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Ring of stellar fire! Outer ring is filled with new stars, glowing in infrared: @NASAspitzer
Don't forget: Talk to our experts as partial solar eclipse occurs Thursday More:
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Don't stare! How to safely watch tomorrow's partial solar eclipse, visible in North America:
10 days left to send your name on our #JourneyToMars, starting w/ #Orion’s 1st flight Dec 4:
#Orb3 #Cygnus named in honor of Deke Slayton - decorated Air Force pilot, astronaut and commercial space pioneer.…
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After inspection of the Bermuda tracking station, @OrbitalSciences confirms 6:45p ET on Oct. 27 as liftoff for next #ISScargo mission
.@NASASunEarth sees 3rd substantial solar flare in 2 days:
New milestone! Successful deep freeze test of #JWST's flight science instruments! "We complete these tests to make sure that when this telescope cools down, the four parts of the heart [of the telescope] are still positioned meticulously so that when light enters the teles
This felt like a SciFi movie. Sasha cleaning an outside window during today’s #spacewalk
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New project with @USAID uses satellite imagery to better predict floods in the Lower Mekong:
#ISS #Exp41 #spacewalk ended at 1:06 pm ET. Learn more about #ISS at
NASA is pleased the US Court of Federal Claims allowed performance of @Commercial_Crew contracts to proceed
"With southpaw precision," 2nd of 2 KURS antennas is headed away from #ISS.
#spacewalk going well at #ISS. 1st of 2 KURS antennas has left the station.
Russian EVA-40 with @Msuraev and Sasha Samokutyaev is under way. Take care out there!
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Radiometriya is on it's way to burn up in Earth's atmosphere.
#ISS #Exp41 #spacewalk began at 9:28a ET. Russian cosmonauts will work ~6 hrs. Watch on NASA TV:
#ISS #Exp41 #spacewalk set to start at 9:24 am ET. Watch live starting at 9 am:
Have Qs about partial solar eclipse? Ask our experts Thursday! More:
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It's here! Links to our new program on NASA's Engineering and Safety Center.
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After 116 days of extreme cold, @NASAWebbTelescp's heart survives deep freeze test:
Cosmonauts Maxim Suraev & Alexander Samokutyaev will #spacewalk tomorrow from @Space_Station:
Students! What will you 3D print in space? Design a space tool for the #ISS: @K12FutureE
As part of #ArchivesMonth, @chandraxray archives come to life with celestial objects:
.@NASAFermi detected a rapid-fire 'storm' of high-energy blasts from a magnetar neutron star:
Cassini Rings Challenge: Help us discover objects called propellers in the rings of Saturn:
What's our new cover image? Turquoise-tinted plumes in a small nearby galaxy: @NASA_Hubble
.@BFI Yes, & shuttle Discovery shares its name w/ Spaceship Discovery One from the film. We didn't fly HAL, though.
One of our Mars orbiters captured views of Sunday's rare #MarsComet flyby: @HiRISE
New #NASASocial! Come out to @NASAArmstrong in CA & learn how we're with you when you fly:
What did the rare #MarsComet look like from the Martian surface? @MarsRovers captured it!…
Partial solar eclipse at sunset! The moon will pass in front of the sun Thursday: [video]
Look out for the Black Widow Nebula! This "spider" lurks in the dust, but is revealed in the infrared: Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/E. Churchwell (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and the GLIMPSE Team #nofilter
Solar flare surges off the sun Oct 19. Details on the X-class flare: @NASASunEarth
That’s not the Sun, it’s the #Moon setting on a gorgeous night. #SpaceVine #Timelapse
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The San Joaquin Valley in #California – completely obvious from up here.
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All 3 Mars orbiters confirmed healthy after taking shelter behind Mars for #MarsComet:…
Mars Odyssey, the longest-lived orbiter at Mars, also reports back in good health after today's #MarsComet flyby.…
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Data from @MAVEN2Mars show it to be in good health after #MarsComet flyby. Waiting on data from Mars Odyssey next.…
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MRO w/ @HiRISE phones home. All is well after #MarsComet flyby. Waiting for next two.…
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