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Joe Penna
Please, science. Make miniature tigers. Please!
Without looking it up… Which country is “Siam”?
Is tḥis tweet a little dirty?
You know what I really like? When a tweet is exactly 140 characters when retweeted with RT @[person's username]. Agreed?
Wait... someone on Klout has more Klout on "MysteryGuitarMan" than me?!
Technology... Why you so cool?! Here's our baby :) no sunglasses
The saddest thing I've ever come home to.
Just heard someone complain that they are jetlagged from their trip from Phoenix to California.
Peeps who went / are at NAB… how is it?
Checking out the world's largest "vertical farm".
All right, let's just call it quits on trying to sleep for the night. 24-hour day, here we go.
I know I've gone too far down the Reddits when I read: "The paucity of Adamic traditions in Second Temple Judaism is interesting."
I feel like the person who came up with "stuck between a rock and a... 'hard place'" wasn't quite done with their analogy.
I might be switching glasses.
All right, finally done with the coloring on the "@Avicii by @Avicii" music video! Submitting it now :D
If you’re taking a mile a minute, how fast are you talking in meters per second?
Can't wait for it to be back tomorrow!
I just got an Amazon credit card. Lord, help me.