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Marianas Trench
Yay tomorrow I get to go back to school! Hey wait a second...
I love a good day of sunshine.
Early weekend rising Australia & New Zealand Trenchers, wanna see us? tix here tour! and now!
Get your tix for our #firsttimeinnz and #thatsnotaknife tour! Head to and now!
RT @cocacola_ca: Hey #TO: check back in tomorrow for a chance to get in on a very special #shareacokecanada experience with @mtrench!
Vancouver, who’s ready for #WeDay?! We can’t wait to perform on Oct 22, check it out:
Official Presale for our #Thatsnotaknife #FirsttimeinNZ tour starts now!Head to (NZ) and (AUS)
What art thou up to today?
@Liiiam42: @mtrench and an August Burns Red song looool” honourable mention goes to you. Love that answer.
@rach_lifegoeson: @mtrench a tour 😄” ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!!!
What do Australia, New Zealand, a deep ocean trench and 4 Canadian idiots have in common?
Who are you and what are you doing in my pants?
Australia & New Zealand you ready for the MT invasion? Concert dates/details at #Geography101 #marianastrench
Oh NZ and AUS Trenchers... we have a special announcement for you... head to to see what it is!
Australia & NZ, pay close attention to our twitter/FB for the next week-good news coming. For now radio requests for Pop 101 would be magic!
Anyone wanting drum lessons during fall & winter in the Abbotsford area please email Beginners welcome! Ian
I love Olaf. RT @Gus95Gus: @mtrench @ayziaet hi I'm Olaf and I love warm hugs.
It's September!!! RT @ayziaet: @mtrench great. 5 cm of snow. Calgary.
10cm of snow expected today in Calgary. I don't know why I'm fascinated by this but I am lol!
I heard it's supposed to snow in Calgary and Edmonton. This is nuts, if it does please tweet us pics!
So how was the first week of back to school for everyone? Or if you live in BC, how was your first strike week of continued summer?
And thank you to all radio stations supporting MT by playing #POP101. Trenchers, keep requesting if you can. #gratitude
By brettkissel via @RepostWhiz app: Thanks to ALL of you I have been nominated for "Interactive Artist" of the year! Come celebrate with me (Saturday) at West Edmonton Mall for Fan Fest! (#RepostWhiz app)
We take you behind the scenes of our latest music vid #POP101 Watch here: @Much
@mtrench: Who wants my used mobile phone? It's about 30 pounds, doesn't take pics and has no apps. Contact Danny. #GreatDeal
Who wants my used mobile phone? It's about 30 pounds, doesn't take pics and has no apps. Contact Danny. #GreatDeal
This is what a Marianas Trench business meeting looks like. #business #meeting #timeismoney #cleverhashtag
I stand corrected. It appears that approximately 97% of our fans are in Antarctica. Who knew? New summer touring location?
I've seen Trenchers reply from a dozen time zones(and it's the middle of the night somewhere) and at least 4 continents #AntarcticaNotSoMuch
I'm curious to see where our closest followers are these days. It'd really satisfy my interest if you replied with your country/city!-Mike
Respect the body's primal needs. #Truth @itsmeganedwards @starbucks
Trenchers, I just noticed #pop101 is number 22 on the @Much countdown! Check it out on their website. Let's request it to the top! #1video
Pervert. RT @JdDesignDecor: @mtrench come wash my too . Please
What are you up to on this fine Saturday? I'm washing the floors like a good little Rockstar.
Lol! RT @hayleyberketa: @mtrench no joke I thought "church of asses in the seats" was "jerk that passes the disease" until last year 😷
"The fan is mightier than the sword." Trenchers, thank you for years of support. Your requests of our songs are the heart of our success!
That's my girl! RT @anchxrsdown: @mtrench Ian I kept our promise and I'm 536 days clean
Hahaha nice! RT @LorryYanez: @mtrench you need to tell Josh that we don't understand him as much as he thought we did
Well done! RT @superwholock89: @mtrench I've just learned to never listen to anything u guys say it's normally some kinda trick
Let's try this again. Badass bitches on a badass bike. Watch out!!! @itsmeganedwards (via #RepostWhiz @RepostWhiz app)
that's every day of my life.“@superwholock89: @mtrench after I saw the lyric vid I thought u guys were f-ing with us bc I got so much wrong”
That is awesome. RT @laraiabobaia: @mtrench my 5 year old cousin thought "like dj never let me go" was "luigi never let me glow"
I am always curious about this, what lyrics were you mistaken on, meaning give us your version of what you thought they were?
How well do you know #POP101 ? Test your skills here:
Looking to sing along to #POP101 ?Check out this cool lyric video we put together to make sure you know all the words