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Join me @Storysobe THIS THURSDAY ..... 136 Collins Ave. South Beach... #ItsACelebration #ComePartyWithMe #WelcomeToMiami #BETHERE
Miami, FL - Thursday October 2nd, Grammy Award Winner @MonicaBrown at @STORYmiami 136 Collins Ave.…
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Happy Birthday❤️ RT @toniotheone: I wonder if @MonicaBrown will give me (her biggest fan 😊) a b-day shout out! That'll just make my day!
Happy Birthday 🌷 @melissiarene praying today is all you hoped for!!! You've raised two awesome children & conquered many of your dreams!! You have every reason to be proud of yourself! Happy Birthday
Now I lay me, down to sleep I thank u Lord my soul is free Thru My children you bettered me I've never known a love this deep Amen❤️ #LaiyahShannon ❤️ #DaddysGirl #MommysWorld
People are always trying to figure out what Love truly means & what it feels like... Here's the answer for me.. Our Fourth Child was Our First Daughter❤️God Knows EXACTLY what he's doing #LaiyahShannon #1of1 #SheHasBuiltInSecurity #HerBrothers LOL 📷 @aprilbellephotos
And the dancing begins!!! #LaiyahAndDylan jamming to the Kids Choir .... These two had a blast!! First time Laiyah's been to sleep by 10 since birth.. LOL Thank u @mrsadriennebosh & @aprilbellephotos nobody catches a moment with love & patience like u do❤️❤️
These two had the cutest play date ever today❤️and what a blessing that @aprilbellephotos happened to be there to capture it... #AllGirlParty #BigBoysWereOffAtSchool #MemoriesThatWillLastForever @mrsadriennebosh
I realized just how girly My Princess is when she made her way into @mrsadriennebosh 's sparkliest area, played, then napped LOL #LaiyahShannon 💕 #PlayDateWithDylan #SparkleAndShineDarling has some of the cutest things!! #ComingSoon #LadyLayDoesntPlayAboutHerSleep
CHECKOUT Sharaya_J 🔥 video It's here!!!! "TAKIN' IT NO MORE / SHUT IT FRESH💩
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I fell in LOVE with Valentino today❤️I don't know if it was our matching hair or the sweet hugs!!! LOL @zwfmiami @mariazwfmiami I will be back!! #IPromisedValentino #LaiyahDidntLikeHimInHerSpot Hahaha
Romelo.. There's never a dull moment with this guy! Thru him I often see me! He's loving, compassionate, demanding & direct 🙉 LOL he too makes me better. #MyBlessing #Snaggles LOL
At First sight My First Born gave me reason to be better!!! As we guide our children we learn as well... This Kid loves animals!! Wouldn't be surprised if he didn't become a veterinarian!! Thank u @zwfmiami @mariazwfmiami for an unforgettable experience #Rocko @rockohill
Happy Birthday to a true rider @THEmale_madonna from myself & every member of #TeamMo we hope and pray you enjoy every second!!! Much love❤️
Hahaha ok. Will be a great game when we play them❤️ RT @SandraRose: @MonicaBrown @MiamiHEAT Now I have to root for the Heat AND the Cavs. :)
#DayEncounter #Romelo @zwfmiami African Crested Mangabies #LoveMyBabiesMissingTeeth LOL
Last night was a night encounter @zwfmiami @mariazwfmiami ... My husband enjoyed this experience .. This place is amazing & focused solely on wildlife conservation!!!
@MonicaBrown you maybe booked out with Sessions but be4 you close out the recording process can U pls squeeze in @EsterDean & @PolowDaDon :)
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Lol yes! Gonna be a great season❤️ RT @SandraRose : @MonicaBrown @MiamiHEAT Shannon plays for the Miami Heat? Why didn't anybody tell me?
