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T❍mmy L✮✮
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We accepted Alice Coopers #ALSicebucketchallenge AND DONATED 10k called out KISS Def Leppard and Aerosmith to do the same!!
Thank you Virginia Beach! That was some awesome sauce!!
#VABeach @MrTommyLand fans! The #SeaWorldKills tee is hidden in main plaza, where food trucks are 😉 1st CLUE
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Scavenger hunt at 2nite’s #VABeach show! Find this #SeaWorldKills shirt & get backstage! Follow @peta later 4 clues!
@xsuckmykissxx: I blame it all on floor seating..this has single handedly ruined concerts. Ya have to have a place for the kids to rage!
Yo Charlotte! What happened? Did it sound bad? You guys too sweaty? Wtf? That may have been the quietist show on the tour! 👀
Yo @MrTommyLandd get a new profile and life
Watch David Letterman’s Touching Tribute to Robin Williams… via @Variety
Backstage With Motley Crue: 19 Things We Learned on the Farewell Tour
Shocked I've only just seen this letter now, superb @MrTommyLand Methods at seaworld for obtaining sperm are horrible
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♫ Tommy Lee IS NOT playing Live @ Kesselhaus on Oct 18! THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT
Love me some Fla. trees with Spanish moss or witches hair or whatever ya call it!
@MrTommyLand Fergie..Lady Gaga..Christina Aguilera.."Dr. House"...all rockin' a CRUE shirt.
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