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Museum of Modern Art
Our WWI film series concludes this weekend w/ "Lawrence of Arabia" & "Two Arabian Knights."
"(Re)present," an exhibition of artwork created as part of MoMA community programs, is now on view in The Cullman Education and Research Building. This Kara Walker-inspired silhouette artwork was the result of a workshop with fathers participating in UPNEXT, a parenting program of the Midtown Commun
Making art with water guns? Only in MoMA Classes. Register for our "Mind Games" course today:
Today & Saturday: Spielberg's 2011 "War Horse" screens as part of our WWI-on-film series.
Two decades in the making, @MoMAFilm's “Discovering Georgian Cinema" series begins 9/23.
Another example of design for play: Alma Siedhoff-Buscher. Building Blocks. 1923 (original design); reproduction manufactured by Kurt Naef c. 1977. Painted wood
MoMA / @MoMAPS1 Records releases its debut double LP, a tribute to John Cage’s "4’33”."
Make art in collaboration w/ contemporary artists in MoMA courses. Registration closes soon!
Now: @MoMAstore Dir. of Retail Dev. Ruth Shapiro & @UniqloUSA Chief Merchandising Officer Steven Sare discuss our collaboration. #REMIXNYC
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MoMA Director Glenn D. Lowry is about to deliver today's @remixsummit keynote. Follow along via @MoMA_Live. #REMIXNYC
George Nelson's "How to Kill People: A Problem of Design," this week on @desviolenz blog.
Hope you enjoyed #AskACurator day! Thanks to Sarah & Juliet, our participating curators. We welcome your questions any time, not just today.
MoMA Associate Educator Calder Zwicky is discussing our @MoMAteens initiatives at #REMIXNYC. Follow along via @MoMA_Live now!
A: My choices have to excite me & make sense to me. I also like to eavesdrop in the galleries & try to see what others see. -JK #AskACurator
Q from @malimelibu on Instagram: "For whom do you curate? For yourselves? For what kind of public?” #AskACurator
A: A newspaper. You have to be like a sponge. What people are feeling now also affects how we relate to art of the past. -JK #AskACurator
Q from @cosmicona on Instagram: “Which is the most important book (in your opinion) for a curator?" #AskACurator
A: How long is a piece of string? Time for me always repays the effort. Sometimes you just want to say hi to an old friend. -JK #AskACurator
Q from @selvasterstallone on Instagram: "How long are you supposed to stand in front of a painting?” #AskACurator
A: Likes & dislikes are a great starting point. What moves you/others? Why? It's up to the audience to agree or disagree. -JK #AskACurator
Q from @bekisforlovers on Instagram: "How do you keep your opinions of art out of choosing what to hang for a show?" #AskACurator
A: An action, object, image or space w/ a point of view. Might be the way someone does their hair or a funny advert. -JK #AskACurator
Q from @linocc_ on Instagram: "What do you personally think art is? (no quoting allowed)." #AskACurator
A: Depends on projects. Prob. 6 wks/yr. The rest of the time at my desk w/ visits to library, galleries, museums, studios. -SS #AskACurator
Q from @LaurenTrantino on Instagram: "How much travel is involved with your job? And how much time is spent at a desk?” #AskACurator
A: Song Dong: art shipment rerouted by weather, diverted to train, delayed @ customs. A race to the finish but so worth it! -SS #AskACurator
Q from @chrisawilliams on Instagram: "What is the most difficult show you've curated? Or the most nerve-racking?” #AskACurator
A: I love seeing artworks that I've chased down, researched, and advocated for make it into the galleries. -SS #AskACurator
Q from @charlottegrayson on Instagram: “What is the most rewarding part of your job?” #AskACurator
A: A toughie! For collection, @MOT_art_museum in Tokyo is full of surprises. For experience, nothing beats @Fond_Beyeler. -SS #AskACurator
Q from @BarryBriggs on Instagram: "Other than MOMA, what museum gives you the most pleasure or is most stimulating?” #AskACurator
A: As long as you want to! For me, it could be 10 minutes w/ a Hieronymus Bosch, and 10 seconds-or less-with its neighbor. -SS #AskACurator
Q from @selvasterstallone on Instagram: "How long are you supposed to stand in front of a painting?” #AskACurator
Wolfgang Laib installs "Pollen from Hazelnut" (2013) at the @MuseumModernArt in this week's #ART21Season7 preview…
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We're about to begin tweeting our questions & responses for #AskACurator day! "-SS" replies are from Sarah Suzuki, "-JK" is Juliet Kinchin.
This little guy keeps trying to escape, so we're keeping him locked in a display case. Richard and Betty James. Slinky. 1945. Manf: James Spring & Wire Company; later James Industries; now a brand of Poof-Slinky, Inc. Steel; compressed: 2 3/8 x 2 7/8"
Today is #AskACurator day! Reply w/ Qs for MoMA curators of drawings & prints and architecture & design.
Ever wanted to #AskACurator a question? Post questions in the comments below now for Sarah Suzuki from the Department of Drawings & Prints and Juliet Kinchin from the Department of Architecture & Design and we'll tweet responses tomorrow via @museummodernart on Twitter.
Born today in 1886, Jean (Hans) Arp was a pioneer of abstract art & a founder of Dada.
Ever wanted to #AskACurator a question? Reply w/ Qs now and MoMA curators may answer your questions tomorrow!
A brisk walk through the galleries: Umberto Boccioni. Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. 1913 (cast 1931). Bronze, 43 7/8 x 34 7/8 x 15 3/4"
Juliet Kinchin most recently curated "Designing Modern Women" & "Design and the Modern Kitchen." Reply w/ ?s for #AskACurator day tomorrow!
Sarah Suzuki most recently curated "The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec." Reply w/ questions and Sarah will answer tomorrow for #AskACurator day.
9/17 is #AskACurator Day! Reply w/ Qs for Sarah Suzuki in Dept. of Drawings & Prints and Juliet Kinchin in Dept. of Architecture & Design.
Amazing news—after almost 4 weeks of construction we're re-opening our Bar Room @ 5PM tomorrow & Dining Room on 9/17 @ 5PM. Come celebrate!
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Learn the history of printmaking from Toulouse to today & make your own in this fall course.
Riva Castleman, Curator Who Promoted Printmaking, Dies at 84
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"Ray Johnson Designs," ending 9/29, is "a must-see for all mail art fans" (@hyperallergic).