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Moose Tracks
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Here's some fun for the young artists of the family. Get our free ice cream coloring books:…
Vanilla ice cream and Moose Tracks fudge lined with a chocolate shell make for a perfect treat!
Friends don't let friends eat boring ice cream.
Some say Mint Moose Tracks can't be topped. But that's simply not true :) Mmmmm #chocolate
Chocolate #icecream was invented long before vanilla. The first known recipe appeared in Italy in 1692.
So what's inside our #icecream bars? Swirls upon swirls of chocolate and fudge!
Nancy Johnson invented the #icecream freezer in 1843, patenting a design still used to the current day. Thank you, Nancy. Thank you.
If we're not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light on in the freezer?!
When Moose DJ they make Moose.....Tracks.
Tomorrow we can eat broccoli. But tonight is for #icecream!!
Who said ice cream in cones was just a summer thing?! They're dumb.
A wise man once said to stay cool, calm and collect chocolate.
You're not going to want to cut any corners around these sandwiches!!
In Kansas, it is illegal to put ice cream on cherry pie. #icecreamfacts
#AskChloe What's your favorite ice cream flavor?!
@caitlinmarie674 fair enough (i guess) although people who pet Moose over tigers are known to have more fingers intact
"Moose Track into Darkness" #FoodFilms
We're always looking for ways to raise the bar with our ice cream :)
In case anyone is wondering: Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream is the way to my heart. #chocoholic #practicallycanadian
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@Peyydayy hahaha, this may be my favorite flavor description😄
@PrinceLindsey23 woohooooo! We're Lindsey's favorite! You sure know how to make a Moose feel special 😍
Eureka! In 1845 the hand-cranked freezer was invented, allowing Americans to make ice cream more easily at home. #tbt
The simple, easy way to deal with breakups in college:
Professional ice cream tasters use gold spoons which allow them to taste the product with no trace of flavor leftover
Remember: You can't have a bad day if your day ends with chocolate ice cream.
@TheChosenFrozen fair enough. That was fair enough...
@HelenASPopkin welcome to the fold. We're very happy to have you
Fact: The best sandwiches have Moose Tracks ice cream in them.Try one for yourself at @BJsWholesale
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Moose Tracks is very flexible. Here's a pic of me doing a headstand.
Here's a Sunday Shoutout to all the other Moose out there. Keeping it real. Prouda You.
Here's a tip for the gentlemen out there. Brighten your lady's day with flowers and #icecream. She deserves it :)
Moose Tracks spinning some Moose....Tracks! :)
I SCREAM! YOU SCREAM! The police come. It's awkward....
If you think #dessert is only meant for dinner then you're not being fair at all to lunch.
"I just remembered I bought #MooseTracks this morning. Wow, thanks for looking out for me, morning me!"
Which one of these @meijer Moose Tracks flavors looks best to you right now? Triple Chocolate or Caramel Caribou?
Only a few more hours to win a lot of ice cream... Visit our Facebook and vote on your favorite flavor: