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Shiro Bara
My Instagram is filled with cats, tattoos, anime, art, and a healthy dose of random people.
I miss Vergil. I miss #DevilMayCry :( #DMC #videogames #capcom
I liked a @YouTube video Star-Lord Chris Pratt on SourceFed Animated!!
I liked a @YouTube video Anki DRIVE - HOW FAST?!
Minorities being forced into white Euro male subculture isn't multiculturalism.
My new gages. Size 4. #piercings #jewlery
If someone thinks their own fart smells bad then that means it actually smells really, REALLY bad.
I liked a @YouTube video Sam Pepper: Sexual Abuse or Social Experiment?
She tried to segway our love for marvel into a pick up line and failed. It was really cute. I took her number even though I can't use it.
This is the first time in a long time that I've had a full tank of gas.
This is the forth random person to talk to me this semester. I haven't died on the inside each time. So far so good. #Anxiety #AntiSocial
I liked a @YouTube video Batman VS Captain America | DEATH BATTLE! | ScrewAttack
Bacon Pancakes... That is all, thank you.
There's a lot of hate and evil in the world but there are also a lot of dogs who stick their heads out car windows so it all evens out.
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I'm still getting used to this blonde hair. #kawaii ?
I liked a @YouTube video Key & Peele - Gay Weddings
Gibberish, fourteen pages could have been reduced into two, three tops. Why did the writer do this to me?
When one sentence is a paragraph long and I'm only skimming. I go from fully understanding to the words just running into each other.
Maybe the guilt is always there and the anger of the everyday persons reaction nullifies it.
Ever meet someone that's too understanding? So much so that it makes you feel guilt?
I liked a @YouTube video Emma Watson: 'Feminism is not man hating'
I liked a @YouTube video Arguments I'm Sick of Hearing #1 [Without god, There'd Be Chaos]
I liked a @YouTube video 9 Struggles Of Having A Unique Name
I liked a @YouTube video Borderlands: The Pre Sequel – Introduction by Sir Hammerlock and Mister Torgue
Just because it's the norm doesn't make it right.
Just because you grew up doing something doesn't automatically make it right.
I liked a @YouTube video If iPhone 6 Were Actually Better
I have a fondness for clouds as of late.
Umi Japanese Cuisine on #Yelp: Looks shabby on the outside but the inside is decently clean and the furniture is lov……
Sometimes he's a bad listener. Sometimes he beats around the bush. But most of the time he's the best.
I liked a @YouTube video from @JaclynGlenn Atheist vs Christian Fundraiser
Is it weird that I like to look good but don't want to be the center of attention?
60 pages of bs to skim through for class..... Yay...
I was trying to take a nap before leaving to see my Bae but they sound like they are wrestling gorillas upstairs with all that furniture.
I liked a @YouTube video from @DarkMatter2525 Do Atheists Hate God?
According to my most "narcissistic trait" is my self-sufficiency. Interesting...
Just got my #PS4 the white makes the touch pad extra sexy. I'm in love!
I see you trying to push me away, but no matter how far away you think I am I'm still in the same spot. I'm always close by if you need me.
Am I high or is the sky extra pretty right now?
I've done things that I'm not proud of. It's part of life. Live and learn.
I liked a @YouTube video If Lesbians Said The Stuff Straight People Say
I'm are joining the #internetslowdown on 9/10 to defend net neutrality and free speech.
I think I'll loose weight for the sake of making wearing masculine clothes easier.
I think I'll take #selfies more often. Or use Instagram in general more often. We shall see...
If I make it to your age I hope that I'm as intelligent and independent as you were. #RIPJoanRivers
I liked a @YouTube video 3rd Date vs. 30th Date
I liked a @YouTube video If Black Women Said The Stuff White Men Say
I hate it when I'm earlier than the teacher. -_-