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Alex 風
Why did I think you could do it?
We are #20 on BBC Radio 1 Indie charts. Let's get to #1 that you all of our @WWE and #Ultimatewarrior tribute fans
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Everyone thought that I was a gentle nudge away from a complete mental breakdown because of it. So look at me now: I am fine. I am OK!!!
365 days ago my heart got ripped from my chest, thrown on the floor and stomped on into oblivion by a selfish and heartless person.
Colleagues just pull my leg because I don't know how to use an iPhone! Revenge, baby!
Nothing is worse than taking a shower and all of a sudden lights turn off. Nobody killed me tho. Or .. ?
"@mkp17 AJ LEE ferma per infortunio? -…" ecco, ci mancava solo l'infortunio, povera AJ
Can't stand this never ending arguing between me and my family. In this very moment I miss London and its freedom.
Perfect 1st day working for @Nike! And now off to my usual jogging hour!!
Leave me in a dark room with this song on repeat. I'll die with a smile.
Somebody go tell @gegi92 to stop nose-bleeding due to the extremely (and annoying) amount of shirtless Zac Efron pictures, thanks.
Listening to #TalkDirty by @jasonderulo and I'm already loving track n.2 WIGGLE ft. @SnoopDogg! Go Jasooon
Am I the only one who clearly doesn't give a damn about Coachella and its performers? Yeah, probably yes.
Didn't sleep at all last night, but bright side: I know all of the weird/hilarious noises that my cat makes when sleeping.
I wish I was @RandyOrton for his beautiful natural blue eyes. Surely not for his perfect greek-god body. Oh, well...
Crappy weather finally gives me a valid excuse to dress like a cartoon hobo.
I don't take selfies because I have selfie respect.
The odds were against me but I got thru my workout today. Quick shower now and then dinner. Are you guys going out tonight?
Good morning people. Today I'm so in love with a green tshirt. Not to mention I'm not in love with the price of it.
I'm not a good boyfriend. Nor a good friend. At least I can dance. And I do it great.
Best way to kick off this day is jogging, hands down. Would be even better is the sun goes out and shines my way as approval sign.
RT If you speak spanish, if more than 2000 im gonna learn
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I'm gonna freeze my Facebook account cause I'm so tired of it. Please, friends contact me always here from now on.