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Shiro Bara
Checking out Erik Ravelo photography. Lovely work. Much Provocative.
There's a fine line between taking care of yourself and fear of old age.
I almost made the grave mistake of wearing my joker shirt with my star wars scarf.
I liked a @YouTube video The Easiest Way to Put on Contacts
Finally home after #comiccon. I'll have to fight to get these contacts out of my eyes. #NYComicCon #nyc #comiccon2014 #akatsuki #naruto #anime
One of the four purchases I made from a lovely artist at #comiccon #deadpool #art #comiccon2014 #nyc #NYComicCon #comic #marvel
The tutorials made it seem like it would take me 30 min to put in contacts. I did it in 10 min. Makes me think I did something wrong.
I liked a @YouTube video [Electro Swing] A Friend Like Me (Sim Gretina Remix)
Are you batman prepared? #comiccon #NYC #akatsuki #naruto
I liked a @YouTube video This Is What Happens When You Ignore Your Boss' Texts
I liked a @YouTube video from @Gritty_Reboots Adventure Time: The Movie (Live-Action 4K Trailer) | Gritty
Tropicana Diner & Restaurant on #Yelp: The place itself is very clean and has nice furniture especially for a diner.……
Currently adding curse words to my personal dictionary on my phone. My new favorite: cockmuncher
Laughter is sexy. Happiness looks good on you.
"Don't be mad because I'm doing me better than you doing you."
I liked a @YouTube video from @AtheistVoices 16 Reasons Harry Potter is Better Than The Bible
Infuriating and horrifying, but so very important to watch. #Hunted : The War Against Gays in Russia. #HBO
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I liked a @YouTube video If We Cared About The Environment Like We Care About Sports
I liked a @YouTube video Science of Beauty According to Photoshop
I liked a @YouTube video Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture (HBO)
I liked a @YouTube video Would You Sext Your Parents For Money?
Revolution is usually the result of rising expectations.
I liked a @YouTube video If Men Were Women On Halloween
I liked a @YouTube video Guys Tell Their Friends "I Love You" For The First Time
Working with @longjohnjoe on his #comiccon outfit. #SoulGhoul #Anime #NYComicCon #NY #LastMinute
One of the keys to moving ahead is knowing what to leave behind.
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Appreciate your mom while you can. You never know when she'll be gunned down by thugs, forcing you to become an animal-themed vigilante.
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The rejection of capitalist aspirations is a revolutionary act in itself.
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I get anxious when looking at something I really want to clean. But I don't clean because I'm afraid I won't know when to stop.
You turn yourself into a beast in order to escape the pain of being human.
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Portal Gun Duel
I liked a @YouTube video Nestlé FITNESS Bra Camera
I'd rather you call me at 4am and ask me to pick you up then for you to drive after drinking all night. To all my friends: Don't be stupid.
the redskins should only have to change their name when johnny depp apologizes for playing tonto.
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Speaking of Destiny, check out my Destiny inspired eyes called "Destiny Tale; as well as my other products:…
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My Instagram is filled with cats, tattoos, anime, art, and a healthy dose of random people.
I miss Vergil. I miss #DevilMayCry :( #DMC #videogames #capcom
I liked a @YouTube video Star-Lord Chris Pratt on SourceFed Animated!!
I liked a @YouTube video Anki DRIVE - HOW FAST?!
Minorities being forced into white Euro male subculture isn't multiculturalism.
My new gages. Size 4. #piercings #jewlery
If someone thinks their own fart smells bad then that means it actually smells really, REALLY bad.
I liked a @YouTube video Sam Pepper: Sexual Abuse or Social Experiment?
She tried to segway our love for marvel into a pick up line and failed. It was really cute. I took her number even though I can't use it.