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Want a page like this?
Talk about having pride in your country... Check out this 3D America tattoos:
I can't put into words how excited I am for @AngelHaze's new EP: (Pssst @samsmithworld & @HAIMtheband will be on it!)
So... Where's the cast of #Friends now?
I can't stop listening to @justinbieber in these new Khalil songs:
And this is one of the many reasons I love @britneyspears:
Now doctors are even saying that sleeping in is good for teens. I knew it!
I hate to say it, but when it comes to the latest episode of #TeenWolf? I told ya so! ICYMI:
Oh haaayy @DaRealAmberRose, I see you twerking.
Hey you! I hope you have an incredible weekend.
"Don't get a mortgage. Get an RV. Get a life. Get on the road." #NoCamerasAllowed @marcushaney @nocamerasmtv
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A music lover and film students ultimate dream, accomplished @nocamerasmtv So much respect brotha 👌✌@marcushaneyy
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"I'm not the fun police." *Everyone goes back to setting off fireworks* #Lmao #NoCamerasAllowed @marcushaney
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@nocamerasmtv Inspiring story! It's never to late to chase a dream and have fun at the same time. #NoCamerasAllowed
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@nocamerasmtv is such a cool movie! This dude is honestly living the dream!
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Was watching the VMAs, telling dad my life dream is to shoot the VMAs and Warped. @nocamerasmtv and @marcushaney reminded me I can.
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Can I just say how beautiful @MumfordAndSons are, always? Their music may make me tear up a little bit. @marcushaney #NoCamerasAllowed
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This tank top is actually the most useful:
#NoCamerasAllowed starts right NOW! RT if you're watching and tweeting along with @nocamerasmtv!
HALF AN HOUR TIL #NoCamerasAllowed premieres!! Be sure to tune in at 10/9c to @MTV for the tunes, the art, and the adventure 💕@marcushaneyy
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#NoCamerasAllowed, a doc about sneaking in to the world's biggest music festivals, airs tonight on @MTV at 10/9c:
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Summer is officially coming to an end and I'm really sad about it:
Check out this Best of #Ridiculousness playlist for your daily does of laughs:
Stay stronger than yesterday, @britneyspears:
Just so you're aware... You look a little crazy while taking selfies:
.@MTVSnackOff is here to teach you very valuable things... Like how to cure a hangover: #SnackOff
You'd look real good in this bikini, @MileyCyrus: