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Ken Anderson
Major congrats to one of the best in the world! #AndNEW World Champ @REALBobbyRoode! Awesome match, deserving champion! #RoodeVsLashley
Whoa! What a thud! Roode bomb on the ramp! #RoodeVsLashley
Honestly don't know who will win, but loving this match! #RoodeVsLashley
Sit back and enjoy some great wrestling! Time for #RoodeVsLashley! #IMPACTonSPIKE
@RockstarSpud: @ActualALove NOBODY calls me Felicia!!!!!” KA: right, we call him James! #ImWithSpud
Time for @EthanCarterTNA to get his first loss! RT if you're cheering for #TheHardys! #TagSemi
Our #TNAKnockouts are the most badass women on the planet! My money is on @TheTarynTerrell & @MRayneTNA in this one!
If anyone can motivate @SharkBoyNet, it's SIMON DIAMOND! #IMPACTonSPIKE
@THETOMMYDREAMER: I guess we know who @TestifyDevon was on the phone with! #IMPACTonSPIKE” Who???
I know some guys may take offense to @BramTNA calling himself #NewKingOfHardcore.... And by "some guys," I mean @TestifyDevon...
Watching this closely... @CMelendezTNA and I still owe @The305MVP & @KennyKingPb2 a little payback! #TagSemi
Pumped to see my two of the best face off tonight. @REALBobbyRoode vs @fightbobby! Maybe I should challenge the winner! RT! #IMPACTonSPIKE
@mistymichelle84: so what are you gonna do about women's 'ders????” KA: Nothing. They can stay put. For now. :)
Hey @judahworldchamp , I found one of your soldiers. #IKnowKarate
@dmckatana: Buy the next size of 'ders up. go for boxers rather than briefs :)” KA: Boxer briefs bro... Best of BOTH worlds!
I'm going to invent little suspenders that clip on to the top of your socks & bottom of your 'ders to keep them from crawling into yer ass! bed. #WhompWhompWhomp #RimShot
Check out 1st issue of @HeadlockedComic for FREE here: Then support the #Kickstarter here:
Must say it was a delight to find myself as an unwitting guest on @PushButtonPod today with @DavidVoxMullen and the mighty @mrkenanderson !
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Really looking forward to catching "Friends of the People @truTVFOTP tonight on @truTV !! Check it out and RT Plz.
@KatLuvsTesla: @popsyckillpete people who say warsh irritate me as much as people who say hamburger meat.” KA: Sam-wich
Interested in having @mrkenanderson as a guest at your convention? Send appearance inquiries to: #comiccon #WWE #TNA
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@mrkenanderson is looking for creative banner designs for his 2015 convention appearances. Send ideas to:
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@popsyckillpete: @mrkenanderson same way people say "warsh" for wash. Where the hell did the "R" come from” KA: Right?
@Superell83: Just caught last night's #impactuk / tag team tournament is brilliant, especially @CMelendezTNA & @mrkenanderson” KA: Danke!
@TheDeafination: @FoodNetwork well as a Deaf guy I always think its "MasCarPhone" but what do I know” KA: you get a free pass...
Sharing is caring. #iTwins
Still struggling to believe TNA are finally giving me that @The305MVP and @mrkenanderson rivalry I've craved all these years !
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Pet peeve o' the day: @FoodNetwork How does virtually everyone get "MAR-SKA-PONE" from "Mas-CAR-Pone? Sound it out peeps.
A true professional does not begrudge others' success. They celebrate others' success and focus on their own.
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@mrkenanderson PLZ RT Channel 4 wants WRESTLERS! Do you have a tattoo you want removed on TV? Email
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@ChadwickBonin: I f-ed up my tweet to you. But I won't f up when I change diapers... KA: you're gonna change so many... Can't wait! Ha.
That's why he's called The Destroyer! Congrats to @fightbobby! One of the toughest athletes in the world! #Bellator130 @BellatorMMA @SpikeTV
@vilsack1987: @mrkenanderson @MarloesCoenen @fightbobby @BellatorMMA lashly is gonna get knocked out” KA: What was that?
Make sure you're watching #Bellator130! @MarloesCoenen up next, then @fightbobby is going to cause someone some pain! @BellatorMMA
Ruminative... #prescottliberty #pearceandprescott
Eh, he's teething. #pearceremington #aamodtsapplefarm
#mommabear and #pearceremington at #aamodtsapplefarm
First hayride at #aamodtsapplefarm #prescottliberty #pearceandprescott
Fun lil morning at #aamodtsapplefarm in Grant, MN #MichaelJordanTongue #pearceremington #pearceandprescott #mommabear
Pet peeve of the day: Men who use emoticons in their texts/tweets. 👍
Pet peeve of the day: Apostrophe's where they don't belong... #Irony #GetIt?