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Moe Darbandi
Remember when Vettel said "We have to remember these days, no guarantee this will last" after winning #F1 last year? Yeah. He was right.
I have an F1 internal clock. Had my alarm set but woke up naturally at 4:30am in order to watch @F1onNBCSports. Red Bull Ring in Austria!
This is the BEST!! Bob Miller with the call & Jim Fox so excited he can't even contain it!
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Deja Vu never felt so good. #LAKings #StanleyCup CHAMPIONS!!!
I like the world cup and all... but this needs to be said...
How about that Jeff Carter!? How about that Quick!? How about this awesome team! #LAKings! @pkruse77 @tylerjames74.…
Oh @DustinBrown23, that's a redirection for the ages. 2 down 2 to go! #LAKings!!!
One by one it all crawls away... and then it's your turn to do the same.
Well here we go. There's nothing more to say other than GO #LAKings! #nervousashell. Cheers @LAKings fans.
You're posting a lot of song lyrics and we're all worried about you.
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I couldn't drive #Monaco at 35mph in a Prius. #F1 @F1onNBCSports #HolySh
I'm watching professional women's bowling at 2:40am. Hmm. #somethingisnotrighthere
Jaden Smith's nonsensical tweets make perfect sense as Garfield comics. -…
Not a good night for #LAKings(F'n refs) but I did get to sit next to the sweetest banner ever @tylerjames74 @pkruse77
#F1 requires 110% concentration. Learn about the precision of driving in #HumanIgnition EP3:
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And that's how it's done! GO #LAKings!!! @pkruse77 Another stellar performance by @JonathanQuick32!
Stole it from @netflix and am never giving it back. This DVD should live on as a legend of comedy #americanDad
You make me embarrassed for being from CA. "@ABC7: Shot your own video/photos of Justin Bieber leaving LAX today? Give us call at (818) 863-
Sit down #SJSharks. Shut the hell up. #LAKings won. Over and done.
Okay. Enough bullshit. Let's get this one in the books boys. @JonathanQuick32 @MRichie_10 @AnzeKopitar @dewyy8 @kruse33 @LAKings Go #LAKings
Stupidity is relatively harmless, but intelligent stupidity is highly dangerous. It is threatening our survival as a species.
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My reddit karma just grows and grows. Thanks to @AnzeKopitar. Go #LAKings.…
PHOTO: A young fan gets an up-close glimpse of his hockey hero last night in Calgary. @LAKings @AnzeKopitar
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Liking the new #LAKings music montage intro. #standup
Oh the humanity RT @earthquakesLA: A 0.8 magnitude earthquake occurred 3.11mi NNW of Fontana, California.
Go outside, look up and toward the east. See Mars. Wave to @MarsCuriosity
My favorite new social app is turning off my phone.
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So emo. Love it. RT @LAKings: As if Scrivens couldn't get any cooler, he paints a @aof_official heart on his mask.
Looks like summer weather again here in LA.
Gotcha smellin' like cheap weed and applesauce. Cheeep weeeeed 'n applesauce! @AmericanDadFOX One of the best episodes.
Awesome to see, & love how @scrivens_30 picture looks like a yearbook school teacher photo #TheProfessor @JenScrivs
Fresh start,new chapter,new chalenge with #LAKings!Very very excited! Thank you #CBJ for giving me a chance to play in Cbus #greatteammates
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Written a bit ago, but just recently revised, edited and formatted. Entitled: Karen's Ghost
I can't quit you MRI. Talk your dirty angry beeps and boops to my knee now. Punish me if I move. #domme #kink #delirium #nosleep.
Oshie is trending nationally and his Twitter handle (@OSH74) has increased by over 20,000 followers in the last 30 minutes. #stlblues
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Those watching the USA-Russia epic hockey game this morning included 1978 World Champ Mario Andretti:…
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Okay. Now that, was the most epic thing I've ever watched on TV. #Olympics #USA v #Russia. Holy. Shit. @OSH74 and @JonathanQuick32. Bravo!
I don't think I'm going to ask the MRI machine out again. She was too noisy and yelled a lot. I'd rather have Scarlett Johansson from 'Her'