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#HappySunday ❤️ when great things are happening the devil often seeks to destroy the joy & happiness of special moments.. As the legendary Rachelle Ferrell told me Friday night "What's For YOU is For YOU can't nobody do YOU like YOU" I share it to encourage YOU as well to Hold on and continue to be
If I never been to a party where my Bro @jwarhol spinning you missing out!! #HeDaBest #TrystCrazy #VegasNights
I thank you all for encouraging, supporting & loving me. I'm forever inspired to do more and be more because of u... ❤️❤️❤️M.B.
Did y'all see @MonicaBrown SANG her ass off for the anthem. The holy ghost, whitney houston and a whole church choir was coming out
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Thank u Fif #ForeverSunshine LOL RT @50cent: Monica sounded so good tonight it didn't make no sense.#SMSaudio
Hahahahah RT @fivesixtyeight: Queen @MonicaBrown held on to that note like she holds on to her license to carry. I love her.
best part about the fight, big sis @MonicaBrown performance
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@MonicaBrown your National Anthem was so amazing that you sung extra stars into our 🇺🇸 flag.
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Only u Blue LOL #Love For life RT @TheBestManager: The lil sis @MonicaBrown just wanted to remind folks. Ha!
Love u Jazze RT @jazzepha: @MonicaBrown U Diiiid Thaaat Sis!! Wooowee! Love Ya!!! #Epicness
@MonicaBrown STILL GOT IT #HATERS 👏👏👏👏👏 YOU KILLED IT MA 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍
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@MonicaBrown SANG that National Anthem, hun-ty! BEST I've seen since Whitney's & that's saying a lot! #MayweatherMaidana2
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Having @MonicaBrown sing the National Anthem was an awesome treat. I love her! #MayweatherMaidana2 #hersinginggavemelife
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She sure did RT@LaurenJauregui: @MonicaBrown is 1000% slaying tf out of this national anthem"
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My face😩LOL RT@itsJazzyFF: VIDEO:@MonicaBrownn Anthem at Mayweather Fight. That girl bad!
@MonicaBrown u gave me life with the national anthem sounded like Whitney Houston 🙏🙏🙏❤️💋❤️ yes hunty great way to REP our state 🙏🙏🙏
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Love u Rici RT @IAMRICI: My bishhhhh yassss @MonicaBrown sang!!! Sang!!!! I love her!!!!!! 😍😍�
Video: @MonicaBrown Performs National Anthem at Floyd Mayweather Vs Marcos Maidana Fight:
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@MonicaBrown just destroyed all other singers of national anthem's lives #Mayhem
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@MonicaBrown sang the hell out of the National Anthem. Go head girl!!!!
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Oh em geee! @MonicaBrown singing the national anthem was EVERYTHING!
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I haven't seen somebdy kill tje national anthem like @MonicaBrown did!!! All props go to you !! :)
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To everyone that wished me well, & sent me lovely thoughts I truly thank u❤️God Bless you... And thank you father for allowing me to still do what I love❤️You are the greatest!!! #ILoveMyCountry #USA 🇺🇸
#Undefeated ❤️ #MyG #Mylove always got my back #YouAreAppreciated
To My Team.. I love u... @officialSheiks hands are anointed . She created my lip color today. Watching her mix & make it was dope!! #LoyalRealandTalented
Congratulations @floydmayweather tonight was one to remember !! @officialsheiks & Linda #TeamworalesTheDreamWork
#Repost @1bigcurt @floydmayweather I am honored that you called upon me to be apart of history tonight!! Wishing you all the best tonight! @ikitchie you have been so wonderful❤️ @moneyyaya #MyBaby I'm here #ToldYouIWouldSeeUSoon #MyFirstFight #Rehearsal
