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Nadia Ramadan
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If you are born a Libyan, suffering sort of comes with the package. #Libya
This is how the 'martyr square' will continue to look. Hanging 'elected parliament' and a 'devilish Sisi' #Libya
#PistoriusTrial comes to a close - but hard to predict HOW the judge will rule in the case. There is no jury.
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Dog: Stop referring traitors to dogs, we will never betray those who give us a piece of bread, let alone a country.
Is it just Tajoura & Janzour still hearing explosions and loud shootings? #Libya
Heavey shootings can be heard in beefi, 'ber esta milad' #Libya
Interim government statement about regaining control on Tripoli including Ministries #Libya
Awesome 'Fajr Libya' took over the #US embassy compound, we are so proud! #Libya #Democrazy
The so called #GNC coming back to power just to enjoy playing cards in their private jet #Libya #Democrazy
Those who cried "coup" when Haftar attacked the GNC are silent now while the MB is trying to destroy the new elected parliament. #Libya
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The GNC saying two thirds of libyans agree with them being back is like Gaddafi saying "my beoble love me". #Libya
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I am guessing the Zintanis are the new Tawerghas #Libya
Misrata is not saving a thing. Misrata is sabotaging democracy plain and simple. Plenty of intelligent Misratan tweeps: say it as it is!
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Dear unknown planes, can you please bomb Rixos with the GNC in it, and then maybe we can have a peace #Libya
I said it before but I will say it again, #Libya's biggest mistake was voting for the GNC aka Monkeys.
صور لبعض الأضرار والخسائر التي لحقت بمطار طرابلس الدولي يا من تتفاخرون بتحرير المطار و تدمير ممتلكات الشعب الليبي !
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Another war criminal Mohamed Kilani #GNC_member مجرم حرب آخر محمد الكيلاني عضو المؤتمر السابق #??????_???_?????
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Now: grad rocket in Jaraba street #Tripoli shop bombed
Head of Hiftar's air forces claims they are responsible for air strikes in Tripoli last night:… #Libya
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According to Tripoli Local Council, the warplanes are the Libyan Army targeting Misurata brigades and MB terrorists
Loud airstrike booms can still be heard near Tajoura but no signs or sound of any warplanes #Libya
That moment when watching Al-Khadra TV is more acceptable than watching Misurata TV #Libya
To those who protested yesterday, are you enjoying today's music #Boom #Tripoli
The most intense fights happening this morning in #Tripoli
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1 word about #Libya to the rest of the world: Embarrassment
Misrata is chanting against the bombing in Derna. But what about #Tripoli that your militias have destroyed.
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Misrata is against the call for international help to protect civilians. But in 2011 they were crying for Nato to come.
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To those Libyans living abroad, plz keep your lame opinions to yourselves. You don't see me telling Iraqis to cheer for the #ISIS
I live in a country where Muslims are more scared of #NATO than they are of God #Libya
BTW, Libya AlWataniya used to be state news channel until it's director was kidnapped, forced to become pro-MB, pro-Qaswara, anti-parliament
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Now: heavy shelling and firings in Airport road and Kremia #Libya
African workers are suffering the most in #Libya, it was reported that some are being shot randomly by militias just because they were black
This is Souq al Thalat parking space, #Libya's largest mall, usually very crowded. This was yesterday.
Growing up during Kingdom days: Glorious, Growing up during Gadafi era: Unlucky, Growing up after the revolution: Hopeless #Libya
To those who left #Tripoli during 2011, You can experience it now. Just kidding! This is so much worst & way pointless #Libya
when you tryna figure out what tweet started the twitter fight
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Today's weather forecast: cloudy with a chance of grad #Libya
I suggest those HoR members that haven't attended Tubruk session to attend or resign. GNC is over, busehmein is over, time to move forward.
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Abusahmen wants HoR to attend handover meeting in #Tripoli What is he thinking? They better not listen! #Libya
Live pictures: #Tripoli still filled with smoke and streets are empty #Libya