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George Wallace
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They need to make a show with roommates & they get into all kinda funny situations & a funny neighbor drops in sometimes like "What the?!"
Been losin' a lotta weight with these styrofoam peanuts but they seriously need to work on the flavor.
I'm starrin' in a Japanese TV show called Pokeyamom.
Shout out to @nottjmiller runnin' around on that show with all the computers and nerds and whatnot. #FF
I think it's wrong that nothing happens when you press people's belly buttons. Other than them callin' security.
@MrGeorgeWallace Can we give a shout out to reduce and reuse? Recycle gets all the glory!
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I just woke my A$$ up. My clock says it's it's 2:18pm in the ATL. Gotta get this thing fix or neutered and what not. Neutered? Spell Chk?
Wake that A$$ up this morning. I know you're at work.
Southwest had the same photo shoot as #USAirways but they made her stop 3 times during it.
I remember when model airplanes were just for kids.
@MrGeorgeWallace Hearsing can go straight to hell. No need to do that shit again
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So sick of folks who don't replenish. You plenished that shit once, plenish that shit again.
*attempts to take off coat while behind the wheel, drives through a house*
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Him: You hang up first. Me: *click
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Pausing to remember the two uncles I lost to Jungle Fever.
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Spoiler Alert: Someone should beat your ass
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Can't bring myself to eat shredded wheat since I visited a wheat farm & pet the wheat & fed the baby wheats
I'm so tired of all these luncheons. Can someone throw a breakfasteon or dinnereon so I can go to that shit?
Shout out to hickeys. I'll give all y'all hickeys you think I give a shit?!
There are some scary ass parts of Rio de Janeiro. May be the first Olympics where the fans run faster than the athletes.
Shout out to movers. Shakers are just strange. @MrGeorgeWallace
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CNN...Change ur name to SSOO. Same Shtuff Ova n Ova. When u find the plane. That's "Breaking News". Enuff already. Oh, and what not
Another nightmare last night that LinkedIn invitations are being sent out on my behalf
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"My mommy has no more nerves. She told my brother he's on her last one." #OverheardAtPreschool
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