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Mizz Nina
Flight delayed 4hours, insyaAllah we can catch our transit in Bangkok, still waiting to check in... Bismilah...
AWESOME PERFOMANCE . Thankyou @faizal_tahir @MohdNohSalleh @MuhdAizatAmdan ! Jemput datang lagi ye
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Repost @into_taqwa Night Prayer (Tahajjud) Constant. ‘Do not ever stop praying the night prayer (Tahajjud). The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam never ceased praying it. When he was sick or weak, he prayed sitting.’ [Bukhari] Benefits. ‘You should pray the night prayer, for it is the habit of the
Repost @sunnah4you Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, "When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, then look at those who have been given less." (Sahih Muslim) Comparing ourselves to people whom Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has given better looks to, more money to, nicer possessi
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#1moment4them #pray4syria #pray4gaza #peace #love #1ummah
#1moment4them #pray4syria #pray4gaza #SpreadAwarness @mohammadnohbinsalleh
Inside the humble temporary home of a Syrian Man and his family, he is the leader of his clan &he used to be a millionaire working in construction in his home country. Ever since the civil war, all work stopped for him and his people. Many escaped the war to neighboring counties and many also didn't
Coloring session... I really pray that these kids can one day receive good education for a better future... May Allah bless all the Malaysian students trying their best to make this difference in their lives, keep it going, malaysia supports u!! #1moment4them #pray4syria #pray4gaza #peace #love #hop
Syai bi na'nak anyone? 😎😎 #1moment4them
These children are so happy to see us when we arrive with the vans, and what they love even more are the goodies and sweets we prepared for them, beautiful people with beautiful hearts and smiles mashaAllah.. I pray that one day they will all be able to return to their homes insyaAllah... #1moment4t
This little girl accidentally burnt her leg with hot water yesterday and was hurt quite badly, luckily our team had some medics on board to help out, alhamdulilah. #1moment4them #Pray4Syria #Pray4Gaza #love #peace #humanity
After being served mint tea by one of the families, we were invited into one of their tents, alhamdulilah. Even though they don't have much, they're hearts are even bigger to offer us a cup of tea 😭, may Allah bless them in the next life with the highest levels of Jannah, aameen. #1moment4them #pra
Today's adventure, starts at one of the refugee camps, I'm trying my best to ask this little girl what her name is 😅😅 #1moment4them #pray4syria #pray4Palestine #love #peace #hope #humanity
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Asalaamualaikum & goodnight world, time to catch some 😴😴 b4 2morro mornings activities 😎 #1moment4them #Jordan
Saba enjoying @mohammadnohbinsalleh & @aizatamdan's performance 😍😍 #1moment4them
#1moment4them #sekolaharabmalaysia
Hahaa! We were shushed! 😎 If I could I'd bring her home with me! May Allah protect her and give her and her family more goodness, ameen. #1moment4them
After a wonderful day playing games with the Syrian kids, I'm so happy to announce that our team BLUE were the winners! 😎😎Alhamdulilah, these kids are so energetic, loving, positive and inspiring, may Allah always protect them and their families and award them the highest levels of jannah, ameen.
Inside one of the mountain dwellings... #1moment4them #Petra #Jordan
While walking along As-siq the entrance of Petra.. #1moment4them #Jordan #Petra
Petra, ancient buildings left over from such an advanced civilization, part of the people of Thamud, the people of Prophet Salih, may peace and blessings be upon him. Reading up on the history of this prophet and his people really helped with my experience here, subhanAllah, especially Mufti Menks e
THe poem Abdullah Ibn Rawahah R.A recited moments before he plunged into his death at the Battle of Mu'tah, making him the 3rd Sahabi to be martyred there, SubhanAllah... #1moment4them
Jaafar Ibn Abi Talib R.A the 2nd sahabi to be martyred at the battle of Mu'tah, who held the flag of Islam high even though his limbs were cut off until his final breathe and the next sahabi took the flag. There is more to the history/ sirah of this battle we must read up on insyaAllah. SubhanAlla

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