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Want to #SpotTheStation flying over your house? Get alerts when the space station passes over:
When you #SpotTheStation you are seeing the sun hitting our huge solar arrays
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How did the sun cause an aurora this week? Find out: Pic from @astro_reid on space station.
Time lapse in 4K resolution of @OrbitalSciences #Cygnus cargo vehicle being released from space station: [video]
Engineers & technicians install protective shell on our @NASA_Orion spacecraft:
Destructive results of a mighty supernova explosion revealed in a delicate blend of light:
A few of our test facilities @nasagoddard - acoustic test chamber, giant thermal vac chamber where #JWST's flight instruments are being cryo tested, and our giant centrifuge.
Of all the planets we've explored, none have matched the dynamic complexity of our own:
Update on Arctic sea ice, a month before summer minimum. #EarthRightNow   #climatechange
Space station inspired robot to help heal sick children. Learn more: #ISS
Should we go to Mars? It's simple. @AstroIronMike asks kindergartners:   #JourneyToMars
Live now: Learn about the Ancient Earth & Habitable Planets on NASA TV: Q? Ask using #askNASA
Here's a photo of a previous test similar to what is happening in our cleanroom. This same mirror segment (with the cover on to protect it) is undergoing practice tests for installing it on the test backplane. Keep an eye on our WebbCam: Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn
Why do we study the ultraviolet sun? Find out: @NASASunEarth
A large amount of a banned ozone-depleting compound is still in the air.   #EarthRightNow
Watch live our event on Ancient Earth & Habitable Planets at 5:30pm ET today: Q? #askNASA
Our GPIM spacecraft, set to launch in 2016, will validate use of 'green' propellant:
Yakutat Glacier in Alaska is one of the world's fastest retreating glaciers:  #EarthRightNow
Apply for a #NASASocial credential in Denver to cover @MAVEN2Mars' arrival Sept 21:  #MAVEN
#ISS Update: New flock of mini satellites launched from station, crew packs spacewalk gear:
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this. 10 minutes ago on the #ISS #aurora
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Apply for a #NASASocial credential to cover the @SpaceX launch in-person Sept 19 in FL: