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Microsoft Security
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Responsible for managing risk at your org? Check out these tools to help keep you protected:
In a recent survey 29% of all banking org clients only respond to incidents (like a security breach) once discovered
Learn how vulnerabilities are exploited and get mitigation guidance here:
RT @Safer_Online Daily Download: See what you can do to help protect your #privacy online: #onlinesafety
What does the future of #cybersecurity look like? Share your thoughts!
See how Blackhole exploit kit works and get guidance to help protect against exploit kits:
The benefits of the #cloud are undeniable. RT if you agree!
RT @Azure #Azure Active Directory: Identity and Access Management for the cloud
Guidance from #MSFT for helping secure Public Key Infrastructure. Download the #whitepaper here:
25% of recently surveyed healthcare orgs have ineffective controls for removing access when employees leave
What is antifragility and how can it help your org? Find out:
Learn how to boost your #malware defense and protect your #PC here:
Check out #MSFT's Chief #Reliability Strategist's recommended reading for #resilience:
Check out #MSFT's free #EMET 5.0 Tech Preview to help protect systems from exploitation:
Read about the benefits of running real-time #security software:
Survey results show 40% of customers in public sector orgs still use paper #NDAs & use them inconsistently. More:
What's the risk between the time that a vulnerability is disclosed & when we first see active exploitation of it?
RT @MSFTPrivacy Security and transparency also enhance privacy protections. Read:
#Security is an important topic not just for #developers and IT staff, but also for executives. Learn more:
#Microsoft’s SDL resources have been downloaded more than 1 million times worldwide. See how your org could benefit:
Learn more about #MSFT's efforts to engineer w/ privacy, #cybersecurity & compliance in mind:
Learn about #MSFT Interflow: a #security & threat info exchange platform for #cybersecurity analysts & researchers
29% of retailers in a recent survey didn't use roles to manage access to physical sites. Manage risks w/ the #cloud
New guidance and mitigations for Pass-the-Hass attacks from #MSFT. Read: