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you not! @RedSkinnedYardy I can't be the only person in the world to hate gold teeth
My Problem Is That Even When I'm Serious, I Appear Laid Back,
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what the hell was I going to do?
Like I said! Monday Morning....
My Big Proten shake is OUT!!!!!
In-fact I hardly drink too... clean system!
ME TOO... @DatDudeDTroy Me RT @AlliNeedis1Mik3: who doesnt smoke weed nowadays
My hair is growing way to much...
@Grimmers92 Don't believe the lies, look me in my eyes... Please don't be scared of me...
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Next year Malawi is 50. Let's make it a birthday She will never forget
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Apple juice the bright way to start your day
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Even someone that is a somebody today, was a nobody at some point! Remember that...
I thought fat people would stay away from sex cause its like exercise and we know how you group of people hate exercise...
Nothing against anyone, I mean some of you are happy being fat! that's your choice! I just don't get why you always so horny
I don't know man, it seems like fat people seem to be the horniest! like all the time.... you must tweet about getting laid more then you do
"@MyBrokeThoughts: Can someone please tell me, do fat people actually get laid? or is it just twitter"←abit ov both..Twitter makes it happen
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Cc fat people RT @MyBrokeThoughts: Can someone please tell me, do fat people actually get laid? or is it just twitter
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Can someone please tell me, do fat people actually get laid? or is it just twitter
Turns out it's just a really beautiful day, at 6.40am in the morning
Jumped out of bed like I was a ninja.....
It's so sunny today that I thought I woke up late and I didn't hear my alarm
I like to be a sleep by 11
Feeling tired need to get home fast!
Go home to eat and sleep back to work tomorrow
Btw why the fuck is it so cold at the moment?
Iron 3 I need to watch next!
Can't believe there's going to be a 7
I hate how big the rock is!
Fast 6 was seriously good!
Last day until two days off
@MsMaluk: Fast 6 tonight @MyBrokeThoughts” yes, watching it that is!
Quick change then it's gym time....
Hate it when ignorant people preach about something they know nothing of
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I cant wait for my next pay again
I'm broke this month, Ive paid for so much!
I have stepped my tweeting game, I have tweeted a lot lately!