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You might have revealed your opinion too quickly about an impo... More for Aquarius
There are so many overly cheerful people around you today that... More for Aquarius
Fresh currents of cosmic energy could quickly reinvigorate a s... More for Aquarius
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Somehow you can get away with the craziest of ideas today. In ... More for Aquarius
You may have some explaining to do about your radical approach... More for Aquarius
Paying attention to the subtle nuances of changing feelings ca... More for Aquarius
When your white cab driver is half JAMAICAN 😂�CT
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Although you may not be actively seeking new information now, ... More for Aquarius
You're ready for fun and frivolities now that the Moon is pran... More for Aquarius
It's like you're on a rocket ship that cannot quite accelerate... More for Aquarius
Someone may present such an amazing idea today that it's hard ... More for Aquarius
Playing nicely with others today propels you along your profes... More for Aquarius
I watch too much vampire dairies, cause I swear I can turn off my emotions real quick 😂😂😂😂
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Your first order of business today is delivering on your recen... More for Aquarius
Your current success depends on your ability to combine your u... More for Aquarius
#RacingRivals Race 4 Cash, Cred, & Pinks. Try Racing Rivals!
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Your career objectives may be in direct conflict with your per... More for Aquarius
You're more than willing to go along for the ride with an unco... More for Aquarius
People seem to think they know what's best for you today, but ... More for Aquarius
Sweeping changes are necessary to get your life back on track ... More for Aquarius
People might think you're being particularly weird today, but ... More for Aquarius
Ill never let him down
Maintaining objectivity is unlikely today, even as you try to ... More for Aquarius
You can't avoid interpersonal attachments now, even if your fe... More for Aquarius
Normally your associates lean on you because even if you are a... More for Aquarius
Your friends come knocking at your door for advice today while... More for Aquarius
You might be obsessed with increasing your personal freedom wh... More for Aquarius
You're not afraid of complicated logistics; in fact, you thriv... More for Aquarius
Waiting politely for your turn to speak isn't likely to work t... More for Aquarius
Im just gonna say we goin to finals goodnight 👏�xQ
You could be so goal oriented today that others don't know how... More for Aquarius
You may feel as if you didn't make any progress on the job yes... More for Aquarius
There's no reason to engage in a power struggle over allocatin... More for Aquarius
You're swimming in unfriendly waters today and might suddenly ... More for Aquarius
Your unconventional approach to life may be troubling to those... More for Aquarius
You can gather all the facts you want, but you're still not go... More for Aquarius
There's no denying that you have a lot of chores on your plate... More for Aquarius
You aren't necessarily aware of harboring any resentments abou... More for Aquarius
You have to be a worker bee today when you would rather be a s... More for Aquarius
Finding and sustaining your rhythm is more of a challenge than... More for Aquarius
Following orders is more challenging than ever while rebelliou... More for Aquarius
You've had enough of the annoyingly cheerful Pollyanna line, &... More for Aquarius
Old habits die hard, but there may be intelligent reasons to h... More for Aquarius
You might want to spend the day basking in relationship bliss,... More for Aquarius
Finding the physical stamina necessary to complete your chores... More for Aquarius
You don't need any external distractions today, especially if ... More for Aquarius
Although you're often the one who can quickly dismiss an old e... More for Aquarius

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