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The Yellowstone Art Museum (@YAMBillings) in Billings, Montana has had the Web domain since 1997. FORESIGHT.
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A great, but lonely @ngadc vid (25 views) on the #DegasCassatt exhibit deserves our RT! (closes 10/5) cc @museumnerd
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(@newmuseum's art/tech incubator looks rad!) MT @juliaxgulia: ...full list of @NEWINC participants on .
Chess lovers take note: @maryhillmuseum displays dozens of widely varied chess sets. Beautiful! Fascinating!
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New addition to our tweeting museum directors list: @NPG director Kim Sajet @NPGDirector Full list: cc @museumnerd
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@museumnerd This can help you with an idea of scale. Dorothy helped us welcome @ngadc to Instagram a few weeks ago!
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Found some #arteverywhere art. It's a detail. I wonder how big the original at @DallasMuseumArt is.
Phone Bui's curatorial tribute to the 1947 'Bloodflames' exhibit at Hugo Gallery.
Digital painting on aluminum by @petcortright at Foxy Production. "W9_Krakow Pajaki Package Crack Panic Attacks..."
I like this Paolo Monteiro at @davidzwirner. It's like three beans traversing a hill.
“How museums provide equality of access and how museums address social ills” (via @futureofmuseums):
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Any wordpress ppl care to help me with @AskACurator this year? Normally I use a Google Doc then add to site manually…
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@museumnerd ... writes wikipedia articles in her spare time and inadvertently wrote the same text twice....? #SecretWikipedian
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No way Carol Vogel (NYTimes) just copied Wikipedia (…); so let's speculate. Intern? Photographic memory misfire?
Got approached to do an interview by a print publication I respect, but their editors would have to know my real identity. Hmm.
This concludes today's uncritical live-tweet of an art show. We hope you enjoyed it. If so, please tell a friend. #art
Here is the third & final art by Rachel Feinstein in @MadSqParkNYC. Pencil-like marks make it look like a sketch.
While I walk over to the 3rd art, of which the sign informed me, I will tell you that Rachel Feinstein is the wife of paint John Curran.
I have found a sign. It tells me the previous art & this one are by Rachel Feinstein. They are in @MadSqParkNYC.
Here is an art. It shows boat parts and evokes a general feeling of oceanic chaos.
We finally caught up with 2011! --Glenn RT @museumnerd: Hooray! The @hirshhorn Museum has just joined @instagram! #FF
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Foreign visitorship up about 5%. I was one of those visitors! Via @AlMonitor #Turkey's Museum Boom
Czech out who's birthday it is... RT @artsy: Happy Birthday, Alphonse Mucha!…
Moving to a 7-day week increased @MuseumModernArt's attendance, but not @metmuseum's. Huh?…
Thanks. I'll give it a shot. RT @ChaiBookQueen30: ... you can use @SwiftKey. It has the [emoji] feature built into the keyboard.
What's the best way to put emoji on an Android phone? I've seen the apps, but which is most like the iOS set?
#SpyDeadDrop planted. Clue: Find the final resting place of the first director of the #FBI. Your free tickets await.
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If the darn thing finally opens, I'll be thrilled. RT @nytimes When a Museum’s Big Dreams Prove Too Ambitious
#YouthInAsia MT @artnet LA’s morbid Museum of Death (@korvptvs) has purchased the Thanatron
Artist Royalties Bill Has 16 Congressional Co-Sponsors
Amazing super-zoom-able Ghent Alterpiece: h/t @lateralhazard
John Baldessari's website apparently has no art. It does, however, have a series of "Pictures of John" -
Brock Davis, "Cereal TIE Fighter" h/t @gnarlynerd
What's your favorite visual artist's website?
Hermann Landshoff - Max Ernst at Peggy Guggenheim’s home, New York, fall 1942
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On #Calder's birthday, here's a look at the conservation of one of his most beloved works.
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What museum catalog are you coveting on eBay (or abebooks) right now? Me? @MuseumModernArt's 1941 'Organic Design'…
Anyone know who made this hilariousness that @kaitlinjmartin shared with me?
Just saw the term "towpath" in print for the first time. Now I understand it's canal origins. I always thought it was TOEpath. Oops.
I don't know what to say... || Family That Owns Hobby Lobby Plans Bible Museum in Washington:…
Preview a better-looking, more-readable #Wikipedia:…
The @RRauschenberg Foundation is on Twitter. Follow if love Robert Rauschenberg. Definitely follow if you've never heard of him.
You guys read that Guggenheim Helsinki thing in the Times today? You think they should do it?