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Amber Patrice Riley
Follow @rileyland_fashions and visit the site! New items up now πŸ˜πŸ‘ GOOOO 🚦
#MissIncredible #KickingClouds I'm so proud of you @markballas incredible song! Congrats babe WOOHOO πŸŽ‰
Here ya go ladies ☺️😘
Ok here's my first #mcm! Activist, extremely intelligent, great actor, and a family man! #mcm Jesse Williams
Maybe I'll do one today!
@kevinmchale you comin to see this with me!?!? Lol @hillmangrad congrats! I can't wait to watch and LMAO! @ashleyblaine congrats beauty!!!!
I don't think I have ever cried and laughed so much at a wedding! It was so turnt last night hahahaa I am so sore! #thebkexperience really was incredible! I was honored to take part in such a special day and I love you both! 😘😘😘 have fun on your honeymoon! @sirbfresh @ladykm
My name is Amber and I am a gamer! I whooped y'all tails hahahaha @msashleymriley @trendynerd23 @jaiartistry the new Dave&Busters in Hollywood with friends! And our waiter Darrien was so funny and really nice! Now off to Malibu, singing in the morning πŸ˜πŸ‘
MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! I am so excited for you two and I know your union will be so blessed and happy because you guys are a blessing to others and make me happy! I love you guys! TURN UP TIME 😘😘😘 now find me a boo πŸ˜‚ @sirbfresh @ladykm
You know a song is good when you reach your destination and you can't get out of the car until it's over. There are so many voices that are just one of a kind, so pristine, and clear. She sang her FACE off on this track. One of my faves πŸ’œ Mariah Carey is everything...
I just got so mad 😩 Jesus be a rain cloud PLEEAAASSEEEE! This heat is so RUDE!
I love @PBSofficial. I often wonder where my ancestors are from, what tribe I am a part of in Africa. I want to trace my history one day. This documentary was so good. Very empowering, at times disheartening of course. This doc had some interesting and shocking facts I didn't know about American and
Easier said than done of course but a great goal nonetheless. Be kind everyone! Smile often 😁 GOODNIGHT πŸ’œβœŒοΈ
Such simple teaching in this book about choosing happiness everyday and treating others well no matter how you feel. So simple but it really is changing my life little by little. Good devotional. My friends always know exactly what I need! Thanks for the gift @loveonitsha_ !
Before I sleep.... #namethatmovie one of my faves! His interview about this film is so moving. Ok for real lol goodnight πŸ’œβœŒοΈ
I get to go to work and play in makeup and get my hair whipped everyday ☺️ a girl's dreamπŸ’πŸ’…!!! And yes I only have on one lash IDC!!! πŸ˜‚ I didn't notice it until now! Great day on the Glee set! GOODNIGHT πŸ’œβœŒοΈ#onelashtho #ImSore #Glee
Great day on the glee set β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ sweet dreams lovelies! GOODNIGHT πŸ’œβœŒοΈ
On Prancer! On Dancer! πŸ˜‚ @chordover and Lady Di
#rp @hair4kicks I was thinking about this last night! Thank you Jesus for the work but if I lost my possessions and had to go back to square one I would still be grateful. My past has proven I'm a survivor and makes me so grateful for my present! Now I PRAY it doesn't come to that but if it did I'd
Creeper πŸ‘€ lol back on set tomorrow! Gnite πŸ’œβœŒοΈ #glee
Totally just had a moment. I miss this guy 😩the one on the right not the left! Hi @scooterbraun PHOTOBOMBER! I miss you @derekhough! Goodluck this season!!!!
A friend sent me this, I think what this girl is doing for her sister is so sweet. Give if u can if not plz RT πŸ’œβœŒοΈ
If you're determined to have a great day raise your hand πŸ™‹! Go do it then πŸ‘
I'll be donating not doing the challenge ☺️… also donated… for the road ahead his family faces.
Protestors outside #Ferguson police dept say the chief came over this morning, brought them donuts, and said they will get justice soon.
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Last night's violence Children gassed Autopsy details National Guard New restrictions on protests This is a bad combo for #PeaceInFerguson.
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Single or nah? Hahahahaha just a little laugh before bed 😁goodnight y'all πŸ’œβœŒοΈ
After this week this little cherub really lifted my spirits. It's just something refreshing and encouraging about being around new life. Let's work together to leave a better tomorrow for this generation. #justiceformikebrown is a start. I love my family, they are the greatest! πŸ’œ
I think I want one lol 😍 my cousin is the cutest @westmamba have one NOW! Lol we need more!!!!
My little cousin is the CUTEST!!! @westmamba
Oh Lord I should have never asked lol πŸ™ˆ
Ok I love y'all! Gotta go! πŸ’œβœŒοΈ
Gonna spend a couple hours with this powerful lady @THEAJZONE don't kill me I'm late lol
@MsAmberPRiley crazy part is the protestors were the ones trying to stop the people from looting, while the police just say there idlyπŸ˜’
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Before then the protestors and police appeared peaceful. I'll be checking that hashtag for the rest of the day for the real tea smh
news didn't start "reporting" until a few out of towners started looting smh (2/2)
I followed the #ferguson hashtag until almost 3am this morning. Reading live tweets and watching videos from ppl that were there. The (1/2)
If you couldn't make it to Leimert Park there will be a protest at LAPD headquarters tomorrow at 3!100 W First St Los Angeles, Ca 90012
My sister just sent this to me. I can't πŸ˜‚ with this I say
Place Called Home is a step in the right direction in helping my community. Maybe we all can find a local community center and (2/3)
At 28 I am learning that life is more than just your job and family. I am finding my own way to change this world. Working with A (1/3)
to live in a better world than this. (2/2)
But staying comfortable doesn't affect change. I am not anyone's activist or leader but I do want the children that I plan on having (1/2)