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Moose Tracks
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"@Viano5: I'm debating not shopping at Target anymore simply because they don't sell @Moose_Tracks #GetWithTheProgram" uh oh @Target...
Today, tell someone they are the "Moose" to your "tracks." #truelove
@IanHatz @_tropolini itsz. Vlery harkd wif theses fat hooves kke
@IanHatz @_tropolini that hurts guys. That hurts me deep.... πŸ˜₯ (they don't have moose emoticons yet)
Still waiting for the #MissAmerica talent that involves eating a record number of ice cream scoops...
Here's a question for ya: What is your record for how many scoops of ice cream eaten in one sitting? Can you beat 6?!
The simple, easy way to deal with breakups in college:
In Kansas, it is illegal to put ice cream on cherry pie. #icecreamfacts
Everyone knows Moose Tracks pairs well with movie night. But which kind of Movie would you rather watch?
Moose Tracks just wants to be best buds with your taste buds
So what's inside our #icecream bars? Swirls upon swirls of chocolate and fudge!
Keep calm and eat Moose Tracks ice cream, ya'll.
@ana_corcoran I mean, I guess we'll let this one go ana. But only because you were desperate...
#TBT to scooping our thousands of scoops of ice cream on a scorcher of a day in Raleigh!…
Green: The color of envy coming from your friends when they find you've made a Mint Moose Tracks Sundae.
Ice Cream lover - level 10 expert: eating Moose Tracks with chop sticks.
β€œIce cream headaches" happen because the mouth's nerve endings are not used to the cold.They send a message signaling a loss of body heat
We may be friends, but this is MY ice cream! #doitforthevine via @Nashgrier
@Lizro27 @masslivenews Great, honest review! Thanks Liz :)
@KailaCurry Just came across your piece in the Daily Beacon. Healing the heart with ice cream... You must be wise beyond your years:)
Which flavor would you rather enjoy tonight? Chocolate Caramel Caribou (left) or Caramel Caribou Cafe Latte?
@DaniShaeffer hmmmm, you may be on to something.... πŸ‘πŸ¦
@radmoose I like the way you think friendπŸ˜€
What is your favorite topping to add to Moose Tracks?
Some say Mint Moose Tracks can't be topped. But that's simply not true :) Mmmmm #chocolate
This is a banana split, hot fudge, brownie, Moose Tracks sundae - better known by its nickname: "heaven in a bowl."
According to NASA, #IceCream is one of the top three foods missed by astronauts. Can you blame them?
Happy #BillMurrayDay. Do you recognize the movie that this scene of Bill "eating Moose Tracks" on a boat is from? :)
@HersheyIC still love that you hashtagged #thestruggle btw 😘🍦
That moment when you remember you have ice cream and your night is about to end happily. #moosetracks #peanutbutter
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@courtnope I could see your stomach and me being pretty good friends
@_FINALLYHOME_ our pleasure! Keep up the good work!
Thank you, @Moose_Tracks for all of your support in our mission to give back to the wounded men & women in uniform! #socialgood #icecream
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@MRS_d0t turn that frown upside down and go get yourself some ice cream!