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Nadia Ramadan
libya quotes 3,035 followers
Kidnappers of Jordan's Ambassador to #Tripoli demand that Jordan releases Jihadist Mohamed Al Drissi. #Libya
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Lots of kidnappings taking place in #Libya while Abu Sahmin is undergoing medical tests abroad.
So the government sent a letter to the GNC requesting full powers or otherwise its members will resign! What full power do they need? #Libya
All I hear in Gergarsh now are sirens ...inshalah 5hair..people are yelling and angry #Libya #Tripoli
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تحيا لرجال العاصمة وبداية تحدي المؤتمر المنتهي ولايته #??????_???_???? #?????_????
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Group calling itself "Mujahideen Shura Council" with many units around the city now has complete control of Derna.
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Great to meet Ali Rashaida head #Libya Railways see his train (on 4km track) discuss exciting plans & how UK can help
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#Egypt sets up a date for election while all we do is extend pathetically #InterimGovForever #Sad #Libya
Where are the ka3ka3 when you need them. #LameGNCLaw #Libya
Does the story about the crude oil ship in Libya reminds anyone about 'The usual suspect' movie. Kayser Soze! #Libya
#Malaysia Min. of Defense/Transport admits he went to the mosque Friday to #pray for a break in the mysterious case of #MH370
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Happy Mothers Day to all the Libyan moms out there battling the odds and sacrificing everything to ensure a better future for their kids.
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Any problem involving #Oil , the Americans will be there. #Libya
The #Libya|n authorities will proceed w/the deportation of 46 people within the next 2 days back to #Egypt
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I am extremely sorry for #Zidan, I don't think this is the right decision, #GNC should go OUT #Libya
My mom always says that Libya will be a stabilized country once all of Gadafi's sons are captured, I see a better #Libya in the near future.
Is Saadi in #Tripoli or did he join his brother for a family reunion in #Zintan? #Libya
FYI : Niger handed over Abdallah Mansour, Saadi Gaddafi and few others after it was proven they were involved in Sebha clashes last month
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US says Russia is wrong in invading another country. And, boy, would it know.
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I'm not with the #GNC, at all! But what's happening now is ridiculous and doesn't represent us Libyan citizens! #Libya
Earlier protesters were kidnapped by militias, now GNC members are kidnapped #Libya