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Sometimes being a part of a group experience can be the most a... More for Aquarius
This restock tho 😍👏
I'd really appreciate it if y'all helped me out with my research project!
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When someone takes the last pair of your size #releasedayprobs
@kicksonfire buying your girl kicks because they ran out of your size #releasedayprobs
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I best be the only one she talking to or she getting cut off for life ✌️💇🙅🙅
The person 😍 you want the most 👫 💑 💏 👪 always play the most games 😡 🚶 🎲 ❤️🎲 💃 😠 💯.
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This mall deep af with these camping niggas 😂
Your friends and associates are eager to give you extra words ... More for Aquarius
Why are boobs attractive? They are two balls of fat on a girls chest? Why can't all the other fat be attractive too?
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Most incomplete night 😒
If you associate w|snakes, 🐍🐍🐍🐍🚶🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 you’re suspect…👌💯
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This nigga watching vampire diaries 😂
I use to have major trust issues
y'all just don't understand how bad I wanted Lilo to fuck this little bitch up 😤😂�
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