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Shiro Kōkishin
My new desktop wallpaper <3 #DragonAge #Fenris
There are certain topics I REALLY don't want to hear you talk about but hey, I'm here to listen. I'll tough it out because I care.
*Decides to look at the Destiny forum for once* It's too early for this shit... *Closes Tab*
Calvin Klein features same-sex couples in ad campaign for the first time ever
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Photo: tibets: here is michael jackson holding a huge pair of underwear while two doves rest on his hands...
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Playing the Deadpool game to cheer myself up.
Girls Have 3 Types of Panties ・ period panties ・chillen panties ・and im about to get me some dick panties
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It's ironic that it took almost four billion years of evolution to produce a species capable of denying evolution.
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it is extremely hard to be just friends with someone you've fallen in love with, attempting to do so can drive you crazy.
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Even though I'm sure I don't want to give birth. I'll give myself till 30 just encase. After that I'm ripping out my ovaries.
I liked a @YouTube video from @Mikediva GRRL SCOUTS // A drug-fueled action comedy
This Same-Sex Couple Were Beaten Up While Trying To Film A Holding-Hands-In-Public YouTube Video
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Preach! Pastor Dewey Smith - Homosexuality
I liked a @YouTube video Pastor Dewey Smith - Homosexuality
I liked a @YouTube video from @EpicMealTime Grilled Cheesecake Sandwich - Epic Meal Time
I know I've been browsing the internet too long when I'm searching through pages of doctor who shower curtains.
These Remixed Disney Romances Will Be The Best Thing You See Today
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Phone service is down. Kik me: AntiAuto
25 Introverts Share Their Most Helpful Piece Of Dating Advice
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I liked a @YouTube video GOKU MAKES A SANDWICH
I liked a @YouTube video Parents Who Won So Hard, You Feel Bad For Their Kids
Ahhhh the smell of ramen with a hint of garbage. Reminds me of Newark's ghetto.
What's the point of having duck tape on the bottom of the chairs so it won't scratch the floor when the floor is ruined and sticky anyway?
"If ugly old Trump gets in the white house I'll go there and kill him myself." ~My Grandma
"Life is revolting in both senses of the word"
I liked a @YouTube video from @tehishter RWBY - Red Like Roses (Piano)
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. - Mahatma Gandhi
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Cops need to be trained like this man. Patience of steal. #SandraBland
It's hard to let things go when you feel you're being wronged.
Geek on Fleek is taken T_T Etsy you're making this so hard on me.
I liked a @YouTube video from @minutephysics A Brief History of Everything, feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson
I forgot how self-centered depressed people can be... I know not to take it personally though.
I fucking love Howl's Moving Castle.
I liked a @YouTube video Pinched Animation Short Film
I liked a @YouTube video Welcome to Hell [HI-DEF Release]
Bernie Sanders On Jeb Bush's 'Work Longer Hours' Comments
Followers - 4, Unfollowers - 3. I didn't know it'd be this simple. Get your daily stats via
"I do not believe that just because you're opposed to abortion, that makes you 'pro-life.'" Amen, Sister.
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2 new tweeps followed me in the last day. I find relevant people to follow with the #CopyFollowers feature of
"Grudges are like a good cheese. Hold them inside for too long, and you're the one to suffer." ~Sheogorath #ElderScrollsOnline
I liked a @YouTube video from @ajplus What Was Left Out Of The Planned Parenthood Video?
Stats for the day have arrived. 4 new followers and 6 unfollowers via
I liked a @YouTube video from @comicsexplained Suicide Squad: The Story of Harley Quinn
It's a beautiful thing for all of those wanna be vegetarians out there New seaweed tastes just like bacon
When you decide to make another person bare the all responsibility for a relationship, not only is that unfair but it is sabotage.

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