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Dave Chapelle
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Told my dad if I beat him he gotta come back into my life
Jay Z is 44 and Beyoncรฉ is 32 so I'm not gonna stress it cause bae started 1st grade last week
When someone retweets your tweet instead of favoriting it
Goodbye mom I am leaving this household I've finally found my career
*hits blunt* Do you think sand is called sand because it's between the sea and land?
When you overhear your friend hypin up a story when you know what really happened
When you get pulled over by the cops and you're white and have nothing to worry about
When your cinnamon apple doesn't text you all day
Adrian Peterson's kid bout to teach his friend a lesson
When your homeboy is playin DJ in the whip, your song comes on and he skips it
Niggas head lookin like a speed boost in Mario Kart
When you see your ex girlfriend getting jumped but then you remember her telling you "you ain't shit"
Hey there Delilah what's it like in Baghdad city. You're 1,000 miles away but girl the explosions look so pretty"
11:11 i wish a nigga would
When Drake start talkin thug shit I almost start to believe him until I remember his name is Aubrey
"Nah" - Rosa Parks, 1955
Ludacris could of at least told him where the camera was
Dez Bryant wanna be Ricky from boyz in the hood so bad
RT if you wanna be someone's cinnamon apple
This dude cranked that Soulja Boi on a nigga in the middle of a fight
"Welcome to Wendy's, what the fuck you tryna eat?"
How you think you look when you high... How you really look:
Homie getting ready to mow the biggest lawn of 2014
When you workin in a group with smart kids and you pretendin like you doin work
Only real niggas do this when they not sure if they gonna make a 2nd sandwich or not
Why do they even include 2014 as an option when selecting your birth year online like you fresh out the womb ready to join gmail
When you robbing a house and your girl hits you with the "we need to talk"
My role model when it comes to saving money ๐Ÿ˜‚
Just got rich, ate a broke niggas chips