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Launch of @SpaceX’s #Dragon cargo ship is set for 2:14a ET. Live TV coverage begins at 1am:
What happened This Week @NASA? #LaunchAmerica announcement, @MAVEN2Mars & more! [video]
Starry, starry sky from the space station, captured by the #ISS #Exp41 crew:
SUNDAY: Mars! #MAVEN will arrive at the Red Planet Sept 21. #FF @MAVEN2Mars for updates.
Ahoy, me space lubbers! Here’s an image of the Caribbean taken by @astro_reid from #ISS. #TalkLikeAPirateDay
Newest US weather eye in space launches to #ISS tonight.  @SpaceX #EarthRightNow #climate
Meanwhile, 300 million light-years away, a huge galaxy in the 'Peacock' constellation:
Watch our weekly space station update: 'Preparing for Liftoff' [video] Question? Use #spacetoground
NASA’s Bolden @dfwairport@NASAAero helps @AmericanAir avoid bad weather, save time.
Are you watching? Now on NASA TV is our @SpaceX prelaunch briefing. Watch live:
The overall tone of this @NASA panel is that ISS is a learning platform of unlimited potential. And they are thrilled! #NASAsocial #SpaceX4
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LIVE: Our 10am ET @SpaceX prelaunch briefing @NASAKennedy. Watch:  Liftoff Sat. at 2:16am!
Are you watching? Our senior leader are briefing news media @NASAKennedy. Watch live
@billclinton Just saw your #tbt w/ Sen. Glenn. Here is a 2014 version. Until Wednesday! #CGI2014
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.@astro_reid Are you really Tweeting from space? Your roaming charges must be out of this world!
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LIVE: "View from the Top" briefing with senior NASA leaders today at 9am ET @NASAKennedy. Watch:
Space station crew keeps eye on @ISS_Research while awaiting cargo & crew launches:   #ISS
#MarsComet Science Workshop: Grab a virtual seat at this technical talk, Sept 19
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An all air force #Exp42 crew poses with @usairforce #Airmen for an #AFBday pic after their news conference.
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Step 5: the well will drain all the water, allowing access to Orion and one day potential astronauts inside.
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Step 4: The well deck will fill with water, allowing Orion safe entry
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Step 3: While being reeled in, line tenders will be on either side to center Orion behind vessel
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Step 2: divers will attach a series of straps so that Anchorage can attach a winch line to reel Orion in
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Here's how recovery will work- step 1. @USNavy sends zodiac boats w/ divers to meet Orion
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Orion a step closer to deep space; NASA practices pulling it from sea
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Attn students & teachers: we have some #STEM-ulating opportunities just for you! #Education Express:
Just heard I'll get to spend some time talking with @billclinton next week. Incredibly excited!
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#throwbackthursday to cryogenic testing on #JWST's mirrors. Observatory scientist Mark Clampin is reflected. #tbt Credit: Ball Aerospace #space #tech #NASA #NASAgram #spacegram
Gorgeous merging galaxies and dark matter: #JWST will measure the effects of dark matter. Credit: #NASA, ESA, CFHT, CXO, M.J. Jee (University of California, Davis), and A. Mahdavi (San Francisco State University) #spacegram #nasagram #space #nofilter #hubble
Not quite a #StarTrek replicator- but a step in that direction. 3D printer headed to #ISS:
"Science of the Skies," Alex Trebeck and @NASAglenn! It's all on @Jeopardy tonight! Check your local listings.
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Check it out! @_MadeInSpace is doing a @reddit #AMA @ 4:00 pm ET talking about their 3D printer launching to #ISS:…
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.@billclinton And here’s a Sen. Glenn #TBT image of Florida from space. @astro_reid
.@billclinton We remember that! Here’s how it looked from Sen. Glenn’s perspective on the space shuttle. #TBT 1998
I sent my first (ever!) email to John Glenn...while he was in space with @NASA. #TBT
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.@AMSISS detection of antimatter could help solve cosmic dark matter mystery: @ENERGY #ISS
This wk, Administrator Bolden watched teams practice recovering @NASA_Orion from the Pacific
Ask a question to @AstroTerry, who flies to #ISS in Nov. #askNASA & watch live at 2pm ET:
.@AstroTerry will head to #ISS in Nov. Send him a Q w/ #askNASA, to be asked during his news conference today at 1pm.
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Coming soon to #ISS: a new era in Earth-observing from space. Watch now:   #EarthRightNow
Are you watching? We're live talking model organism @ISS_Research launching on @SpaceX:
LIVE at 11am ET: Our panel on model organism research flying to #ISS on @SpaceX Saturday:
Are you watching? We're live talking @ISS_Research & @NASA_Technology launching on @SpaceX:
Live at 10am ET: Learn about @ISS_Research & Technology launching on @SpaceX. Watch: #ISS
Are you watching? We're live talking about Earth science launching to #ISS on @SpaceX Saturday
Live at 9am ET our Space Station Earth Science: Tracking Ocean Winds panel. Watch: #ISS
Apply for #NASASocial credentials to preview @NASA_MMS spacecraft Oct 17 @NASAGoddard in Md