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Ed Byrne
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As you can probably tell by some of the bizarre stuff I've posted lately, my account was hacked. Either that or I've been drunk RTing.
I'm in San Salvador filming a travel documentary. My suitcase, however, is on holiday in Houston, TX. #dirtypants
I love the furtive pointing in this pic RT @akhan_29: At MCM Birmingham. Is this kid Steam Punk @MrEdByrne
So, my friend made a muppet. Looks a hell of a lot like @MrEdByrne to me.
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What's orange and sounds like a parrot? The entire cast of The Only Way Is Essex.
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You missed an apostrophe and you're a total cunt. "@CallumSloper: Ding dong the assholes dead! #BobCrow"
If you loved the 1st one, you'll like this one! "@annameadows_: @MrEdByrne would you recommend it? Off to see it Friday hopefully!"
Went to see "300 rise of an empire" today. Either that or Horrible Histories has gotten well dark.
.@HarkiranJohnson Welcome to Twitter. The fact that your first tweet was designed to make someone feel good reflects very well on you.
That RT was just a little plug for my mate's sandwich booth in Glasgow, @mangiaglasgow Not a paid ad.
A little taste of sunshine on a rainy day! Banana cake filled with banana jam,topped with cinnamon icing (dairy free)
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@MrEdByrne Any chance of a retweet to support your hometown? Time for some community spirit!…
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In currency news, the Bird in the Hand is down 2% against the Bird in the Bush, while there’s no movement between a Picture and 1000 Words.
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"@TheThing444: You aren't a proper parent unless a stranger has had to stop you & let you know that you have sick all down your back."
@MrEdByrne been there. And I don't even have a baby.
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That thing where you leave the house wearing what you thought was a clean jacket but you actually have a shoulder caked in baby snot. That.
They can't axe BBC3. Then BBC4's name will seem really weird.
Welcome to Twitter, the bloke who drove me to the train station when my car broke down just now @JamieTankLaxton
Bloody car broke down! Now traveling by train. Cheers to this bloke (Jamie) for the lift to P'brough train station.
I HAD NO IDEA PEOPLE CALLED WAKEFIELD THAT."@4_ever_delayed: @MrEdByrne looking forward to seeing Mr. Byrne in shakey wakey tonight."
Nice analogy "@grongy: @MrEdByrne Not so much covering ones back as locking oneself in an armoured vehicle"
BBC newsreader just used the phrase : "Arrested in connection with allegations relating to..." That's some tortured legal language.
Consensus so far seems to be: Royal Blood are well worth further investigation. More Twitter positivity. :)
@MrEdByrne I saw them live in Exeter and they are phenomenal. Definitely must see them before they become huge.
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@MrEdByrne it's pretty much all gold, used to work with the drummer, hopefully the revival of big guitar bands
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