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Muscles Glasses
Since it's trending I would like to direct everyone to the ORIGINAL #PizzaCake we made 3 years ago. (starts at 4.00)
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NEW #EpicMealEmpire is on TV right now on @FYI! Check it out!!
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2 NEW episodes of #EpicMealEmpire in 20 minutes on @FYI!! TUNE IN NOW!!
2 NEW #EpicMealEmpire episodes on @FYI tonight at 10pm EST U-Verse: 272 Dish Network: 119 DirecTV: 266 Verizon Fios:129 Watch that son!
Tonight at 10pm EST is an all-NEW #EpicMealEmpire on @FYI!! Make sure you tune in!!!
The boys at @EpicMealTime kill the competition with #EpicMealEmpire. Watch it on @FYI at 10pm EST. TV will never be the same.
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Whoever tweets out this -> "Watch #EpicMealEmpire right now on @FYI!" will get a follow from me!
EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at #EpicMealEmpire for our Internet Fanbase!! Check it out
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We'll never stop uploading to our YouTube! Here's an exclusive first look at the Epic Meal TV show
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Happy Canada Day to the Internet!! This is The Sharpshooter!
Coming soon w/ @BradBRowe thanks to @HarleyPlays and MuscleGlasses for making me look like a badass!
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Wanna be on @EpicMealTime TV show? Be here 4805 Colfax Ave. Valley Village, 91601 at 3pm!!
The one man that MusclesGlasses was based off of makes his second appearance on @EpicMealTime
Strive not to be a success, but rather to be super ripped.
You say MILF, I say MIF.
I brought a knife to a gunfight...and still used my bare hands.
Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being...jacked. Being jacked. Life is about being jacked.
This is important... MusclesGlasses can talk...
Your work out is my warm up.
Our video* RT @HarleyPlays: On the real... mofuckas be watching my video.
The manliest cookbook is on sale now and there's a lot of MusclesGlasses in it! Get it! #GetIt
To all haters, fakers, wannabes and bitch-made salad munchers... We just sold a TV show…
"To reach enlightenment, one must not be a salad munching bitch" pure genius @MusclesGlasses
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Our Trailer Park Boys episode is out tonight. To get prepped check them out on Netflix using for free month!!
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In case you haven't checked out Netflix yet, go to for a free 30 day trial. Get us that bacon money!!
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You could be the greasiest, tastiest baconstrip in the whole world and there's still going to be somebody who hates bacon. But they're dumb.
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Brand new episode of The Legend Of @MusclesGlasses & its hilarious. Not even ninjas can stand the bacon wrath of MG!
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Salad Ninjas do not stand a chance against the meatburger fueled @MusclesGlasses
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The NEW episode of The Legend of MusclesGlasses set in 1590 Japan ->
Nothing is cute to me.
This is what a Super Bowl Snack should look like...
The guys that don't know shit about cooking just published a cookbook and it's all your fault!!
Shout out to @KaliMuscle for his portrayal in this week's episode! He's got a channel
The Legendary Glasses find themselves in 1975 Brooklyn in The Legend of MusclesGlasses Episode 1 -
Where have I been?! @HarleyPlays answers this question and more...
Where is @MusclesGlasses? I answer burning questions the night before The Legend of MusclesGlasses launches
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Went on a business trip to The Virgin Islands... I guess you can call them The Islands now.
Fuck coasters! Who the fuck puts down their beer?!
EpicMealTime store hack... Put #Blood in the notes section of your order and I'll sign it!
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I don't need to wear cologne. Women love the smell of a man's sweat.
Anal sex is the only birth control I know of.