#HIM flew thousands of miles to support me tonight❤️ #MyHeartbeatsDifferentBecauseOfU thank u for always making me a priority #StrawInTheMouth #HeSoChiTownWitIt 😜 #ILoveIt #FightNight #AfterLongTrainingSessionsAllWeek #StillHereWithMe 💍 #ForLife
#Elevator LOL #TimeForBed Thankful 🌹 Grateful 🌹 Tonight was one of the most memorable of my life.. #LoveJoyCelebration
Off to celebrate one of the most amazing , talented & humble people I've encountered throughout my career!! #TP45 #LadyInRed Thank u @officialsheiks for this sun kissed beat & @kimblehaircare & Team (Damon & Kendra) for making sure my blonde ambitions were met LOL
❤️❤️❤️ RT @SandraRose: #NP @MonicaBrown ft. Tyrese "Go To Bed Mad"…
My kids absolutely LOOOOOVE @gogosqueez it's perfect when were traveling or just moving around a lot period.. We were so excited to get our shipment💚 @limorgallo thanks for making sure we have our #GoGo when were on the go!!! #ParentsCheckItOut #TastesGreat #NoMess #RomeloKnocksOutTwoAtATime LOL
Walking into my room to all these beautiful details put a smile on my face💛This day has been no joke LOL. Laiyah up all night with fever, boys off to school by 7.. Hospital for Lay by afternoon (Dr's found she has inner ear infection in both ears) then long flight to the other side of the world.. #
#ThrowBackThursdayBirthdayEdition @ludacris holding Rocko #2005 Chris we love you with all our hearts!! You are by far one of the greatest men I know.. Thank u for loving and supporting my children and I... There's never been a time that Uncle Chris wasn't there.. U are the big brother I never had❤️
Talking to My Husband about new beginnings and Gods timing!! It's everything!!! Miami here we come❤️ #FamilyInTow #KidsExcited LOL #SBsTrainingTwiceADay #BeastMode 🔥🔥🔥
You can not want more for a person than they want for themselves!! This doesn't mean that you don't pray for them but If anyone or anything affects my children in a negative manner you must go, if you or your selfishness affects their mental you must go.. If your business is messy business Lord know
#GirlPower 💪 #WomenSupportingWomen please follow @tammepha & contact her to help with branding your business on the rise!! For nothing at all she will support, consult & promote for you!! Doesn't get better than that❤️ #WomenOnTheRise
Had a blast !!! Time to get it in and bathe, tuck-in and hug all my babies LOL ❤️ let the week begin!! @Conteh_Hair_braiding thank u for braiding me up last night!!! Ladies/Gents if your in the Atlanta area go see them!!!! #Binta #Conteh
One time for My Baby Lil Rocko😜He get it from his momma #OkHeDoesItWAYbetter @rockohill #YoursKillsMyMan
@dpersonalchef my cousin is hilarious... LOL shawty cutting a rug!!! 😭😭 #ChefsDayOff #UWouldNeverKnowHerAndLindaAreSisters LOL
#FALLLLLLLLCONS #PickUpTruckPimiping thanks to my Uncle Sam LOL leave it to me to go from tailgating to @SuiteLoungeAtl the food here is on point !!!!!
Hanging with my Mother-n-law in these #ATLStreets see my good luck wish for the Falcons worked Baby😜LOL S/O to these Saints fans photo bombing us LOL #GoodToSeeYallStillSmiling #YaheardMe LOL (I still love my N.O folks) but #RISEUP #ImLearningFootballLingo #IdroveAPickUpTruckToTailgate LOL
#FalconsColors #RiseUp I may not know much football but it's ATL #ALLDAY LOL Thank U @conteh_hair_braiding for that late night get right!! U ladies did an amazing job
My Guys are off to support our #Falcons #StraightFace cause were serious about this win LOL wishing @kroybiermann an amazing season !!!! @kimzolciakbiermann #GOFALCONS 🏈 #ImGonnaHaveToLearnAboutFootball #IKnowNothing #ButMyBoysDo LOL
Ms.Tressie this put a huge smile on my face!!! Thank u.. We love you & were lifting you up in prayer!! We all loved Chris but he was YOUR son so YOU are who were staying strong for!! For you to think of me during this time says so much about you.. We are here for you. Not just now but forever❤️God B