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Marianas Trench
Good day lovelies.
Or perhaps Baffin Island? #CanadianGeography101@lawleyprincess: @mtrench is baffle an british word? i feel like it originated from there”
Australian and New Zealand Trenchers, does it baffle you to think that when I read your texts you have the same accent as me? #mindblown!
Poll time! Who is coming to see us in either Australia or New Zealand? Reply with the show you are coming to! #10daysTilAuckland
Coincidence that WeDay is Wed(nesd)ay? I think not! See U then Vancouver. @weday @freethechildren @selenagomez @macklemore @craigkielburger
In just over a week we travel to Auckland. Can't wait to turn my seat into a personal apartment for 16 hours from YVR to SYD! @AirCanada
Now ur speaking my language!“@Hits93Toronto: #NowPlaying: Pop 101(Barely feat. Anami Vice)by @mtrench. Listen live”
I like your style! “@DoItLikeWebb: @1023nowradio @1049VirginYEG @917thebounce Good Morning! Could I please request Pop 101 by @mtrench? ☺”
Head down to BC place and vote for our designer @kimcasselmanhcd !! @urbanbarn @vanhomeshows #UBNTDKim
Looks like the shoe is on the other foot! #undershoes
Let's throw some requests in to radio stations and get this little Pop 101 ditty to number one shall we?
Turkey sandwich anyone...?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am very thankful for my band and our fans, both of which allow me to lead a very happy life :)
Pop 101 is #17 on the @Much countdown! Send them your requests and get this baby moving to the top!
It's very much on top of the covers ;) RT @ramsaysauce: @mtrench is this an under cover promo for yamaha
Those are the Yamaha student model and I'm going to tour with them to show how kick ass their entry models are!!!
Setting up some new Yamaha Stage Customs. What do you think of the colour choice?
A hint, replace where we are with while we're young :) RT @JoshRamsaysgirl: @ALYSSA__FRANCE (cont)
Yes! RT @trenchtramp: @mtrench Ian is this clever and funny enough for you to love me?
I did that on a full grown pig when I was a kid! RT @Helmet_Fuck: @mtrench I dare ya to do this (and yes this is me)
Clearly I lost it a while back. RT @Helmet_Fuck: @mtrench Ian can I have your secret on how to be so cute?
I used it to hug myself. I'm cheap. RT @clarissa__1712: #HugADrummerDay @mtrench ian look what I found
Just retweeting some good ideas for tomorrow... RT @chelbi_17: @mtrench boots n cats n pop
Love it! RT @sarahmariechase: @mtrench I gave you a description and a whole paragraph explaining (cont)
Send us pictures of your creations!
Project for tomorrow. Find something with the word POP in it and use it in some way to make reference to either the song or the video.
So far it seems that boots and cats is winning...
What is your favourite part in Pop 101? Inquiring minds want to know...
Mike clearly loves cookies too much. Thief!!! wasn't me, Ian? I bet they weren't warm, delicious, melty, chewy chocolate chip cookies. Were they?
Who stole my cookies???
Australian Trenchers! Our #Melbourne show on November 2nd is now ALL AGES! See you there! @MtrenchAus
I feel like a small infant who needs to be held by a strong soldier.
Sundays are the best day for...
Saturdays have always been one of my favorite days. What are you up to today?
Face The Music! Our first headlining arena tour. You got us there and we haven't forgotten it! #MarianasTrenchDay