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@MindControlArt: lovely gift to the cast of #TheTempest from the ever-delightful @MrTeller we are your biggest fans
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At Death Valley. Not really a great name for marketing to family vacations, is it?
I’m in Death Valley. Took a midnight swim in a starlit pool fed by warm springs. Gazed at the undimmed silver fire of the Milky Way.
LA Alliance Ovation Awards nominated TOM BUDERWITZ (set), CRICKET MYERS (sound), and ELIZABETH HARPER (lights) for PLAY DEAD at the Geffen.
I’m glad TIM’S VERMEER seems to have struck a chord.
Thanks to Gary Boillotat for sending along that 1976 program. Our early history is imperfectly documented and that stuff helps immensely!
Season finale of #WizardWars on @SyfyTONIGHT at 10ET|9c! — If we do another season, call it “Conjuring Conflicts…”
Taken by aliens? Nah, just off to the Smith Center for the Nevada Sesquicentennial celebration.
Out of work magicians have the handsomest business cards. Mine, from about 1973.
Man slipped me a ring. "Help me propose!" I posed the couple for a selfie. Produced the ring with one hand and shot the pic with t'other.
Such a thrill getting to watch @MrTeller drowned in the water tank last night in Memphis.
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Got off the plane in Vegas and went right to the MGM to do a spot with Adam Devine for “I Heart Radio.”
Tonight’s show was the first US tour date we’ve done with “The Atheist’s Deck of Cards” (outside Vegas). Memphis got and loved it.
I have to say, the Orpheum is a gem of a theater and the Memphis audience was a joy.
The backstage dinner at the Orpheum, Memphis, was by Bear’s Catering and was stupendously good. Deep flavors.
Famous sign in the basement of the Orpheum Theater in Memphis. They have a big organ that goes with it.
Pre-show stroll to wake up before the show.
Woke up, had a nice walk along the Mississippi and ran into some local fans.
Nice article anticipating tonight’s show in Memphis:…
What a posh old hotel, The Peabody. Personalized stationery on the desk. Fearing alarms, I unplugged the clock.
Arrived at my hotel in Memphis just in time for breakfast. Found this all-chocolate welcome waiting for me.
RT @bbarkemeyer52 @MrTeller Saw The Tempest 2nd time this week, the theatre thrill of the decade. - What a nice tweet to wake up to
On the set of @pennjillette and @AdamRifkin's romantic comedy. Now I'm on board a red-eye to Memphis. Fun.
I wonder what the patrons at LAX think of me on the floor doing back stretches before my midnight flight to Memphis.
LA Weekly adores THE TEMPEST at South Coast.…
God's currently away on business at @SouthCoastRep Many thanks to @MrTeller , @tomwaits and ol' Billy Shakes for an inspiring night.
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Thanks for watching. Don't miss the season finale next Wednesday!
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Oh dear, thinking about my Dad and Mom, and Johnny, and John and Bob Dylan. Oh my goodness, I’ve been lucky.…
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@pennjillette & @MrTeller @TheOrpheumTN Fri. at 8PM! We're celebrating with daily quotes from the hit team, share your faves too
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A sneak peek at tomorrow's all NEW of #WizardWars on the FoF website. Check it out and tune in.@pennjillette @MrTeller @Syfy #Syfy @SyfyPR
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I had the privilege of seeing The Tempest by @MrTeller last night. Everything in the show was amazing! Student tickets are only $10!!!
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Broadway World on the South Coast TEMPEST.…
If you enjoy good theater and great magic, go see @MrTeller's wonder-filled adaptation of The Tempest at the @SouthCoastRep.
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Just saw an amazing performance of The Tempest by @MrTeller all of my fav things 1920s, Magic, Shakespeare If u like any of these go see it
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Forbes Magazine loves THE TEMPEST at South Coast Rep:…
Things I wish I had invented: the flyswatter, scissors, tweezers, the waffle iron, linear perspective drawing, sandpaper.
Tiim Jenison showed an art teacher how to make his gizmo. A 12-year old student used it to copy a famous Vermeer.
Spotted by Shade Rupe in the hallway at Lincoln Center. Next to Christopher Nolan.
I'm still in awe of #TempestSCR! One of the best shows I've EVER seen! @SouthCoastRep @MrTeller @tomwaits @Pilobolus Aaron Posner @NateDendy
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