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Murdoc Niccals
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Packing our kit to bring some GSS love to Indonesia for Dimensions Playground, Jakarta May 5th & Bali May 9th!
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Incoming transmission!… oh & that massive 12 minute hunk of #doyathing track can be played here
It’s too good to be true. It’s an autobahn of funk, hip-hop and motornik madness. Start it up, hang on tight and see you at the other side!
D’you hear me? Full scale director’s cut of #DoYaThing now on Once in a lifetime, listeners! Andre’s raps are….wow!
13 minute autograph of #DoYaThing, now released on Dive in. The water’s warm and frothy! Thanks guys!
Tomorrow, the Frankenstein Monster– #DoYaThing:13 minute version-is brought to life & set free to roam the planet. On!
People have spoken –in whispers –for centuries about its existence. But now!!! It’s true. The full-length version of #DoYaThing. It’s alive!
Now we’re really shelling out gold! This is the motherload. Full uncut version of #DoYaThing! Coming out on Tomorrow!
Check out our new Gorillaz video for #DoYaThing – with Andre 3000 and James LCD Murphy. Right now!
I know it's wrong, I've watched it at least 304 times #DoYaThing
Can someone give YouTube a quick bang on the side! The view counter on my #DoYaThing Video's stuck on 303
Stop what your doing-Emails for the boss. Tax returns. Dropping the kids off-Whatever. Go to Now! New Gorillaz video!
It’s out. The video for #DoYaThing is now out. On Another GorillaZ chapter unfurls.
Seismic…It’s a blockbuster too. What jocks! ‘3 Artists - 1 Song’. And one giant leap for mankind! Heavy video…
Feb 29. Giant leap year– #DoYaThing video released on Grab your popcorn & a bottle of Ouzo! Big screen action.
A leap year indeed! Some sparkly visuals coming your way this Wednesday. It’s…29 o’clock! #DoYaThing
Here's another one of my famous transmissions. Get your ears around this!…
Monday. Head hurts. Once again…Groundhog Day! But wait...It’s another bumper week on the Gorillaz calendar! Stay tuned!
Oh my…a video too? Wow…That’s just too much! Thanks, guys. And when that’ coming out? Really?....Too kind, guys, too kind….
Happy Christmas from all of us at Gorillaz and @Converse. #DoYaThing!
I mean, how you can say fairer than that? Pearls? Swine!...Time for a top up! x