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Jon Cryer
The idea of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson fighting over a girlfriend is almost as surreal as the fact they both use the word "dog-gone"
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I still have no clue how this will change your life in any way, but the CORRECT link for #HitByLightning is:…
Just got word the #HitByLightning screening is SOLD OUT! Thanks guys! Stick around for the Q and A. If you Q, I will A.
Also follow #HitByLightning on the Facebook at: I have no idea how this will help you in any way. But just do it!
#HitByLightning plays Wednesday night July 23rd 7pm in Montreal I'll be there! Will you? @HBLthemovie @Just_For_Laughs
Hey Canada! Your hockey teams kicked r butts in the Olympics, but u can make it up to me by seeing #HitByLightning at @Just_For_Laughs fest!
.@solikebasically so sorry you are going through this. The internet does NOT have to be like this.
Hey y'all, check out SATISFACTION tonight on USA!! Stephanie Szostak is in it. She's in #HitByLightning too! What are the odds?!?!
Who knew that Mila Kunis was even working in a distillery, let alone planning embezzlement.
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I can't be the only one who is going to miss @JohnMilhiser on #SNL Godspeed dude!
It's getting kind of embarrassing how much I look forward to #tbt with @RealLyndaCarter
I think it's notable that 2 of the Magi's 3 gifts for the newborn were things to make the room smell better.
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.@AllisonBJanney First of many for Mom I'm sure!
.@MrJoshCharles congrats!!!! Now let's bring it home!!
It would be funny if @TimHowardGK blocked everyone who tried to follow him on Twitter.
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If porn is any indication, there are virtually no circumstances under which a woman will remove her shoes.
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Random junk: I once had a firecracker explode in my mouth. I wrote a TV script that was directed by an unknown...
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.@DaveKrumholtz What? You don't want to be on my show?
My favorite Comedy Central roast. RT "@HillaryClinton: I came across this photo this morning......
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So @MrJonCryer won a "sing backing vocals on a Ben Lee album" experience at our kids pre-school fundraiser!
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.@MPasset I knew you'd come crawling, begging for mercy. I just won my first twitter feud! Yay me!
When someone tells you God won't give you more than you can handle, remember the unspoken parenthetical is (unless he wants you to die).
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@officialjaden: You Can Discover Everything You Need To Know About Everything By Looking At Your Hands” Or books.
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.@MPasset OH NO YOU DI'INT!! You did NOT just name check the L to the D to the P!!