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Nadia Ramadan
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Tonight at 10: Maj Gen Khalifa Belqassem Heftir addresses the nation on behalf of the #Libya-n National Army. #LibyaDignity
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عاااااجل الآن ... بالله عليكم دعواتكم لرجال الجيش الآن يخوضون اشتباكات عنيفة داخل بنينا الآن .
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Benghazi deserves peace, I hope they clear all the terrorists groups once and for all. It has been a long way #Libya #15October
So does this 10 of October (armed protests) apply to all #Libya or just Benghazi?
BREAKING: 21 dead in fighting west of #Libya capital: hospital
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Ban Ki-Moon is in #Tripoli #Libya today to help mediate political dialogue between warring parties. #UN
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Court of cassation says House of Representatives meetings in Tobruk are unconstitutional
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Session of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court is live on TV now
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They fought and died in favour of this country, May they Rest in Peace #Respect #Libya
Any fuel station open today in Tripoli? #Tripoli #Libya
Brace yourselves my fellow Libyans, tomorrow is gonna be a day full of useless BBQ posts. Avoid Facebook and Instagram at all costs!
@MrProudLibyan just because my father from Misrata doesn't mean I need to cheer for them !
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All those destroying #Libya in the name of #17Feb are the same as those who kill in the name of Islam.
Reports from #Ghadames #Libya delegates of opposing sides of Libyan HoR are arriving to begin @UNSMILibya national dialogue initiative
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#IamTawfik: Grieving Civil Society in #Libya Initiates Campaign to Honour Fallen Comrades |… via @LYVoices
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There is a small protest in front of Palm City saying 'No to Dialogue Meeting' I assume they think the #UN are still in the compound #Libya
We are all looking forward to the #UN dialogue on #Libya which will be revealed on the 29th #hope
So much loud shootings in Tajoura beefi, Not sure what it is! #Libya
It's not a war, but just a matter of protecting your streets/area, to prevent 'Farj Libya' from finding a safe haven #Libya
'Fajr Libya' getting scared, 'Karama' getting excited & I am just like 'should I go to work tomorrow?' #Libya
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
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I wanted to tweet that I heard a loud boom but the electricity cuts off, and it just came back, so yes I heard a big boom, a boom #boom
Al Wasat is reporting that wershafan commanders have departed from their positions to Libya shield/ possibly Fajr forces #libya
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#RIPTawfik @TBensaud will be remembered for your charisma, constant giving &love for #Libya إنا لله وأنا إليه راجعون
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If you are born a Libyan, suffering sort of comes with the package. #Libya
This is how the 'martyr square' will continue to look. Hanging 'elected parliament' and a 'devilish Sisi' #Libya
#PistoriusTrial comes to a close - but hard to predict HOW the judge will rule in the case. There is no jury.
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Dog: Stop referring traitors to dogs, we will never betray those who give us a piece of bread, let alone a country.
Is it just Tajoura & Janzour still hearing explosions and loud shootings? #Libya
Heavey shootings can be heard in beefi, 'ber esta milad' #Libya
Interim government statement about regaining control on Tripoli including Ministries #Libya
Awesome 'Fajr Libya' took over the #US embassy compound, we are so proud! #Libya #Democrazy
The so called #GNC coming back to power just to enjoy playing cards in their private jet #Libya #Democrazy
Those who cried "coup" when Haftar attacked the GNC are silent now while the MB is trying to destroy the new elected parliament. #Libya
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The GNC saying two thirds of libyans agree with them being back is like Gaddafi saying "my beoble love me". #Libya
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I am guessing the Zintanis are the new Tawerghas #Libya
Misrata is not saving a thing. Misrata is sabotaging democracy plain and simple. Plenty of intelligent Misratan tweeps: say it as it is!
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Dear unknown planes, can you please bomb Rixos with the GNC in it, and then maybe we can have a peace #Libya
I said it before but I will say it again, #Libya's biggest mistake was voting for the GNC aka Monkeys.
صور لبعض الأضرار والخسائر التي لحقت بمطار طرابلس الدولي يا من تتفاخرون بتحرير المطار و تدمير ممتلكات الشعب الليبي !
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Another war criminal Mohamed Kilani #GNC_member مجرم حرب آخر محمد الكيلاني عضو المؤتمر السابق #??????_???_?????
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Now: grad rocket in Jaraba street #Tripoli shop bombed