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Chris Brooks
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I actually love Mondays - it sets the tone for the rest of the week. #letsdothis #productivity #MondayMotivation
Great job today my girl - xoxo #proudmom
Great job PDCMS Panthers - Sweepstakes winners in both Guard and Band; 2nd place drum major! Way to go band and guard!
What a day! Can I pass out now? Oh wait, I still have my day job that needs attention...#onlyoneofme
"Design schools control the beginning and engineering schools control the end." What about the middle? @johnmaeda at #BestDesignFC
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The analytical process to identifying the roadblocks of employee engagement #blueoceanleadership
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When it is a minimum day at school and the parking lot is only half full #oops
#perfectday traceyplottof4 the_real_taylor_brooks chandlaka
#fastfood #slowlife apple picking traceyplottof4 the_real_taylor_brooks chandlaka
All tuckered out #fastfood #slowlife a day of apple picking takes it out of you #hardtobe4 chandlaka…
#fastfood #slowlife apple picking with the Plotts #perfectday traceyplottof4 the_real_taylor_brooks…
A #NobelPrize goes to the inventors of blue LEDs, including a #startup founder:
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How to tell if your startup is burning an irresponsible amount of cash (questions all founders should ask themselves)…
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Shares of companies working on Ebola treatments jumped after-hours on news that first infection hit U.S.
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Reddit closes $50M financing round, valuing it at $500M — so will it have to grow up now?
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When Monday feels like Wednesday or Thursday you know it's going to be a long week #justkeepswimming
Me: whats wrong? 4yo: Mommy I am really frustrated becuz I am trying to build a house & this thing keeps glitching #huh? #mommyproblems
#Pompeii exhibition - check. #Endeavor on deck now. Thanks @casciencecenter for an amazing day exploring!
Looking forward to exploring the #Pompeii exhibit tomorrow at @casciencecenter #girltrip
Apple falls more than 2% and drops back below $100 a share after series of product snafus.
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Ok, new fav today. .going to Sams Club again for Student Store. Love that things are flying off the shelf but 3 trips in 3 days? #notsomuch
So my fav part of today may be the 1 cup of homemade chicken stock that got away..and into my silverware drawer..
So this morning my 4yo pulled 3 plastic bags of water out frm under the sink where she has been storing #mommyproblems #hoarder
43% of companies had a data breach in the past year…
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Rockin out to #CCR on the way to school w the girls - all I hear is my Dad's voice singing at every family gathering ever #suzieq #family
7 Reasons Introverts Make Great Leaders via @HuffPostSmBiz
The Paleo diet and cave-man-inspired lifestyle has charged toward the mainstream
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Simply cannot wait for @WholeFoods to open their new #palmdesert store tomorrow #foodie #slowfood #realfood
It even feels more like Fall today #happyfall #fall2014
Despite how adorable you are - MOM doesn't stand for "made of money" #nicetry #mommyproblems
Viva #Mexico! Happy Independence Day! :)
My heart is breaking 4 all my family and friends in Northern California. Stay safe. I love you. #caliburning
Okay Tuesday it is going to be one of THOSE days.. #thanksforthat
I'm watching this story and hoping the best for a friend in Weed, California. Fire causing evacuations near Weed…
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Global Warming Times: 1,000 more wildfires in California this year than average. For more see #fire #California
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Miss New York crowned Miss America for third consecutive year
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#gz you are such a cool cat #TheKitchen
There are some unique individuals out in LQ this morning #peoplewatching
@mktgchris - adjective mix up... meant separate but the ever intuitive iPhone auto-corrected to desperate which also works.
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@mktgchris - can't stop laughing... #Vegas2012 - how is it we both - on 2 desperate occasions ended up horizontal on the ground. #dontaskme
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