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Moose Tracks
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Let's be friends with ice cream benefits :)
Fact: The best sandwiches have Moose Tracks ice cream in them.Try one for yourself at @BJsWholesale
Anyone ever eaten Moose Tracks with a fork because you're too impatient to wait for it to thaw?
Moose Tracks spinning some Moose....Tracks! :)
Nancy Johnson invented the #icecream freezer in 1843, patenting a design still used to the current day. Thank you, Nancy. Thank you.
I can't tell if this is the BEST or the WORST way to eat Moose Tracks. What do you think?
I SCREAM! YOU SCREAM! The police come. It's awkward....
@semontano21 Well as long as we're being honest, we think you're pretty amazing too Sarah
@ashleeeeey95 or, better yet #icecreamdreams (you know, cause it rhymes...) :)
@AshleyDeBoer1 That's an ice cream eating level Ninja move!!
14 vintage pictures of kids being absolutely adorable eating ice cream :)…
Professional ice cream tasters use gold spoons which allow them to taste the product with no trace of flavor leftover
Believe it or not, underneath all this whipped cream is a scoop of Moose Tracks. ALWAYS save the best for last.
Today, tell someone they are the "Moose" to your "tracks." #truelove
"I just remembered I bought #MooseTracks this morning. Wow, thanks for looking out for me, morning me!"
@TamaraWDRB Good! It adds to your natural sweetness ;)
@benandkellyshow @Lite1069radio @997DJX oops... Sorry guys it's hard to tweet with these hooves:/
@HilljakLinbeard Thanks for coming down today!
@502Sweetheart cool shot! Thanks for coming down today