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Moe Darbandi
Let us go then, you and I When the evening is spread out against the sky Blue sunset on Mars
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#Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has called for an "NHL first" plan that "pencils out". We'll hear from him later on whether that's been presented.
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Happy Birthday to the love of my life. I couldn't have gone through the last 4 years without you, Sierra.
Few sporting events are as entertaining than playoff hockey. Every shift is intense.
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Thanks for years of unmatched entertainment. You are an irreplacable legend, @JeremyClarkson. #AndOnThatBobmshell
What 2 years of filming and 5TB of footage look like -…
Honestly @normmacdonald, no one gives a shit about @RollingStone, it's dead. You just gave them more exposure than they've had in a decade.
All my pillow are belong to Sierra.
And we got ourselves a case and a haunch of pork and we went to a meadow and did it all, right in front of God's own face.
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Anytime you add a 68 to a 1 the total will always amount to good times...... #JagrBomb
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More like invading Partty's Inn RT @mayorNHL: We're at Patty's Inn (cause that's what you do in San Jose)... ..
We're at Patty's Inn (cause that's what you do in San Jose)... No sign of @KKurzCSN yet though. ..
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100 Years of Beauty (Sabrina):
Watch for my sign tonight at the SAP Center. And happy birthday @JonathanQuick32! Go @LAKings!
Woman, unbidden, has made me cheesy pasta. What are the bloodthirsty and warmongering conceits of men, measured against a love such as this?
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Completely blown; Think you two may appreciate it @pkruse77 @tylerjames74 Philippe 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watch:
They have the ref cam in action for this #WinterClassic. Everything about this is awesome! #NHL & @nbc nailed this 1!
The @LAKings 2015 stadium series jerseys are bad and they should feel bad.
42 years ago on this day, Apollo 17 took this rather selfie-esque photo from the moon.
Interesting read, great journalism: Hockeys Ice Breaker | The New Yorker… @pkruse77 @tylerjames74 @BLACKcrwn @mayorNHL
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a light hearted laugh.…
#LAKings win, Sharks & Ducks (SO) both lost tonight.. "Here's To Feeling Good All The Time"…
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"I want to see it painted, painted, painted, painted black." #saab #calipers
With the temperature rapidly dropping lately, Sierra has found her happy place snuggled in blankets on grandma's lap.
Zen out a little bit. Watch and it will relax you.
I don't usually take photos of food, but I just had to take a picture of this sandwhich I just made.
Finally! Greatest sport ever, Hockey is back! Banner & ring ceremony followed by @LAKings v @SanJoseSharks. Cant wait
This is beautifully done. Watch in full HD:
The upper echelon of sophistication, technology, class, skill, speed, and awe. Worth a watch: fans and non-fans alike
Namaste, @MarsOrbiter! Congratulations to @isro and India's first interplanetary mission upon achieving Mars orbit.
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Absolutely stunning. Way to go on another successful launch @SpaceX. #Falcon9 is an incredible machine.
A shot of the #Dragon spacecraft flying free from the #Falcon9 rocket to begin a two-day chase of the space station.
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About to watch the first ever #FormulaE race. Color me excited! And then stop coloring me. It's rude. And racist.
So @danielricciardo did 362.1kmh/224.999mph in Monza. That's nice from a hybrid 1600cc motor that didn't exist that long ago #F1
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Redditor writes the perfect @louisck commercial, in which he is optimistic and cheerful until he eats a Snickers bar:…
Blood, sweat, and tears and I brought her back. The ghost of 599. Once happy & red, now she hides in the shadows.
What the hell is this ChromeUnderground bullshit? Dont sell out with garbage fake programming like this @Velocity. Don't ruin your channel.
If it’s any consolation, the nine quintillion other universes I oversee are all going to shit too.
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This is too good! Reddit user treytech syncs up @prattprattpratt's impromptu "Forgot About Dre" rap to music:
Awkward moment when youre watching TV, and Morgan Freeman is doing a voiceover, and youre not really sure whether its @joshrthompson or not.
Love the chemistry between @joshrthompson & @CraigyFerg. Too natural & hilarious for it to end with TLLS. Here's hoping for future projects!

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