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Terry McMillan
bookswriting 249,470 followers
Where I'm writing. Sometimes you have to move in order to be still. (Negril, Jamaica)
If Democrats lose the Senate, it'll be 1959 all over again in America.
If Democrats lose the Senate, I might stay in Jamaica!!!
21 days to election day! My ballot is being fedexed to me here in Jamaica.I write. I swim. I write. I nap. Progress. #amwriting PLEASE VOTE!
Have a great October everybody. Trick or Treat. Be somebody's lollipop!
Don't ever water it down.
I would rather add up to something than end up being a minus.
Everything we do is cumulative.
Taking a baby step is better than taking no step at all.
There is a reason why we need vacations.
It's downright pathetic when ignorant people think they can outsmart and outwit you. Some we know personally.
Do what you can. Don't worry about what you can't.
There are many reasons why progress is so slow. Think of one.
Throw your hands up in the air when you're dancing. Not about your life.
We have more power than we think. Some of us just don't use it. And they're the ones who whine the most and the loudest.
Negativity has a lot to do with why so many of us live like we're in quicksand.
Have a moonlit Monday everybody. Inhale some mint. Glow.
Don't make me come in there.
I hope everybody is feeling delightful and grateful but if not, do something for yourself to insure it.
Perhaps, it's Taco Monday?
It's sad when you have a taste for something but you don't know what it's for. I believe it's simply called hunger.
One day of fun to tweet! Hey y'all! :D
Get on my case. I'll close yours.
Some folks look for what's wrong and swallow it like a gourmet meal.
I am and have always been an antiauthoritarian. I don't like anybody telling me what I should do. Suggest it. And I'll consider it.
I feel like tweeting. But my words are on twacation. For another month. I realize I can live without Twitter. But I do miss you Tweethearts!
I cannot believe Amber Rose is divorcing Wiz! I might not be able to sleep tonight. (In the know!)
I will be back in time to vote. No doubt about it.
Leaving Colorado. Good work done. Here's why. Next up: October in Negril. Trading mountains for the sea. #amwriting
I hope every eligible voter is registered&if you're not, don't be upset when Republicans overtake the Senate&continue treason in the House.
Please don't forget about me. I will continue to wish nothing but the best for all of you during my absence. Thrive. And kick ass!
Will be off Twitter until late September. No Internet where I'll be sequestering from the real world in order to create my own. #amwriting
I have the utmost respect for Senator Bernie Sanders. He's an Independent. Especially in his thinking. Hallelujah.
And the beat goes on. Goodnight all. Sleep like a baby after a warm bath. Dream in yellow.
There are a lot of people who know they're wrong and what they believe in is hypocritical but they prefer to subscribe to it anyway.
You can't be understood if you're trying to explain why you're angry when you're up against an infantry of armed police officers.
I am not going to miss David Gregory on Meet the Press. #DavidGregorysNextJob
The mayor (lower case) of Ferguson must be a Republican if he thinks the police officers have been doing a good job handling this.
Gobble. Gobble. I smell lunch. Have a thoughtful and thankful afternoon everybody. Find something to ywist and shout about.
I'll be glad when race doesn't matter.
I need a nap. I'm aching.
If you're black and you hurt or kill or harm another black person, that's not only racist but a form of self-hatred. Malcolm & Martin knew.
There are black racists, too. No doubt about it. Sad, too.
As if we're too stupid to see the truth.
Racist hate admitting they're racist. Like sociopaths, they know how turn it around so that the victims are the guilty ones.