@MonicaBrown BROWN, BOSH & WADE....I think that's a BIG PROBLEM!!!! Let's go @MiamiHEAT
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@zwfmiami so happy to be here!!! The children and I have been looking forward to coming and visiting❤️ thank u @mariazwfmiami
The only thing that matters❤️ I'm able to tune out the sounds of the world, walk in my purpose, remain a lady & make better decisions because of these three. They say there's no such thing as perfect but these 3 are to me #RomeloLaiyahRocko #LaiyahLovesHerBrothers #DONTtellHerImBoutToComeHerHair #Sh
What a beautiful place... Gods timing is everything.. MIAMI thank you for a warm welcome. We are so thankful... As a wife & mom all I think about is supporting others but to be supported has been so beautiful @gabunion & @mrsadriennebosh you ladies have held me up!! Here's to an Amazing season ❤️
Wishing Mr.Townsel the Best as he speaks in Texas today! He's one of Rockos favorite teachers & has a level of love & passion for teaching children that every parent prays for... #YesTheSnakeIsReal 😳LOL #MyChildrenLoveAnimals #MostAmazingScienceClassroomEver #Grateful
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈🎉🎉🎈@thekeonhogesog@MonicaBrownrown Can I get a Happy bday Mo#AskMoskMo
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ RT @MrsAdrienneBosh: @KristenLedlow @MonicaBrown love it 😘🙌
Hey @MonicaBrown, I just spoke with your husband in Miami. He told me you make him look good. I told him that's a good answer. #NBAStyle
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Their back My @MiamiHEAT!The 2014-2015 season is here!!! Oh it's on & we got @MonicaBrown hubby in uniform. Let's go @DwyaneWade @chrisbosh
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Hahahaha #ComingSoon Boo ❤️ RT @4everMiseria: @MonicaBrown @TRINArockstarr stop y'all!! Im curious!!
@MonicaBrown lol! Ok moe! Booking rehearsal studio as I tweet! Lol! Give the babies hug from auntie miss
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#NewNew ❤️LOL RT @TRINArockstarr: @MonicaBrown thannnnks!!! MUST drop that record it's insaaaanne c'mon Mo!!! It's all about that #NewNew 😁
I changed my mind. Didn't wanna ruin a good surprise ❤️ RT @sofresh105: @MonicaBrown i thought u were going to post a studio clip?!
@TRINArockstarr u did that on ya new song sis! Now tell ya sis @MonicaBrown drop that banger:) lol
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Yes ❤️❤️❤️❤️ RT @luvher: @MonicaBrown Do u remember this I tweeted u
@MonicaBrown Hi Monica!! What was the best advice given to you when you started out in the music business?? #askmo
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@MonicaBrown if someone told you no in a business matter would you work harder for that yes or find someone else to say yes? #AskMo
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I wish all of you could experience celebrity for a week to understand the LEVEL of ugly in certain diseases (called human beings).
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Yesssssss RT @shanCardigan: #AskMo hey @MonicaBrown DID YOU WORK WITH @MissyElliott ON YOUR NEW ALBUM???
For SB absolutely LoL RT @sofresh105: @MonicaBrown mo u ever twerk?! Lol! #askmo
Not sure ,I do what I feel with the hair thing. Lol RT @sofresh105: @MonicaBrown how far would u go In hair color?! Blue?! #askmo
@MonicaBrown is soooo pretty!!! Love you!!! #AskMo but I don't have a question! 😍❤️❤️❤️�
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Sure jan smith RT @2hApPy2bUp5Et: @MonicaBrown @MonicaBrown mo I love you but do you think you'll ever invest in a vocal coach? !
Yes not outrageously sexual but sexy RT @sofresh105: @MonicaBrown are there any sexual songs on the album so far?! #askmo
Power !!! RT @19Tanecia85: #AskMo @MonicaBrown what are your favorite shows on tv right now
Im not "asking" u, im tellin gyou @MonicaBrown take yo #SASS on #Tour please! I miss you! Hell. I Miss #REAL #Music & #Singers #AskMo
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Yes . I'm gonna start back recording in a few RT @sofresh105: @MonicaBrown are u still going to post a studio clip tonight?! #askmo
It comes with the territory❤️ RT @NooLoveLost: @MonicaBrown I respect your positive cause man these people tweeting have no chill.
❤️uback RT @AyeYoVontay: @MonicaBrown idk if anyone has ever told you..but your FVCKN Amazing!!! You sing your face OFF! Love you Mo! #AskMo