckandcover on far side.
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Mars Odyssey hard at work now to image #MarsComet Siding Spring, after closest approach & before dust tail hits.
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Tune in NOW! RT @esa: Live #SidingSpring #MarsComet webcast from Mars Express control room starts 19:50CEST/17:50GMT
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Webcast from Mars Express control room #MarsComet #SidingSpring starts at 1:50pm ET today:
Our fleet of science assets have front row seats to image & study #MarsComet flyby today:
#MarsComet #SidingSpring will pass ~87K miles of Mars today. Closest approach ~2:27pm ET:
#MarsComet will pass within 88K miles of Mars Sunday. Watch how we're observing the event:
Like a drop of dew hanging on a leaf, the moon Tethys appears to be stuck to Saturn's rings from this perspective.
Expanding coronal loops at the edge of the sun. Perspective? Loops are more than 15 times the size of Earth.
What's our new cover image? Artist concept of #MarsComet. Closest approach ~2:27pm ET Sunday:
#Seattle to #Houston under a full moon. Watch the reflection spot track across in this #SpaceVine #Timelapse
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Watch & discover what happened this week @NASA: [video]
A hidden ocean or a 'fossil' core on Saturn icy moon Mimas? Details: @CassiniSaturn
#Sunglint highlights the entire east coast of the #USA on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.
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ATTENTION EARTHLINGS! Third Rock Radio is now streaming in both 128kbps MP3 & 64kbps AAC format crystal clear stereo.
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#Spacewalks are all the rage this month on @Space_Station. Watch our weekly #ISS update: Question? Use #SpaceToGround
Scary Halloween ghoul, or star-forming region in infrared? More info: (More seasonal posts to come!) #nofilter #space #halloween #astronomy #nasa #nasagram #spacegram #infrared #Spitzer #telescope Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/S.Carey (Caltech)
Retro-propulsion data may help us with future Mars landings: #321TechOff #JourneyToMars
Join @NASAedu for a chat today at 1pm ET at to learn how to help us study clouds.
Two spacewalks down, one to go for @Space_Station crew:  Next spacewalk Weds at 9:24am ET.
We’re back flying over Antarctica, seeing how the ice is changing: #EarthRightNow @NASA_ICE
Bathed in a beam of particles from Saturn's chaotically tumbling moon Hyperion: @CassiniSaturn
We spotted an extremely distant galaxy through a cosmic magnifying glass: @NASA_Hubble
Hear us! We're on @SoundCloud. Sit back, listen & enjoy our spacey sounds:…
#throwbackthursday to May, when #JWST's flight instrument module went into @nasagoddard's cryogenic test chamber. It's back in our cleanroom today! #tbt #space #nasa #tech #nasagram #spacegram More info: Image cre
#ThrowbackThursday to when the universe was young! (Within a few hundred million years of the big bang!) #tbt Previously, the Hubble Ultra Deep Field showed visible and near-infrared light - this image adds ultraviolet coverage to the HUDF. In this image are approximately 10,000 galaxies, extending
Our newest sun-watcher, IRIS, helps explain heating of the solar atmosphere:  @NASASunEarth
Gas problem? So does the Earth. Watch our latest 'Earth Minute' video:
Well-defined eye seen on Hurricane Gonzalo as it moves towards Bermuda:
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.@NASA_ICE's Operation #IceBridge has studied sea ice on Earth for five years: