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Draymond Green
#MoneyballProAm semis today! 6:30pm - Red vs Purple 7:30pm - Black vs Navy
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Just got done putting in work with my bro @Money23Green at Berkeley California.Coach martin showed us lots of love
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Happy G day to my big bro @mspeights5 u gettin old playa... Y'all go wish my bro a happy b day
That's dope 🔥🔥🔥@Kirwan42142#LetsGoWarriorsors Fire Flix presen@Kjemixesxes tribute to…bSC
Happy b day to my lil sis @raquelizzo11 the big 20... I've felt so much older than her but I'm really not... Time flies!!! Sheesh
Prayers up for @Paul_George24... Get well Fam
Next Saturday August 9th in my hometown Saginaw, MI
Navy & Purple advance to the Final Four. Next weeks games will be Wed & Thurs. No games on Tues. Please spread the word! #MoneyballProAm
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Wheels up back to michigan.... Hahahaa @iamMoneyball 😊
God is so good, I can never thank him enough..
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Im out tweeps ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️
After after 30 hours straight of traveling... Wheels down in Vegas!!!! I'm beat #pause
Enjoyable seeing me on the game? HA! RT @ARTHURFLOCKA: @Money23Green #AskDay do you think you some trash ? And you overrated in 2k forreal
#askbogey RT @andrewdicko_: @Money23Green I'm coming over to the bay area all the way from Melbourne ...
Lol best show out RT @KAFHII: @Money23Green scandal bro? 😂😂😂
Game 7 RT @jreezy_easy: @Money23Green most heartbreaking loss/moment as a Warrior?
Grind and believe RT @LindonNikolaj: @Money23Green whats your biggest advice to someone who wants to be in the NBA? #AskDay
Hahahaha HA u mad or nah RT @NMJohanning13: @Money23Green u scared or nah?? 😳#AskDayy
Yessir I plan on it RT @AirGohan: @Money23Green #askday any plans on hitting up Levi's Stadium this football season?!
Both super intense, different feel tho RT @ThisIsMoB_4: @Money23Green which atmosphere is more intense.. Playoffs or march madness? #AskDay
Football... They say TE RT @John_MonSF: @Money23Green if you could play another pro sport what would you play and what position? #AskDay
Tough RT @GoGSWs: @Money23Green If you could chill for a day with anyone in the world?
Scandal RT @cadiannemorton: @Money23Green What is your favorite Tv Show? #AskDay
That's a possibility RT @JKleiNz: @Money23Green at the end of your career do you see yourself coaching? #AskDay
Pick your poison RT @amolsachdev: @Money23Green who's tougher to guard? Lebron, melo, or KD? #askday
Everything RT @mattrivera32: @Money23Green What does it mean to you to be a MSU alumni?
What's much different? RT @30Humantorch_: @Money23Green do you think things will be much different this year with a new coach?
Winning RT @JKleiNz: @Money23Green favorite Izzo moment/memory in your 4 yrs? #AskDay
An nba basketball player RT @CourtMcKelvey: @Money23Green As a kid, what did you aspire to be when you grew up?
There's plenty of them RT @TheDannyFresh: @Money23Green best player in the NBA people dont talk about enough
Either one as long as we winRT @DanielSan209: @Money23Green gamewinning shot or gamesaving defensive play? #AskDay
You'd have to ask him that RT @pbmarv2k: @Money23Green what does coach Kerr envision your role this season for him #askday
I pray to God RT @JakeCodo: How do you handle major obstacles in you're career? #askday @Money23Green
National champs for sure... Tasted success and want more RT @LoganWasie: @Money23Green how far is michigan state football going this year?!
Lol oh word??? RT @asconnorsays: @Money23Green what do you think about lebron copying your number?
Too many Great ones to single one out RT @bnieman22: @Money23Green what's your best memory at state #AskDay
He will get national recognition for what Hes about to doRT @MikeyDavis93: @Money23Green How much of a leap will Denzel take this year?
KD and Steph RT @GeorgeAntG: @Money23Green who's the toughest player you had to guard?
scUMRT @RiggleDizzle: @Money23Green who did you enjoy playing against in the B10 the most?
Aight shoot me some questions to answer #AskDay
I'll probably do a Q&A on during this flight so I can stay awake... Stay tuned it's been a long while
Been traveling for 24 hrs straight from Shenzhen, China to Detroit... Now on about to take off to Vegas... The grind must continue...
Always nice to talk basketball w/@Money23Green who is out in China doing an @NBANation Event Then off to @usabasketball for the select squad
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If the superintendent is so worried about our school district and every dollar saved counts... Why haven't he taken a payout??? Just curious
Have Saginaw public school district superintendent taken a pay cut yet?
Happy 21st birthday to my lil sis @xarwen has grown up wayyyy too fast... We don't always get along but I want you to know I love you and will always do anything for you!!! Hope your day has been great
Sign up for the Travis Walton Basketball camp.Haslett,Mi. 3rd-9th grade. Boys and girls July 29th-31st. Sign up through Haslett community Ed
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