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Yall it's bae birthday!!!! If you really know me then Yall know I love this woman! Happy Birthday @MonicaBrown 😘�
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Hahaha thank u !!!! RT @DJEFEEZY: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG LIL SISTER @MonicaBrown ....
It's #MoDay. Once again Happy Birthday to @MonicaBrown . This woman has such a beautiful spirit that…
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Happy Birthday to the boss lady aka @MonicaBrown. You are a true genuine person and have been that way…
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🎈Happy Birthday🎈 to my absolute FAVORITE artist in the whole world of musi@MonicaBrownwn!! Enjoy
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Thank u Sis❤️ RT @MissyElliott: Happy Birthday @MonicaBrown let's take em back to real music!… Enjoy ya day sis!
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Love u Rici RT @IAMRICI: Happy bday to my girl @MonicaBrown wishing u many more chick!! Love u and enjoy ur day😘�
Thanks Bruh @thuggerthugger1 so proud of what you've done !! I swear I'm in my car now singing loud as hell #ISoundJustLikeYouMyNigg* LOL #LifestyleMyFavorite thank u for the birthday love❤️ #KeepKillingEm
Thank u Fab❤️❤️you are without question a blessing to our family!! I Love U and appreciate all that you do!! There's so much that God has for U!!! I will be right here cheering U on @eudoxiee
Thank u @ludacris There's not enough space to type how I feel about U... Love u & thank u for always being there❤️ #DamnWeGettingOld #34😳 LOL #FamilyOverEverything
Hahahha My Potna @babyjade1 is such a G... Lol thank u for thinking of me today❤️U know I will pull up on U wherever whenever. U hold the city down & I love it!!!! See u soon
Thank u @toyawright ❤️❤️we got some pre-birthday celebrations in last I saw u LOL . #NeverADullMoment with us... Lol love u & @colormenae
@kdiddybop Thank u❤️❤️❤️out sessions were the best!!! Also congratulations are in order!! #BabyOnBoard LOL #IKnowYourReady ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@MonicaBrown happy birthday to my favorite artist and one of the best R&B singers since the 90's. Many blessings ❤️
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I wanna wish my VERY FIRST FAVORITE @MonicaBrown a Happy & Blessed Birthday..I've been a fan since…
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❤️❤️❤️ RT @hollyrpeete: Happy birthday beautiful lady! @MonicaBrown !!! I have long been a big fan of her amazing…
Thank u❤️❤️❤️❤️ RT @beautyamazonmua: Screaming happy birthday🎉🎉my beautiful friend and clien@MonicaBrownwn 2
Happy birthday to the beautiful, talented @MonicaBrown your voice and beautiful spirit is a gift from…
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Happy birthday to my Big Sis (in my head) @MonicaBrown thanks for soldering through & putting your…
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Lookin forward❤️ RT @Kontrolmag: #HappyBirthday @MonicaBrown love you and can't wait for you to grace the #kontrolmag
Thank u ❤️ RT @destinyoh2: Happy Birthday! @MonicaBrown 😘
My people❤️thank U RT @IAMTRUM11: Happy Birthday To @MonicaBrown A Beautiful Person inside And out Enjoy Your Day Sis
HAHAHAHAHAHA #FemaleBenjaminButton @oakstreetbully U are hilarious!! Thank u & lord knows I'm coming thru when we hit the Chi😬
I'm so grateful for the love today ❤️❤️❤️ @eva_thediva_kim thank u so much. You have the sweetest spirit !!!
Thaaaaaaank U @ishateria I appreciate the love!!! #ICantBelievIm34 😂😂😂 #MissU ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thank u Mi-Mi.... You know I don't play about my greens LOL... I appreciate all the birthday wishes & I look forward to checking you and your spot out!! I know you've been blessing people with kindness and food for their soul @themamamiax ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #LoveMeasie
@tasiasword I Love U & thank you for such heartfelt and loving Birthday Wishes!! You are by far one of the greatest "sangers" & entertainers I know yet your love for people makes U even more amazing. Never change.. It's not many real left in this game! #ThankUAgain ❤️
This was too funny!!! Yes @miekajoi #OneNewFriend but best believe for a lifetime!!! I love u and PJ and I appreciate all the love you guys show us.. I will come to the cold to see U and @luxurylaw 😂😂 see u soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@dpersonalchef Hahahaha U ain't right!!! Lol thank u cousin ❤️ I appreciate U.. U are one of the greatest chefs I know & I look forward to supporting all your endeavors !!!
Thank u @luxurylaw you know I have a special bond with #ChiTownFolks LOL I love u and thank u for assisting me in stepping out of my comfort zone & back on to the runway💃💃LOL Love u & thank u
Still laughing at you stopped counting !!! Lol it's been about 16 yrs... Thank God we don't look like what we've been thru!!! Love u Chazz & Chase !!! @shunmelson & thank u❤️
Nothing in the world matters as much to me as U guys ... Thank U @a1_uno the greatest gift ever is seeing you become the man and brother that you are!!! #LoveUAlwaysAndForever ❤️❤️
Thank u @trinarockstarr I love u and thank u for years of love & friendship... #MiaBound ✈️✈️ see u soon❤️❤️❤️ #YouTookItBack with that middle pic😂😂
Liar I drink coke😂 RT@garyowencomedyy:#tbtt me &@MonicaBrownn ppl don't know that Monica loves candy corn & diet dr…
Like wow. Forgot how good @MonicaBrown makings of me album was. 😌
Retweeted by Monica
I loooooooove them RT @bree_lovess: @MonicaBrown how do you feel about TLC?
LAWD he can sang !!! Yes RT @ItsWizHeaux: @MonicaBrown can we get a song with you & @whoisLukejames
It's the music business baby things fluctuate, I move wit it RT @sofresh105: @MonicaBrown I thought u had twitter as confirmed producers?
I would love to HEs dope RT @sofresh105: @MonicaBrown are u and MikeWillMadeIt still going to work together?
That would be a dream come true ❤️ #UncleCharlie RT @_yrbteezy: I want @MonicaBrown & @ImCharlieWilson to do a song together 😍
Hey Ms. Newman ❤️ RT @CamGsAngelFL: @MonicaBrown Hey Mrs. Brown!