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Athlete Confessions™
"Every player on our basketball team is under 6 feet and white. We've won 0 games in 2 years." -AHS
"I got this bitch pregnant and lost my chance to play college football on a full scholarship" -Texas
"Rival school has a player who can't play college ball next year because of his 1.5 GPA, every time he touched the ball we chanted 1.5" -CHS
Showed up to a rival game drunk and I played the game of my life with 5 TDs. Coach found out after but all he said was, "thata boy!" -ROC
Decided to dress as a pope while playing a catholic school. The parents got pissed. -CJHS
"Our D-Line coach regularly pisses on himself because he doesn't want to waste practice time​" -VMI
"Forgot my mouth guard, played a whole half with an orange peel in my mouth." - OHS
"For April fools yesterday I told the whole team practice was canceled and almost got kicked off the team" -Valley Forge
"Our rival thinks our fans stink so our entire student body & a few teachers bought 2 tons of cow shit and put it under their bleachers"-CHS
"Almost every student at our Football game held up a cut-out picture of the opposing team QB's girlfriend. He threw 5 picks" - WOHS
"I got kicked out of a high school basketball game for yelling "I have huge nipples" while the other team was shooting free throws" - SHS
Every game, our student section picks one player on the opposing team, and chants "herpes" every time he has the ball. -SSCA
Kid on my team pissed in the opponents Gatorade and we all watched them drink it during the game. - Roy-Hart HS
"Our Basketball league doesn't have a shot clock. We held the ball against our rival for 4 quarters and won 6-3. They were pissed" - OHS
Coach made me run poles because I showed up 10 minutes late to practice. I was 10 minutes late because I was fucking his daughter. - CTHS
"Our rival school thinks we're rich so our student section had a rich out" - PVHS
During the National Anthem of our Championship game, somebody started blasting 2 Chainz on the PA system. -Anonymous, Utah
Our student section decided to storm the court....after every basket. They got kicked out after our 6th point. -NSHA
Smashed my girlfriend so hard that she couldn't walk right in her softball game later that night. -Kentucky University