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Super-informative, eloquent Matt Kirsch (of @NoguchiMuseum) on legendary American sculptor Isamu…
@museumnerd Funny, sad, touching, thoughtful- 'Fun Home' was all that and so much more. Excellent storytelling. Congrats to @AlisonBechdel!
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It's such a great surprise that Alison Bechdel won a MacArthur award. I can't recommend her graphic novel 'Fun Home' enough.
The Yellowstone Art Museum (@YAMBillings) in Billings, Montana has had the Web domain since 1997. FORESIGHT.
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A great, but lonely @ngadc vid (25 views) on the #DegasCassatt exhibit deserves our RT! (closes 10/5) cc @museumnerd
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(@newmuseum's art/tech incubator looks rad!) MT @juliaxgulia: ...full list of @NEWINC participants on .
Chess lovers take note: @maryhillmuseum displays dozens of widely varied chess sets. Beautiful! Fascinating!
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New addition to our tweeting museum directors list: @NPG director Kim Sajet @NPGDirector Full list: cc @museumnerd
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@museumnerd This can help you with an idea of scale. Dorothy helped us welcome @ngadc to Instagram a few weeks ago!
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Found some #arteverywhere art. It's a detail. I wonder how big the original at @DallasMuseumArt is.
Phone Bui's curatorial tribute to the 1947 'Bloodflames' exhibit at Hugo Gallery.
Digital painting on aluminum by @petcortright at Foxy Production. "W9_Krakow Pajaki Package Crack Panic Attacks..."
I like this Paolo Monteiro at @davidzwirner. It's like three beans traversing a hill.
“How museums provide equality of access and how museums address social ills” (via @futureofmuseums):
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Any wordpress ppl care to help me with @AskACurator this year? Normally I use a Google Doc then add to site manually…
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@museumnerd ... writes wikipedia articles in her spare time and inadvertently wrote the same text twice....? #SecretWikipedian
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No way Carol Vogel (NYTimes) just copied Wikipedia (…); so let's speculate. Intern? Photographic memory misfire?
Got approached to do an interview by a print publication I respect, but their editors would have to know my real identity. Hmm.
This concludes today's uncritical live-tweet of an art show. We hope you enjoyed it. If so, please tell a friend. #art
Here is the third & final art by Rachel Feinstein in @MadSqParkNYC. Pencil-like marks make it look like a sketch.
While I walk over to the 3rd art, of which the sign informed me, I will tell you that Rachel Feinstein is the wife of paint John Curran.
I have found a sign. It tells me the previous art & this one are by Rachel Feinstein. They are in @MadSqParkNYC.
Here is an art. It shows boat parts and evokes a general feeling of oceanic chaos.
We finally caught up with 2011! --Glenn RT @museumnerd: Hooray! The @hirshhorn Museum has just joined @instagram! #FF
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Foreign visitorship up about 5%. I was one of those visitors! Via @AlMonitor #Turkey's Museum Boom
Czech out who's birthday it is... RT @artsy: Happy Birthday, Alphonse Mucha!…
Moving to a 7-day week increased @MuseumModernArt's attendance, but not @metmuseum's. Huh?…
Thanks. I'll give it a shot. RT @ChaiBookQueen30: ... you can use @SwiftKey. It has the [emoji] feature built into the keyboard.
What's the best way to put emoji on an Android phone? I've seen the apps, but which is most like the iOS set?
#SpyDeadDrop planted. Clue: Find the final resting place of the first director of the #FBI. Your free tickets await.
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If the darn thing finally opens, I'll be thrilled. RT @nytimes When a Museum’s Big Dreams Prove Too Ambitious
#YouthInAsia MT @artnet LA’s morbid Museum of Death (@korvptvs) has purchased the Thanatron
Artist Royalties Bill Has 16 Congressional Co-Sponsors
Amazing super-zoom-able Ghent Alterpiece: h/t @lateralhazard
John Baldessari's website apparently has no art. It does, however, have a series of "Pictures of John" -
Brock Davis, "Cereal TIE Fighter" h/t @gnarlynerd
What's your favorite visual artist's website?
Hermann Landshoff - Max Ernst at Peggy Guggenheim’s home, New York, fall 1942
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On #Calder's birthday, here's a look at the conservation of one of his most beloved works.
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What museum catalog are you coveting on eBay (or abebooks) right now? Me? @MuseumModernArt's 1941 'Organic Design'…
Anyone know who made this hilariousness that @kaitlinjmartin shared with me?