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I liked a @YouTube video Measuring Personality: Crash Course Psychology #22
I'm really enjoying the Book of Sith. It's filling in all the blanks between the times of the #SWTOR to the movies. #starwars #nerdingout
Currently reading the book of the sith in hopes of staying awake.
Still sitting here. #NYC #BS #Tired
Just watched a guy pee while walking with food and his phone in his other hand. #Classy #NYC
So much for sleep... Why... Just why...
I'm glad my bf and I can enjoy Queen together.
It's almost done. It's almost over. Just need to read fast then get back to work.
I'm obsessed with this fanfic. I can only imagine how little I would get done if I picked up a book instead.
I liked a @YouTube video DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Gameplay Series -- E3 Demo Part One: The Hinterlands
Less judgmental and immediate acceptance. That's the goal.
I went three months without my dermal tops coming off and now one popped off for the second time in one month. #WTF
There's nothing more annoying than a friend that can easily mimic the sound of cop cars.
Ugh why can't I sleep? And to think I have to work out later :/
I liked a @YouTube video 16 LGBT Coming Out Secrets
I liked a @YouTube video How Much Of A Grown-Up Are You?
I liked a @YouTube video Columbusing: Discovering Things For White People
“Embrace being wrong, adjust your views constantly, and become the best version of you that you can before you die.” — Woolie
I liked a @YouTube video from @TenSecondSongs Ariana Grande - Problem | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover
"In Somali culture hyper-masculinity is the most desired attribute in men. Femininity signifies..."
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Came in with 80$ left with 145$.
It's easier to eat right when you buy your own groceries. One more month and it will be easier again.
This two hour long debate just begun and it's already making me sleepy. Invalid points and unnecessary jabs are dragging this out.
Ignorance is part of the struggle.
I woke up early to have time to get ready only to waste that time reading because I'm smart like that.