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Moose Tracks
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On the 6th day of Moose Tracks, my true love gave to me six scoops a stacking of delicious chocolate ice cream!
If you want some Moose Tracks and you know it clap your hooves
On the 5th day of Moose Tracks, my true love gave to me 5 cartons of FREE ice cream.
@Viano5 Hey sorry for the delay! Good news is Moose Tracks is covering Philly! Try checking your local @Walmart @Walgreens or @WeisMarkets
Moose Tracks ice cream is so bomb😩👅💦
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On the 4th day of Moose Tracks my true love gave to me 4 cones filled with the best ice cream flavors in the universe
Moose Tracks topped with trail mix is great for imagining scaling Mt. Everest, but from the coziness of your couch
Introducing Purple Cow Peppermint Bark Moose Tracks Ice Cream. Check out even more flavors @
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On the 3rd day of Moose Tracks my true love gave to me 3 stockings full of ice cream goodies!
Here's a tip for the gentlemen out there. Brighten your lady's day with flowers and #icecream. She deserves it :)
Ice cream is best with friends and (interestingly enough) friends are best when they come with ice cream :)
Don't disappoint yourself with boring vanilla tonight. Go team Moose Tracks, baby!
On the 2nd day of Moose Tracks my true love gave to me 2 Moose Tracks tumblers! Win them here:
I'm sincerely seeking your advice... Which one should I chose?! Which flavor would YOU chose?
On the first day of Moose Tracks, my true love gave to me an ice cream scoop from Denali!
@Viano5 Gotcha! Nice work landing that. We'll get back to you on the zip. :)
@Viano5 Also, did you move down for college? Best of luck!!
Dear @Viano5, We need to fix this immediately. Priority numero uno today! Can you share your new zip code?
#Didyouknow Hawaii is a home to an “ice cream bean”, which is actually a fruit that tastes like vanilla ice cream!
You're not going to want to cut any corners around these sandwiches!!
Best use of #TBT ever! RT @Moose_Tracks: #TBT to when this container was full of Moose Tracks #icecream....
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#TBT to when this container was full of Moose Tracks #icecream....
By a show of hooves, who could use a healthy dose of #icecream right about now?
"Choc-o-hol-ic" n. a person who is EXCESSIVELY fond of chocolate. (Know anyone that fits this description?)
@swade1994 we certainly won't tell anyone
@RankinAlexis our delivery Moose is on the way!
@kel_hiney you are just the sweetest sweetheart. 💓🍦
If you haven't had Mint Moosetracks Ice Cream you're not living.
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@samsam_mcgee how do you feel about a cute Moose...? 💓
You and I were MINT to be together! (with @KempsCows )
A wise man once said to stay cool, calm and collect chocolate.
I'll take my Moose Tracks on the rocks!
Vanilla ice cream and Moose Tracks fudge lined with a chocolate shell make for a perfect treat!
@binderrzach and thst fudge recipe is guarded by Moose ninjas
@the_malligator i like a person who knows what they want 🍦👍
@michellewiseee YES! We made the favorite list
if you've never had moose tracks ice cream i strongly suggest you adjust your priorities in life
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Friends don't let friends eat boring ice cream.
The simple, easy way to deal with breakups in college:
Kinda stating the obvious here, but a scoop of ice cream is the best way to welcome in the weekend.
Look at all these tasty toppings! What are your go-to ice cream ingredients?
I always feel right at home in a waffle cone.