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Michael Waltrip
nascar 311,399 followers
So long Canada. It was awesome as always! #Eh
That finish was awesome! Both made great moves. Both should be proud. @RyanBlaney22 @gerspeed1 #Respect right @TheOrangeCone ?!
Sending love Tonys way from Canada. @NASCAR
Wait till you see this @NASCAR_Trucks race buddy!... @ClintBowyer: They do an awesome job with College football. great entertainment.
RT if you're coming to the @NASCAR_Trucks race tomorrow Canada!
Dear Canada I have arrived. Ive come to watch @NASCAR_Trucks and drink premium coffee @TimHortons Please tell me I'm at the right track!
Thank you @OfficialBoBice That was amazing πŸ‡ΊοΏ½#GodBlessAmericaca
Here we go. @amsupdates πŸš— ➑️✈️@CTMPOfficiall@NASCAR_Truckss@FOXSports11 Then β˜•οΈ@TimHortonss of course!
Stop, smile and rejoice in moments like this that makes everything seem right in this crazy ole world.…
Im getting old. I guess I'm suppose to start eating these now? #Prunes #regular
Let go for a run in the ATL. On your mark get set πŸƒ
Today I feel the same. My heart hurts for Tony and the Ward family. I will continue to pray everyday. πŸ™
Ahhhhh! You lucky dog you!.... @cctunes: Hey @mw55 look what I passed on the way to @amsupdates”
I love all 3. @PhoenixRaceway maybe? Too close to call... @maryfaith79: @mw55 Tying to decide between going to a race in Fort Worth, Phoe..
Yes! Left turns Clyde!..... @CTony14: @mw55 Hey Mikey you driving @ talladega in October?”
Me me me! With a fresh Dbl Dbl from @TimHortons ...... @TheAlexHayden: So, who's coming to @CTMPOfficial this weekend? @MRNRadio #AskMRN”
Driving a car at nearly 200mph sideways is hard. Need cameras on drivers to show their perspective.
Love this! Me too.... @Joturn33: @mw55 I'm having to sit on my hands to keep from waving at everybody!
I'm doing great. Thanks. I'm headed to @amsupdates I'm thinking a glove cam would be a really cool view on tv Atlanta=#elbowsup @ESPNNASCAR
How y'all doin?
A #tbt win with @AaronsSports and a nice #Bristol trophy. #OwnIt Thanks to Bobby Kennedy, Jerry,…
Graduation night with mom and dad. #ApolloHighSchool #1981 Yes, I graduated. #mifamilia #tbt
What are you going to wear might have been a good question to ask.
Please join me in wishing this sweet lucky dog a very happy dog day! @AaronsSports
I love dogs. Happy dog day. This was my doggone car in 1997. @woodbrothers21 @NASCAR
I'm an optimistic cat but it feels like it's fixin to be @TimHortons for errry body!
Coming soon!... @nixternal: @mw55 @CTMPOfficial @TimHortons I could use a #DBLDBL right now! To bad there isn't a Timmies around Chicago :/”
For sure!..... @evvsteve: @mw55 @TimHortons do you think this will get Horton's in Burger Kings in the US?”
Good thing I'm headed to @CTMPOfficial this weekend #Canada @TimHortons #DBLDBL
All this talk about @TimHortons has me in need of a Double Double and #TimBits stat!
Watching girls in bikinis @leebrice That song will make you subconsciously head to the beach. You'll get there and be like, wth?πŸ‘™
What will they think of next?
Well it's been a while since I went shopping but they have the cutest lil buggies here in Hollywood!
Thinking about my friends up @RaceSonoma way. Hope everyone is ok. 🍷
A Sunday morning stroll to The Farmers Market. Life is good. πŸ™
Headed to the track.