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George Wallace
government politics alabama 81,315 followers
I love this petition to make paid vacations a right. See the world. Make love with exotic peoples & whatnot. Sign it…
Shout out to paintings of sad clowns. Don't you give me a painting of a happy or indifferent clown I'll break that shit over yo' damn head.
Someone should put sunglasses on a dog that would be funny as hell if there were sunglasses on a dog why hasn't anyone thought of that shit?
I'll straight up use dry erase markers with water 'cause you only live once.
"Wake that a$$ up this moanin". If you see someone without a smile, give them yours. Ty
Watching @MrGeorgeWallace during my lunch break and trying not to spit out my food from laughter. :)
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@MrGeorgeWallace shout out to supermarket deli clerks! slicing ham & boloney & soft meats all day. never getting promoted to butcher dept
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Shout out to Chewbacca, rockin' that fly ass crossbow and growlin' shit only Han Solo understands and what have you.
There are no great pitchers without great center fielders . Andrew jones. Recognize
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Oh what a night at JFL Montreal. Robert Kelly, Russell Peters, George Wallace and Mike McDonald
Who put the cat in the bag in the first place? That's some messed up shit. Where's PETA at?
I'll straight up tell someone their house has "good bones" when I don't know what the hell that means. "Oooh Jim this house has good bones"
Shout out to Jerry's cousin, used to show up every five episodes and beat the livin' hell outta Tom.
I'll straight up strip with a fishin' pole and fish with a stripper pole you think I give a shit?!
Shout out to @bcgoldthwait. Great interview on @CraigyFerguson . Clever Dudes and what not.
Shout out to all the people who LOL. JUST JlKEEP IT UNDER YOUR BREATH. I'm sorry... didn't mean to shout.
Shout out to the Phrases "ROLLING on the floor laughing", "almost peed on myself", "I split my sides", and "couldn't catch my breath".
Shout out to the Phrases... "Cracking Me Up" and "Falling to Pieces" and so forth and on and on and what have you. .
@HuggyLowdownDC @MrGeorgeWallace He's a Mother Smucker!” An OLD Mother Smucker!” An OLD BLACKBERRY Mother Smucker!
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